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Harrow and Calipari both know point guard has to keep improving despite recent success


Even though he’s playing better, Kentucky sophomore point guard Ryan Harrow knows coach John Calipari is going to want more from him.

“I have been working with coach Cal and he says he is not going to let up on me, so we have just been working extra hard to make me even better than I am now,” said Harrow after Wednesday’s 90-38 victory over Eastern Michigan.

Harrow had a season-high eight assists and 15 points, including a career-high four 3-pointers, to help offset his career-high four turnovers. In the last four games, he’s averaging 16.7 points and 4.2 assists per game and has gone 27-for-53 from the field. He has 29 assists and seven turnovers in the last seven games.

“I thought Ryan was good again today. Had a few turnovers he didn’t need to have,” Calipari said. “He had two of them. Really, he had two turnovers. Two of them were the late half cool throw to Archie (Goodwin) that was, why did you do that?  And then go between the legs. That’s the old kid that used to play but wasn’t very good. The new one is not turning it over. He’s strong with the ball. He’s aggressive.  He’s making plays.”

Calipari expected this type of play out of Harrow when the season started. Instead, he was sick when UK opened the season against Maryland and didn’t score in only 10 minutes of play. He missed the next four games for “personal reasons” and had just 14 points and in his first four games back before his impressive play the last four games.

“But the question is, this is where I thought he’d be at the beginning of this year. Now where do we go from here? He’s got to continue to grow,” the Kentucky coach said. “He’s got to continue to get better. No lapses. When we’re in our league, we’re going to be playing games. We can’t afford lapses, especially by our point guard.”

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  1. Kokamo Joe

    Harrow is a surprise to me. It should obvious that he is not a surprise to Calipari. Had Harrow not been capable of running the point Calipari would have brought in a freshman who could. So Harrow is the man and he will get better as the teams adjusts to him and each other.

    Will he join the four freshmen and go for the draft? The Harrison twins come next year and they will be centre stage. Here is another question. What about Cauley-Stein? He is projected as a lottery pick. He would mesh well with next year’s recruits, especially since Calipari has not landed a 7 footer YET. Towns comes in 2014. This means that a big man next year could look no farther down the road than one year. Maybe, Cauley-Stein will see the light and stay a second year and then go.

    1. larryvaught

      Looking more and more like Calipari knew exactly what he was getting with Harrow and why he felt he could run the team this year

      1. Larry T Clemons

        Come on LV…I’ve been calling Ryan Our Secret Weapon for the last 3 months on your site…yeah, OK I’m bragging. And I believe, WCS stays…WCS, is just starting to have some Fun, he’ll stay, ” IF ” Coach will let him…

        1. Larry Pup

          Larry T. I would love to see WCS and Alex both stay. All of them for that matter. That will never happen under Cal’s system I don’t think.

          1. Larry T Clemons

            I believe Coach Cal is Recruiting with the mind set that WCS stays…That’s how I read it ” So Far “…

  2. DRidener

    I really believe that Cauley-Stien is an awesome player and as longas he keeps his shot goingin the rack more and more that he will be amazing. Heis on track to becoming this years MKG with his energy and hussle and the fun he brings to tje game. I saw that one board said he was moving up in the to 10 but I believe with all mt heart tjat he is gonna be our xfactor next year in our title hunt and 40-0 season Coach wants and I realt think ifhe stays he will work his way into the top 5 next year as long as his sgots keep progressiveley going in. He may be top 3 when we win the Title in 2013. So thats my view on the big willie of the 2012-13 cats. Also, I think pearls observation of poytjress is trye and I think anotjer year in Lexington will keep him in the league longer as well as propel him in the top 10 maybe top 5 as well in the draft. Hope they both stay but I rather see poythress put his name in but I believe if willie dont,stay we will be ok because Coavh Cal is deep in the mix for Dakari Johnson and from whay I habe seen of him on the web and in AAU he will be a force in the paint for us in the end after some camp Cal Ilovethese guys this year and I thnk ryan harrow is gonna take us very,far this year I have really been looking forward to him since we got him bevause I lnew from the aau circuit he was gonna be a great asset I thought,he would be more of a brandon lnight type gaurd because he can really score the ball in many ways and man does he got some hops I love your sight Mr.Vaught thanks for all you do for us look forward to your articles I am on here religously most of the time. Thanks you,so much sir

  3. Larry Pup

    DRidener..I’m with you pal, I love WCS’s game. He is going to be a load, already is. I like the big lineup with Nerlens, WCS, and Alex in there. I wish we could put a helmet and shoulder pads on WCS come spring, and fall; let him play a little football. Doubt that will ever happen though. All our QB’s would have to do is throw the ball up and let him go up and get it.

  4. DRidener

    Yeah I know thats right hesure couldnt hurt us on the field hope Stoops and co. at least gets us going enough to beat hilltoppers and yeah I would say if he would be here through the spring cal would flip his wig if willie even joked about it

    1. Larry T Clemons

      I’ll never forget walking into the Student Center for lunch with James Lee, Mike Phillips, Rick Robey, Truman Claytor and I think Chuck Aleksinis…we passed by the Table of the Football Coaches and at the same time, The Coaches stopped eating looked up as we passed and they just stared, with mouths open…You know all they were seeing was Wide Receivers and Defensive Ends. I was the only one studying the moment, it was funny and cool at the same time…

  5. DRidener

    Loved the big lineup they got plenty turnovers i with the press they ran I it

  6. Larry Pup

    DRidener we need a Johnny Manziel and a CWS on the football field. We’d kill em!

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