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Guest post: Wake Up Kentucky the time for being patient with coaching is over

By Lee Ann Herring-Olvedo

“If your enemy is secure at all points, be prepared for him. If he is in superior strength, evade him. If your opponent is temperamental, seek to irritate him. Pretend to be weak, that he may grow arrogant. If he is taking his ease, give him no rest. If his forces are united, separate them. If sovereign and subject are in accord, put division between them. Attack him where he is unprepared, appear where you are not expected.” Sun Tzu

The taste in battle for Kentucky has been far from victorious for the Cats this season. Just when it seems the program has learned from its mistakes, it finds its way back to digging a grave that they are barely able to come out of each time. The battle going into the 4th week seems to be enough to break them.

What seemed to be a promising start as the Cats opened conference play on the road in the Swamp once again proved to be a train wreck in the waiting. I am the last person to want this team not to succeed, because from day one I have seen the capabilities of the talent. But, even for this optimistic realist there comes a time when you have to say enough is and enough.

Saturday’s loss to Florida was nothing more than a loss in lopsided fashion for the Cats.  Clearly on the offensive side the identity was shaken without Maxwell Smith taking the reins and left to Morgan Newton’s more than  inability to provide any  type of commanding game for the Cats. There was a great deal of lost opportunities that could have turned the Cats game around. As for the defense they weren’t perfect, but were able to play with a little bit more cohesion than previous games. I can go into stats and break it down, but that’s only going to tell half the story of what is going on with this Kentucky Football Program.

It is clear on several forefronts there are just pieces that are missing, and no one seems to be fixing and adjusting them effectively. What I see is a program that is being led astray and there are no signs of change, unless they start doing some spring cleaning this Fall. This team’s lack of success is not due in part to just players, coaches, or just the athletic program. It’s a team’s collective effort.

Plain and simple, it is time for Kentucky Football to clean some house. We need to recapture our identity, and that starts with getting better backing from the administration.  A program can only grow stronger if the administration is devoted to providing a quality SEC football program. This folks, means a stronger financial backing so that we are not living in the shadows of a basketball centric athletic program. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s important to thrive on the success of our basketball program. But, in all retrospect, when you are in a powerhouse like the SEC, why wouldn’t we want to have multiple powerhouse programs. I mean purely from a business perspective, the more successful programs we invest in, the more we can engage those programs to attract a stronger return. That can help not only the athletic but academic brand that is UK. If we want a program to fully succeed independently to contribute collectively, we have to build it and build it well. Right now it seems that the UK Football Program is barely hanging on when it comes to its brand, from not filling the stands, to price hikes, and the list goes on. There seems to be some internal logistics that just don’t seem to be adding up so this program can thrive.

Now for the million dollar question: Should Joker go or should Joker stay?  The argument I keep hearing from Joker is to give him some more time because this team is so young and needs time. Wake up call the last two seasons. All we have had is time to develop young players because that is all our depth has been. It seems we find bits and pieces of success for a time, but then it seems to fade fast and things seem to be more in disarray and illusions rather than tangible success.

Only four weeks into the season Kentucky still struggles to find its identity on and off the field, which clearly has affected the mental and physical prowess of the coaches and players, whether they will blatantly choose to admit or not. How could the tug between the rumor mill and the poor play not affect the ability for a team to produce success, even the best of players living in these circumstances can’t drown out reality.

As I wrote earlier there is not one particular entity of the program to blame. However, in any team there is one person that has to command and have the authority to lead and lead well. In this case this goes back to your head coach. If there is even the slightest piece missing from that leadership that trickles down to your team, then it will always be lagging behind. This game was a perfect example of those little pieces that were missing by a head coach commanding and utilizing the team it brought with him. When a majority of your travel roster is young freshmen and sophomores, yet you say there are not enough plays and experience to get them in the game, there is something that bothers me about that coming from your head coach. Not to mention the reservation to make changes earlier rather than later against the Gators that could have not put the Cats in a complete shut out in the Swamp. These little things add up, and when a coach has the slightest hesitation in a game situation why are we paying him in the first place?

I have always said Joker to me is a good face of the program’s value and character, but in a place like the SEC: morals, values, and character are only a small part of the formula to be an effective head coach and take the reins of the team. For me I think Joker would thrive most in a coordinator or positions frame where he can specialize. His mind is more geared to one play at time rather than seeing multiple plays onward. This is easily seen in his play calling and his indecisiveness in making changes on the fly. We need a coach and program that is going to not just sell players and fans a false sense of hope, but rather something that will provide tangible winning results if given the right tools.

