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Harrow scheduled to practice today after losing 7 pounds but Calipari not sure about future plans


Kentucky sophomore guard Ryan Harrow went to an academic meeting today and also was scheduled to practice as coach John Calipari said he thought Harrow was “better.”

He has missed the last three games with an illness after playing only briefly in the opening game win over Maryland.

“He’s lost weight. He’s got to get some weight back (and we’ll) see from there,” Calipari said today.

He indicated no one was still sure what was wrong with Harrow, who had a similar problem during his high school senior season.

“All they’re saying is he’s lost seven pounds and must have had something going on. They don’t know what it was. But we will see,” the UK coach said. “He looks thin. That’s why I said, I don’t know. I want to see him in a practice setting and start figuring out what we do, what’s the timetable.

“He’s obviously the low man on the totem pole. You’ve got to start from behind. That ain’t all bad for him either, because now he’s going to have to fight for time. He’s behind everybody, which means you’ve got to earn it in practice. It’s not all bad.”

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  1. kywildcat

    Not to be a conspiracy theorist – but something fishy is going on with him if the doctors haven’t figured it out in 3 weeks. I hope it’s something he can overcome soon and wish him the best.

  2. JCC

    Sounds like stress. Coach Cal seemed to be really riding him on that all access. Mental sickness can really screw with your body.

    1. kywildcat

      I’m thinking the same thing. Could be the stage looks a lot bigger when your on it.

  3. Kokamo Joe

    I agree there is something fishy going on here. UK has access to the finest medical service in the country. If there is something wrong with Harrow it won’t take weeks to find out. Could it be that Calipari’s “low man on the totem pole” and his “got to fight for time” is a message to the kid? Polson is a great kid and it sure is good to see a local boy make a contribution, but I can’t see him taking over the point guard position. UK needs Harrow. I hope that the kid responds. If hope that if he responds he is good enough to lead this team. If he does not the program will suffer.

  4. Bill

    Sometimes modern medicine doesn’t know. Stress has symptoms that aren’t difficult to identify and I’m sure that was considered. An allergy reaction can trigger unusual physiological responses that include fatigue and loss of weight. I was initially concerned he had mono. It seems the consensus is that he is in recovery mode regardless and that is good news.

  5. Terry

    If he stress by playing at Ky then he needs to go somewhere else

  6. Seymour

    Some disorders are diagnoised by ruling out everything else that it could be. It is that way with Chronic Fatique Syndrone. Can take many weeks to confirm if that is what it is.

  7. JCC

    Now he is going home to deal with family issues. I strongly believe this young man has some serious personal problems.

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