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Guest post: What is your sports bucket list and how many UK events are on it?

Larry and Tina Cox in St. Louis prior to a UK NCAA Tournament game. (photo submitted)

Larry and Tina Cox in St. Louis prior to a UK NCAA Tournament game. (photo submitted)


I think at some point in everyone’s life a bucket list has been created. As I have matured (?) I have had to come to the realization that some things on my bucket list will never happen. I will not ever marry Jon Bon Jovi nor will I own a beach house in the Caribbean.

I did however get to meet Oprah Winfrey and attend a NCAA Tournament game. Since there is not much happening this week in Kentucky Basketball I thought I would write down my sports bucket list.  As would be expected many involve Kentucky Basketball. I also realized that many of these are up to me to accomplish — life is too short — maybe by this time next year a few will be marked off !!

1)  Attend a NCAA Championship game (Kentucky must be playing of course), lower level
I’ve made hotel reservations in Indianapolis for next April. As for the tickets–that Is still up in the air.

2)  Attend the SEC Tournament
I always plan on going but never go through with it. I can think of nothing better than  a whole weekend of Kentucky Basketball.

3)  Attend an away Kentucky Basketball game, sitting amongst the opposing fans in my blue  and white. I want to be the person the announcers are referring to when they say: The blue got in.

4)  Be on State Street when the CATS win a championship.
This should have been done in my younger years. I can just imagine the embarrassment of family when the caption under my picture would read: BBN is represented by even their oldest members.

5)  Attend a University of Alabama football home game. After all when it comes to fan bases their fans are often referred to as equivalent to Kentucky Basketball Fans.

6)  Watch Tiger Woods play one hole of golf in person.

7)  Watch Lebron James play a game in person. I waited too long to see Michael Jordan.

8)  Attend a Packers game at Lambeau Field. Of course I want to sit where I can be reached in the Lambeau leap!!

 I would love to hear what some of the BBN has on their sports bucket list!!

Remember “The Boys are Back in Town” on June 12th!!



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  1. Gene T.

    Tina, I have done some of yours. My #1 is seeing the Cats win a National Title in person. I have seen NCAA games. Been to SEC tourney many many years. Been to a way games dressed in my UK Blue. Went to the last UK vs ALA game and was the best road game I have ever been to. Ala fans were great, and we almost upset them. That was when Hartline fumbled the ball inside the 5 yard line. I have seen Tiger play a couple holes of golf.
    I always wanted to go to the Kentucky derby-did that 20 something times
    Always wanted to go to Indy 500-did that once. That was enough for me
    Always wanted to go to a Super Bowl hopefully Dallas-never have done that.
    Always wanted to go to the Final Four with UK. Missed doing that twice, that I should have gone.
    Hope we all can finish our Bucket list.
    GO CATS!!!!!

  2. Gene T.

    PS. I want to see UK beat UT at home and at Tenn.

  3. Larry Pup

    Tina, in all do respect, how about a UK football home game, geez? The hell with Alabama! You didn’t mention the UK grid iron boys one time.

    I have two items on my bucket list, and that is to see UK football win the SEC title and a National Championship.

    1. Anonymous

      Larry Pup: I was fortunate enough to be at the UK football game when Kentucky beat Tennessee!! I can honestly say that everytime I hear “Don’t Stop Believing” I think of those final ten seconds. I do get to attend many home football games—perfect for me would be Kentucky at Alabama with Kentucky getting the win.

    2. tina

      Larry Pup: I am fortunate enough to be able to attend many UK football games each year. I was there when the CATS beat Tennessee!! Everytime I hear the song “Don’t Stop Believing” I still think of those final ten seconds of that game. Lets just say my perfect game in Alabama would be, Alabama versus Kentucky with the CATS getting the win!!

      1. Larry Pup

        Now your talking! I’ll say Amen to that>

    3. Edward

      Tell it like it is, LP, go get’em. Take no prisoners!

  4. King Ghidora

    I actually had the chance to get tickets to the Final 4 in New Orleans in 2012. They certainly weren’t in the first level. I could have watched from my hotel just about as well. And that was the problem. There wasn’t a hotel room within 300 miles of New Orleans that had a vacancy. At least I couldn’t find one. So strike one for me on that.

    Strike two was watching the 1975 championship game in the rec. room at Holmes Hall on campus. I didn’t get to see a title being won. I did get to see a couch fly over my head. I got out with my neck intact.

    I did get to see my all time favorite Cat play ball. His name was Dan Issel of course. I saw him playing in Memorial with the Colonels. Louie Dampier was on the team too. And Dr. J was on the side of the New Jersey Nets. The Colonels won in double overtime. I consider that one a home run. I sat in the 12th row for that too.

    I didn’t get to see my friends and classmates win their title in 1978 which was a strike out all it’s own. But I was still in school and broke as a person could get and still keep eating. Actually I didn’t get too much food come to think of it. I’ll never have that chance again obviously. I haven’t even talked to Givens since then to tell him what a great game he played.

    I want to be front row at half court when UK breaks the championship record of the Ultimate Cheaters of Los Angeles otherwise known as UCLA. Unlike the people who constantly squawk about UK cheating I have a mountain of evidence that Johnny “Cheater” Wooden broke every rule in the book. Not that the NCAA would notice.

    And that brings me to the last item on my list. I want to be standing in front of a certain building in Indianapolis wearing a “Free Enes” t-shirt when the NCAA takes their final fall after a congressional investigation nails them for massive fraud and corruption. I want to see Mark “Hair Piece” Emmert lose his rug in a sudden gust of wind coming off the White River as he’s perp walked toward a waiting patrol car.

  5. Love SEC

    This is why I love this site. Along with the great Sports Info. we get to have some fun as well.
    As I was reading the article, i was looking for the guidelines on the number of items allowed on the list & I realized that everyone’s bucket is different. Some buckets are larger than others, some buckets have holes in them but all of our buckets are blue! I decided to limit myself to TEN items.. All of my items would include my son attending with me:

    -1. A Super Bowl with Jacob Tamme and Peyton Manning.
    -2. SEC Football Championship Game with U.K. Participating.
    -3. National Football Championship with U.K. Participating.
    -4 thru 10 – Final Four Basketball Championships with U.K. participating.

    1. Mick Murrell

      I am with you on UK in the SEC Championship game in Football and hooboy, I would love to see UK in a football national championship game.

      I set out with a goal in 2011 to follow UK all the way through the NCAA tournament one year. While 2011 didn’t provide a Championship game I did get to see two of the bestback to back UK games in history, the wins over Ohio State and UNC in Newark. The langiappe in that trip was the 25 minute train ride back to NYC standing next to Bill Murray. The trip to Houston was a big letdown.

      But, 2012 was a big reward. We started out in NOLA at the SEC tourney and moved on to Looieville for Western and ISU. We made it to the ATL for the beat down of Indiana. But going to New Orleans for the second time in a month to see UK win the title was the best ever. Beating Louisville and Kansas back to back was something special. I remember watching the Kansas game barefooted. The heaviest soaking rain ever hit New Orleans for about 3 and a half hours before the game and everything flooded. Most everyone in the stadium was soaked. My tennis shoes and socks were saturated.

  6. Jeff R.

    Hey Tina, 1-4 completed. :)

    #5? See UK pass UCLA. It’s coming…

  7. Jake Ethan

    Our Escorts of London service is always thinking for people and their emotion.

  8. Transcend

    Good post.

    I didn’t know there were many ‘sports bucketlsts’.. now I do.

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