We have the bits and pieces to outsmart and out play, but right now the direction and leadership we have is having a tough time drowning in their own indecision that it takes a toll on the rest of this team.  Time is money in the SEC and it’s been a wasting. I am a patient person but when I know and see we have talent there, and it’s not being used, that is a waste for me. Even more so, know that there is a head coach buying time on the same excuses over and over again.

As Frank Broyles would say, “Any coach can get things done right, but the great coaches get the right things done. Being prepared allows you to get the right thing done, not just doing things right.”

We need a coach who can get the right things done in the moment. If we want to continue to live with this delusion of patience as payoff, maybe we should not be playing football in the SEC.

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  1. P90XDude

    I agree with Lee Ann but the administration under Capiluto is strapped for new buildings like a renovated law building; new chemistry-physics building and new business building. Not to mention the EDR project that will replace all but 4 housing dorms. None of the $15 million for debt related issuances are deemed for Commonwealth Stadium. UK is still a $1.5 billion dollar operation whose main goal is to educate students. The Athletics Dept budget is small compared to the University’s budget. The Athletic’s Dept is going to have to come up with a specific plan to get any renovations of Commonwealth and I doubt the required $100M will be asked of the Legislature. UK Football will never be on par with Alabama, LSU or even Tennessee. But we can be competitive and get back to 6 or 7 wins. We need a new direction.

  2. grant

    p90xdude- if 6 or 7 seven wins is a goal then we might as well just do nothing , even though i don’t think joker can achieve that. 6 or 7 wins can easily fall to 5 or 4 in a season, i think your sights should be set much higher. because typically 3 or so of your wins are going to come at the hands of directional schools, like western kentucky, oops not a good example, say , central mich. people cringe at the thought of petrino, and rightfully so, everyone has a right to there opinion, and that being said i would take him at uk , because 6 or 7 wins is not good enough for him, this we already know. just making a bowl sponsored by “preparation H” is not good enough for him. we have a coach now who is happy to just to compete physically with western kentucky. really joker? you are happy to match the physical play of wku? get a coach with some high expectations and the recruiting ability to match the expectaions and you will see things turn around.

  3. John

    Lee Ann your assessment of our program is spot on.

  4. shinny

    Tell it like it is Lee Ann! Time and time again Randy and Joker seem to play not to lose!! Wow and what for? At this stage of our program we are here to UPSET not get upset. Many examples of this conservative play calling come to mind-Cobb no ball for 4 straight downs(you remember the game) kicking instead of going for it inside their territory(you remember the game) and of all games last week going with-well a known commodity istead of the unknown(which might have confused Florida too if freshman had played). We must start playing to win at all cost!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Angie

    Joker is a great representative of our program but that does not lead to success on the field. One of the biggest problems in my opinion has been the inability to make the proper adjustments needed to the system to maximize his players potential – Saturday at Florida is the perfect example. We simply were not ready to play. We were on the road to begin SEC play and we were not ready.

  6. King Ghidora

    I’m not sure “The Art Of War” applies to football but at this point I’m willing to support anything different from what’s going on now at Commonwealth. You should have seen the way my high school played when we got a genius of a coach to turn around a program that hadn’t won a game in almost 30 years. Yes not a single game in 30 years. We won our first game the year before I started there. My brother was playing. By the time I was a junior we were 6-3-1 and had beat a major Kentucky football power in a scrimmage game (for the first time in 30 years they refused to play us for some reason – I won’t mention any names but their initials are R-U-S-S-E-L-L).

    We played an offense dubbed the “Oz”. It was unbalanced line offense with the center playing where the tackle plays and a wide receiver as the only guy on that end of the line. The QB worked from the shotgun every play. We had one running back and 2 flankers and a wide receiver on both ends of the line. The flankers lined up wide too. Wacky? We scored points like Florida playing UK. That coach could sit and draw up play after play and all of them would work. I saw him do it in a class he taught. He drew up about 30 plays in 45 minutes and he did it off the top of his head. We used all those plays and they all worked to perfection.

