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Guest post: Which team do Kentucky fans dislike the most?

Vaught’s note: Kentucky basketball fan Tina Cox has been a contributor for vaughtsviews.com and will contribute regularly this summer.


This is a hard time of year for UK basketball fans, including myself. I search social media every day for bits of information about the upcoming season.  I wait for pictures of the team arriving on campus to be posted. I continue to watch the last ten minutes of each of the  2014 NCAA games, except for the last one.

To fill this void in my life, I decided to pose a question to random UK fans:  As a Kentucky fan, which team do you dislike the most. I asked random fans in Danville from the patio at Mallards to the Courthouse. The response was overwhelming, DUKE.

I don’t hate Duke. I don’t like Duke. I really feel they are irrelevant since Calipari arrived. We seldom play them and they haven’t made a significant run in the NCAA tournament the last few years. Most UK fans will admit they respect Coach K but they don’t like that the refs love Duke.  Should this matter since we hardly ever play them?

When asked why they hate Duke fans will say 90 percent of the time “the shot”.  Pitino opted to not guard the inbounds pass, there were no hands up defense on a guy that was perfect from the field. Christian Laettner  made the shot. Many say he should not have been playing after he stepped on Aminu Timberlake. Maybe so, but he was perfect that night. I would request if anyone knows the guy that wears the “I Still Hate Laettner” shirt to nationally televised games to retire the shirt. I just don’t think 25 years from now Wisconsin and Michigan fans will be wearing “I Hate Harrison” shirts.

The next team most disliked was Louisville.  This is mine. They are our instate rivals.  Some of their fans are obnoxious. The BBN had to endure the year of the Cardinal (2013).  They excelled in everything in 2013.  I am positive if there had been a tiddlywinks tournament they would have made it to the championship.

The majority of fans also pointed out that they cheer for Louisville if the CATS are not in it.  Really?  I can’t do that.  Some of my dearest friends (Arnetta, Sherry and Kathy) are huge Louisville fans and they know that under no circumstance am I cheering for the CARDS.  I could write ten pages on Coach Pitino but I will spare everyone.

A few fans said Indiana.  The only moment they have had against Kentucky recently is the last second shot–knocking us out of the number one ranking.  They made popcorn boxes with a picture of that shot.  We went on to win the National Championship.  They didn’t make the NIT last year.  Enough said.

A team no one said was UConn.  Since Calipari’s arrival they have knocked us out of TWO National Championships.  We would be saying: Eleven will be Heaven instead of Strive for Nine if it wasn’t for those pesky Huskies.  When the tournament starts next year put away your I HATE DUKE shirts and root against the Huskies!!


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  1. Katie

    As an out of state fan living in the heart of SEC country, a lot of my least favorite teams are conference foes. UofL does not have any presence outside of the state, and are thankfully not a conference opponent. For me, they fall to the wayside in the wake of teams like FLORIDA. I agree wholeheartedly with your viewpoint on Duke, and when I lived in Lexington, UofL was a greater irritant. But in this particular era, and with Florida’s current status as arguably our toughest in-conference basketball opponent, (not to mention that pesky losing streak in football), I would have to say they take the cake. I know the generation before me has great hatred for teams like Indiana and Duke, (and a UK fan worth their salt should understand the historical rivalries between those teams), but in recent days I think that has shifted.

    1. larryvaught

      Never quite thought of it from that perspective Katie, but definitely see your point. Also believe you and Tina could be buddies. You would love her

  2. John Show

    Great article Tina! I agree with you Louisville is my most hated rival. I also agree with Katie, the Gators are a close second. Gator fan = loud and in your face when they’re winning, nonexistent when they are not. Also the rumor is true Gator Fans love jorts!


    Nice read. My most hated is Tenn. They were our rival since I became a member of the BBN. I know that they have been having issues but when I think rival that’s who comes up first. I live in Louisville so it’s easy to pick them but I intentionally ignore “little brother” which makes my ul friends so frustrated. I ignore them and say things like ‘blind squirrel” when talking about their success'(I know, it’s the best eating blind squirrel ever LOL).

    I hope to never hear rocky top played in victory ever again in my life.



  4. Larry Pup

    Louisville and UT in that order.

  5. 615CAT

    1. Puke 2. Indiana 3. Louisville 4. Tennessee

  6. Phillip Barker

    North Carolina, since their whole image is based on deceit and their refusal to own the truth of it. Duke, because they refuse to play us on a home and home basis…lets stop the hatred and settle it on the court guys!

  7. Doug

    Lousyville and Puke in either order.

  8. BobbyBlue

    Louisville #1,and Florida #1A
    Why Louisville ?…..Pitino..enough said !
    Why insignificant Florida ?…spend the winters in Florida,like I do…anywhere within easy driving distance of Gainesville and you’d quickly understand how correct John Show is in his post.

