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UK defensive end Jason Hatcher: “We came out in some different looks just to throw them off”

Jason Hatcher

Jason Hatcher

Here is what freshman defensive end Jason Hatcher had to say after Saturday’s game in which he played more than he had in UK’s previous two games:

On how Louisville was having a difficult time blocking Hatcher…
“That was part of our game plan. We came out in some different looks just to throw them off. We didn’t want to be sitting ducks out there. It worked in the first half.”

On what Kentucky was doing right at the beginning of the game…
“We were playing our assignments. We were giving looks they hadn’t seen before, as far as our defense, giving them something that they didn’t really prepare for. It was kind of our game plan and they just came out in the second half and adjusted.”

On whether Louisville seemed surprise to see Hatcher at linebacker…
“I think they were pretty surprised by it. Like I said, we only gave three points and then they came out and made some adjustments and made some big plays.”

On whether he felt good about the game going into halftime…
“No, I mean I knew we had a whole other half to play. They came out the second half and put points up right away. The first half is just the first part of the game. I knew it was going to be a long game.”

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  1. Mike

    Shocked to see that WKU was beaten by USF. That really shows that this coaching staff did not have the Cats mentally or physically prepared to kickoff that game. The revenge factor was replaced by the apathy factor.

    1. Edward

      I disagree totally. These players and new coaches have to learn each other and that obviously (2-10) will take time. Players and coaches are ALL investing of themselves to get better at this game. Many of the knowledgeable fans see and understand this point. We have a big hole to climb out of and it will take time.. Fans support at CWS yesterday was fantastic, especially during those 1st half defensive stands against a top 10 rated opponent. This team is improving and getting better each game and their tireless efforts should be rewarded with some unexpected wins. The 2013 team will be much improved before this campaign is finished. It is necessary that we as fans support their efforts until the wins are realized. This early criticism is pointless given the circumstances of the program at this time. Go Big Blue!

      1. Larry Pup

        Mike you are to critical of this young team. Give the team and coaches some time dude, geez!!!

  2. TimA

    Don’t you mean South Alabama, not UCF.

  3. Woohop

    Mike……what asinine comment. No concern or grasp of what the coaching staff had to correct and overcome from our 2012 performance. Yes….the first game did show what a large task the coaches had to overcome to become competitive, but to say they were failures shows your ignorance of the game. Of course perhaps you are of the type to only see the bad in everything, not the good.

  4. Andy

    In regards to the first game, the CATS did revert to bad habits and this team is still on the learning path from practice to real time. I have seen improvement in the lousiville game. The defense had 6 straight 3 and outs against UL and kept us in the game for as long as they could.

    The offense if not for dropped passes and our fumbles in the redzone, would have changed the tone of the game and change momentum. This team is inconsistent offensively because in practice they catch balls but in the games they seem to struggle. Max Smiths arm is going to be a concern moving forward. I think the coaches might want to keep either Reese or Towles ready.

  5. David

    I think everyone should just be thankful that we have a coaching staff that can recruit the likes of Hatcher and many others so we can start competing in the SEC. If this recruiting class (2014) holds firm to their verbal’s they will be beating the likes of Florida, South Carolina, Louisville and others taking the BBN to a good bowl game before Jason leaves for the NFL. IMO!

    Louisville better savor this win because after this year there will be very few Governor’s Cup games going their way. BBN will dominate the series soon.

  6. Ira

    On D I have seen improvement each game we have played. At some point our D will hit the bell curve, but still see this D improving for a few more games. The thing is we may nt see the improvement till we get out of the Bama, USCjr, UGA series that is coming up.

    Our offense has proved it can move the ball, but it must get out of its own way. Penalties, dropped passes, turnovers in the red zone.

    But if the two halves of this team can both play in sync especially on the back end we can challenge any team on the backend of our schedule.

  7. LindaS

    Well, you could not prove it by me they came out with different looks to fool them! I’m trying, people, I really am, but there sure is a lot of stops and goes in football.
    I though it was a decent showing

    Larry Vaught, check your email, you know, the spam where mine always goes! I am not spam! Important message for you! Let me know you got it so I won’t sit and cry my eyes out if there is no response. LOL

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