    Our high school made the monumental mistake of letting that guy get away but he had taught us the art of football in a very short time. We knew how to flood zones, how to pull the whole offensive line on a running play, and how to make every play from the line an open field run. And we knew who to block and why. It was amazing. It was outlandish. And it worked. People “hated” playing us. They squawked like mad to the KHSAA but we weren’t breaking any rules. They had to play or forfeit. And we made some really good teams look really, really bad.

    The offense actually was originally drawn up at Centre by the brother of one of our assistant coaches but our coach took one look at it and knew it would change our entire program. He drew up the plays to make it work. It was only a rough draft when he got it. It was totally amazing and it worked like crazy.

    THAT is the kind of thinking UK needs right now. Conservative play is for teams that have the players to win by playing conservative. Woody Hayes won using the “three yards and a cloud of dust” method. Mainly he won because he had better players on the line than anyone else. UK doesn’t. They need to go razzle dazzle every single play. It’s their only hope.

    If anyone wants to see a “very” crude drawing of our Oz offense you can see it here:


  7. grant

    king, really interesting. did the center actually snap the ball and how did that not get blitzed like crazy to the left of the center. please explain more , i am interested. you must have had a center that could really get the ball to the qb in a hurry i am guessing.

  8. Georgia Blue

    The Coaching Staff needs to let go of this team. This is not the Ice Age. Its 2012 and you can’t no longer go with experience over talent. We are still coaching the Old FASHION way instead of the New Era in coaching. Its time to let go and quit making excuses on why this player is not playing. I think our coaches are more scared than our players. You have the talent to compete, You just want sit your veterans down in certain positions on the team. Jokers and Randy needs to open up that playbook from here on out and quit playing conservative football. Quit worrying about is this guy ready , put him in for a couple of series and see. Then make the adjustment if he is not ready. We have players that are capable of making plays , but is the coaching staff going to take them chains off of them. Just Let Go and see what happen. I bet you will see a DIFFERENT KENTUCKY TEAM. Let Go Joker and quit handicapping them . You have the talent just let go and use it.

    1. larryvaught

      Georgia Blue, you made my day. Free the young talent like other schools do

      1. lee ann herring-olvedo

        Amen Georgia Blue! I am right there with you. Talent over experience we need to expan on all accounts. I hate the execuse that these kids dont have enough experience and we dont have enough packages to play them in. Well no better time than know to throw them in and get some experience and widen up the playbook. Clearly what we have now its not working so take some risk!

  9. King Ghidora

    Yeah the center snapped the ball. And we wanted the other team to try to come around that side. It was like having every linebacker line up on one end of the line and leaving the rest of the line to be guarded only by defensive linemen. The other team learned very quickly that was a sucker move to blitz that side because we would just run the ball around the other end and they couldn’t come close to catching up. In fact we had the other end of the line so overwhelmed if they did that it was almost an instant touchdown every time. They had to line their linebackers up behind the line like everyone else. But then we used the QB to just run like heck around the open side of the field and it an open field run with a receiver and a flanker to block the corner and the safety. Again it was almost an instant touchdown. That was just the tip of the iceberg. We had reverse plays with the strong side flanker coming around even though the entire line would pull and go toward the strong side. Once again the flanker would have essentially an open field run.

    We probably averaged 20 yards a down with that offense. And the pass patterns we ran were amazingly advanced. The coach knew how to draw up a play. For example the QB would roll to the left while the flanker and the receiver would run a square out and a flag route. That cleared out the entire secondary on that side and the linebacker had to pull up to try to make a play on the QB or he would run for 20 yards. Once the linebacker pulled up to try to take out the QB the halfback would run right out in the flat and be wide open. Again it ended up being an open field run if the pass was complete. And we had a pretty good QB. But the whole thing was actually put in place for my brother to play that position. But a bad case of appendicitis kept him out for the season. It very nearly killed him actually. It burst so he was ate up with infection. He would have been a senior that year and he was going to be the QB. He came in a game as a backup QB as a junior and threw 6 TD passes in the first half after we got behind 36-0. He actually tied the game up and the starting QB had a miracle recovery and they took my brother out. High school politics is the big reason we lost so many games for so many years. But that was going to be over with the Oz and my brother as QB. He could throw a ball 80 yards in the air.

    I guess I could go on about this for hours. I could try to draw up some of the plays we ran just to show you how well they were designed. I guess I saw the coach draw up the whole play book in a single class period. That guy was a flat out genius. Bill Robinson was his name and he went on to coach at Lewis Co. where another great QB was playing named Corky Prater. Prater went on to be the Lewis Co. coach for decades later on.

