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Harrow not sure stat sheet was right when it came to his assists and rebounds


Here’s more with point guard Ryan Harrow after Saturday’s win over Lipscomb.

Question: Do you think you took another step forward considering you had season highs in points and minutes played?
Harrow: “Yeah, I had done good in practice, so I felt like I was going to do good in the game today. Taking some shots, missing some but making some at the same time and just staying aggressive. Trying to find the open man and trying to play defense. That’s basically what I am trying to do.
“I don’t usually look at the stat sheet, but I tried to look at the stat sheet today to see how many assists they had me for and they only had me with two. I don’t know who is keeping stats, but something has to happen. Then they had me with one rebound, and I know I was going after rebounds today. We are just trying to play hard and do whatever Coach is asking so I can stay out on the floor.”

Question: So why were you looking at the stat sheet?
Harrow: “I wanted to see my assists because last game I felt like I got shorted on assists, too. So I wanted to see this game and they gave me two, too. Something is going wrong. I am passing the ball for a reason.”

Question: But how important is it that you have had only three turnovers all season?
Harrow: “I am just trying to make the right decisions and not force anything. Usually people are open, so I am going to try and get it to the open man. I don’t have to force too much of anything.

Question: Did you not look at the stat sheet for turnovers for a reason?
Harrow: “I have never really turned the ball over because I don’t try to force too much stuff. I am not worried about the turnovers, just the assists. Whoever is doing the stats, help me out.”

Question: How important will the next two weeks be when there are no classes based on what you saw during your redshirt season with last year’s team?
Harrow: “It’s nothing but basketball, basketball, basketball for us now. The guys this year now just have to be focused and ready for that. It’s going to be hard. You don’t see anybody else. Nobody is in town. There is not much to do. You just have to be with the team and it just brings us closer together.”

Question: What about extra voluntary workouts that Calipari suggested would be beneficial on top of the three-a-day scheduled workouts?
Harrow: “Basketball, basketball, basketball. That’s all that I know to say. Five practices … we better be good.”

Question: Does it worry you that the team did not improve as much Saturday as what Calipari hoped?
Harrow: “I thought we should have improved a lot just with the way we had been practicing. We have been practicing real hard and being real competitive in the games. I think some guys mentally just have to be a little bit more focused and don’t take what coach Cal is saying in the wrong way. He is just trying to help us basically.”

Question: Can the way Jarrod Polson embraces every opportunity to play and has fun with it be an example for others to follow?
Harrow: “Whenever I do something good, he always comes and chest bumps me or something like that. We have to have fun out there. If we are not having fun, it is going to be even harder on us and what coach Cal is saying to us is going to be even worse. If we don’t have fun with each other, it is going to be bad. He is always so excited and having fun and ready whenever he goes out on the floor.”

Question: How much does it help the team when Kyle Wiltjer is hitting shots like he did against Lipscomb?
Harrow: “It is real important. It makes my job a lot easier. Either they are going to guard him and that gives me an open lane or they are gong to commit to me and all I have to do is pass it right to him and I know he is going to knock down the shot. I knew he was going to have a good shooting day, too, because he was doing good in practice and those shots all week.
“I think when all of us are clicking, it will be scary. Me scoring, Archie (Goodwin) scoring, Alex (Poythress) scoring, Kyle scoring. All of us playing well will be the team everybody is expecting. With this time off (from classes), we will get to gel even more and in February we will be the team everybody has been looking for.”

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