  9. TrueBlueJohn

    My choice hands down is North Carolina. The main reason is that they have looked down their long, pious noses at everyone else, and bragged how they did things “The Carolina Way”. Well, it turns out that “The Carolina Way” was rife with academic fraud. (Which it seems that the NCAA would love to sweep it under the rug, and wishes that everyone would just quit talking about it.) I just wonder how hard Mark Emmert & Co. would have come down on UK if we had done the same thing.

  10. Bob

    I don’t hate anyone hate will destroy the hater not the hated . I dislike afew coaches and my #1 is an tie of Bobbie K and coach prune of duke . Batman and Robin .Oh yell Bobby is an male sorry . Bobby K has never had any class,style , or gave one damn about the sport or what the sport is an teaching tool for kids . Hitting, cocking players, throwing chairs. However when he slapped Joe B Hall as Merle says your walking on the fighting side of me. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree with boy wonder also known as The Prune coach K .For this coach to sat on his ass and turn his head to an act such as Chriss did and not bench him to win an game, and people at the end of the day it is just that an game .His pride, self respect, honor for his self, school, and the sport went right into the toilet . Win at any coast an lesson Chriss L . learned well as he frauded, cheated and stole from people whom trusted him later in life. . I want to say something ealse to the louisville haters . Pinto came to Kentucky during the lowest point in this school’s sports history . He rebuilt this program from the ground up and handed us 2 Titles the one he won and the won he left for Tuby .I once again say when the skys are UK Blue they are Red as UL red. Then it’s Vandy . GO BIG BLUE

  11. Anonymous

    Tenn. I grew up on the border of Kentucky and Tenn. You were either a UK fan or a UT fan. Some UT fans are the most ignorant fans with UL running a close second. As for Louisville I could care less about them. They aren’t in our conference and we never saw them on TV. They just don’t matter.

    1. joe

      Great answer, Tennessee, Florida are our rivals along with the other SEC. since no longer divisions in BB.
      Not Duke, Louisville, UNC.

  12. George

    I live in Knoxville so that is too easy a question. UT!!!! They have the most wins against us in basketball and football so do I need to say more. Now we do have the most wins against them also in basketball but….

  13. Dr.Mark Stephens

    Indiana and duke are close as are Florida and vandy. I don’t like Louisville much but I like what coach P did for UK.Also throw the buckeyes in there too! LOL

  14. King Ghidora

    Tenn. has been the traditional main rival of UK for a very long time. When I was in school at UK pretty much everyone would have said they were the main rival. Duke was barely a blip on the radar screen. No one gave them a chance to win in 1978 for example. Not UK fans anyway.

    I really dislike the favoritism the NCAA has shown Duke and UNC. It’s terrible the injustice they perpetuate on the entire nation in favor of those two teams. That makes me really dislike Duke. It doesn’t help that the regional sports network we know as ESPN has always been based in the ACC area and they were essentially born to promote those same ACC teams mentioned above. It’s done a lot to hurt basketball IMO. Any time you see that much corruption it will end up hurting things.

    But I still put UT at the top of my list. UL is just another crybaby school wanting to be equal with UK. They never will be in my lifetime. Duke and UNC are products of a corrupt NCAA. UNC was given their first title. If you saw their game against Alabama in the tournament that year you’ll know why I think that. It was far worse than the Olympic loss to the Russians. They gave UNC the ball time after time after time in the last minute of the game so they could overcome a deficit. It was sick. They thought few people would be watching and apparently no one else even remembers the game but I sure do. It was the worst case of cheating I have ever seen in major sports game and that says a lot. Remember they changed the rules of football before the AFC championship game to stop the Bengals from running a no huddle offense against the Buffalo Bills. That was awful. The UNC / Alabama game was much worse. MJ did NOT deserve that championship ring he won. He has to know they cheated to get Coach Dean his first title. I wouldn’t want a ring that came to me like that.

  15. Joe Montgomery

    One good reason not to dislike North Carolina: they beat duke, at least occasionally.

  16. Eddie T.

    I thought that everyone knew the TRUTH. There are only two teams in the nation. Kentucky and that pesky ‘other’ team (a. k. a. the opponent). One team to root for (Kentucky) and one team to root against (UL, UF, DU, UNC, UT, UG, VU, UConn, USC, UCLA, IU, UA, A&M, KU . . . .).

  17. David

    It would be easier for me to say who I will pull for than who I dislike. I will say I really dislike Louisville a lot and I guess I dislike them because I live in Louisville and hate when they boast about any win. After Louisville I dislike all of them pretty equally.

    I like and pull for any team from Kentucky (except Louisville) as long they are not playing my Cats.

    I pull for SEC teams when they play non conference games except for Spurrier , I just can’t seem to pull for South Carolina with him at the helm. If its Basketball tournament time or Football bowl time, I always pull for SEC teams unless they face the Cats.

  18. dandr

    Duke, Duke and then Duke. I don’t hate UL or UT. I want to beat the H out of them, but when they play others, I will generally want them to win, as it elevates UK. But I will never root for Duke to win, UNC, UL or U anybody.

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