    If you’d like to see some of the plays I’ll draw some up with a pen and scan them. It would be much easier and faster than using Paint to do it. I think it will surprise you how many options there were for that offense and of course no one was prepared for any of them.

    1. King Ghidora

      I forgot to mention. That center went on to play full back later on under a different coach. He was 260 pounds at least and he was nearly as fast as anyone on the team. But he ran with a shuffle rather than pick up his feet. It was inevitable he would hurt his ankles and he did. If he could have picked up his feet he could have been a pro fullback easy. He was one of the best football players I ever saw and I played against a whole string of all-state guys in 3 different states. I played where Ky, OH and WV all come together and we played teams from all 3 states.

      The only time I ever saw that center get tackled by one person (after he became a fullback of course) was when he got his ankle injury. He was hit below the knees and that was it. His cleats caught in the turf and something had to give. It was predictable as could be. My brother told him time after time that he was going to get hurt but he loved running the ball. It generally took 6 guys at least to stop him on a run. And then they wouldn’t knock him down. They just stopped him from moving forward. The guy reminded me of Earl Campbell to be honest except of course Campbell picked up his feet. But Earl didn’t last long either if you recall.

    2. Robert

      Sorry, king; I thought this was to reply to Lee Ann’s article!?!

  10. Freethrow

    I don’t care much for negative nancy fan complaints. Never have. About the only time you see negative fans post anything is when we’re losing games. Same for basketball fans too. But, I can agree that a coaching change would improve things but “only” if UK hires a truly top tier coach. If they just hire an up and comer coach it will take him many years to build an annual power house team. And that is only if fans give him a chance to do so. Only a Top 5 or so coach is going to be able to land Top Tier talent that is dominated by 4 and 5 star players to come to a program that is annually pretty poor in football. Even then it will take 3 or 4 years for him to build the quality depth that the true top football teams have. What I would really like to see is for our current coach to be successful. I really like him as a person. But, he has a rough row to hoe and I think he likely will be replaced this season or next unless the team can really shock the rest of the schedule. :(

    1. King Ghidora

      I don’t like it when people complain about the players either. But coaches get paid to take it. And BTW UK has tried hiring a top coach to build the program. Bill Curry was considered a great coach when he signed with UK. He didn’t do that well despite his accomplishments at Alabama and Ga. Tech. before that. He had the best winning percentage of any coach since the Bear at Bama but he lost to Auburn 3 times in 3 years and that doesn’t float at Alabama.

      I think the Cats need a top, up and coming coach myself. I’d like to see a coach that has turned a program around come to UK. They can afford a coach like that. I can’t really seem them paying for a top 5 coach. That takes big bucks.

  11. Freethrow

    Curry was OK, but I don’t put him top tier. At Bama before UK his was there 3 seasons and had the benefit quality former players left from the previous coach and the “status” of Bama to ease recruiting. His overall record isn’t that impressive, IMO. Better than what UK was used to though. :)

    1. King Ghidora

      He was on an upward arc for sure though. He brought Alabama back to the forefront of the SEC and that was a sizeable feat at the time. I’m not saying he was a giant of coaching but really how many college coaches are like that? It’s not that easy to come up with a truly great coach who’s settled in at some other school. Curry is certainly the best coach that came to UK in my lifetime. Other coaches have done better in Lexington but Curry was at least a top 10 coach in the nation at the time as far as perception goes. It just isn’t that easy to find another Bear Bryant or Woody Hayes hanging around looking for a job. If they are out there schools with established traditions generally grab them up like Ohio St. got Urban Meyer. And a lot of times a coach who did well at one school won’t do so well at another school. Michigan found that out with Rich Rodriguez. And South Carolina hasn’t done all that well with Spurrier. Lane Kiffin was supposed to be great at Tenn. too but we see how that worked out. Even a program like Ohio St. became known as the place good coaches went to die after they brought in a whole series of coaches that bombed out mainly because they failed to beat Michigan. And really Curry’s big fault at Bama was his failure to beat Auburn. Other than that he did quite well there. Sure he had some rough years at Ga. Tech but that’s just another school that would have a hard time winning no matter who the coach was. Tradition means so much in sports. It’s a lot of the reason UK wins basketball games when they don’t really have the best team (not such a problem lately but certainly true during the decade of the 2000’s) – they expected to win and the other team expected to lose because of the names on the jerseys.

      I just think Curry was about as good of a coach as UK could expect to ever get and he didn’t do that well there. It was Curci that took the team and shaped it into a dominant winner. How many other coaches have had 10-1 seasons at UK? And they lost a game they should have won that year or they would have been undefeated. I just think the Cats need another coach that can build a team from the ground up. That’s how most coaches get great in the first place. Very few of them start out on top of the world then suddenly move to another school. The Bear is about the only example I can think of. But coaches like Bobby Bowden didn’t have a better record than Curry when he moved to Florida St..

  12. grant

    I just want the culture of Uk football to change. For the better that is. Wouldn’t it be nice if UK had higher aspirations of winning more than just the 6 or 7 games to make a dang bowl. I would love to have a coach who has his sights set much higher than that. Every year it seems UK is plagued by slow starts and the bugs need to get worked out. To me slow starts have bad coaching written all over it, Willie Taggert sure had the bugs worked out enough beat us , so did Strong of louisville. Unlike King G. I think a high profile coach would help UK, if there is one available that is. This willingness to change a culture starts at the top, funny Uk feels the pressure and the angst of the fans when the basketball fans are unhappy, but even empty seats at commonwealth cannot get the attention of Barnhart for football. I would love to drive 6 or 7 hours down for a football game , if they were good. Been to alot of basketball games , never a football game yet , and would love to , just can’t see driving that far for poor play. I can drive 30 minutes to watch ISU or and hour and a half to watch Uof I and get my quota of bad football if need be.

    1. larryvaught

      Grant, love that reasoning. think that is what most true UK football fans want

    2. King Ghidora

      I can think of at least one coach who’s looking for a job. His name is Jim Tressel. If coaches like Sutton can walk away from a scandal and take another job at another school I can’t see any reason Tressel can’t. I know he was actually involved in the scandal where Sutton wasn’t (I actually don’t think there was a scandal to be honest) but hey if other teams do it why not UK? I realize he has some job at Akron that is a non-athletic related job but my guess is he might be interested in an SEC head coaching spot. If you’re looking for a guy who was a top coach he would fit the bill.

      But I don’t think he would do that well at UK to be honest. He’s too conservative for Lexington. Ohio St. cut their teeth on 3 yards and a cloud of dust. UK is used to high gear sports like the team that Rupp built.

  13. Bob

    Lee ann it’s great someone finally layed it out clear and to the point .

    1. larryvaught

      she did not hide her opinions Bob and I want her to share her perspectives. She knows football and sees it from a different angle than many of us

  14. coldspringmike

    Larry, how many hundreds of times do we have to say the same thing over and over again ? the FB program is a mess, we need changes, and need a coach who expects to win every game. When Billy Clyde was here we had the same mess in BB and made major move. Time for same move in FB.

    1. larryvaught

      Amen ColdSpringMike. Would never be allowed in basketball

    2. lee ann herring-olvedo

      I agree this would never fly in the basketball program so why should we accept it in the football program. Basketball program or not its okay to have more than one winning program not just for the succes of athletics but for UK!

  15. Jim

    I was hoping that Joker would work out. If he had won, he would have been the toast of the state and would have been a legend. Instead of making a splash, the program is going in reverse. Throw out all of the excuses, athletic programs are judged on wins and losses. UK’s football team is going in the wrong direction.

    Kentucky football is at a cross roads. Do they repeat the past or do they forge ahead and break the curse of the Bear? Who will the next coach be? Anyone who wins less than Petrino will be a bad move. Who is the rock star hire? There happens to be a fairly young ex NFL coach with a super bowl ring named John Gruden. Would he consider coaching in the SEC and removing the curse of the Bear? Who knows? But we will never find out that answer, if the UK administration doesn’t take that leap to find out.

  16. grant

    Like tressel idea king. He could probably recruit the right people to make the cloud of dust work. My 9 year old has a poster on his bedroom wall that reads”You miss 100% of the shots you never take” It is past time for UK to take a shot, Go for it big blue!

    1. larryvaught

      just not sold on Tressel. I would rather have a younger, rising star or someone a bit more exciting if a change is made. Or maybe a guy just waiting for a chance like Sonny Dykes who knows the UK program well

      1. Jim

        If Sony Dykes can get the job done, bring him on! Maybe a hungry up an comer is the way to go. The bottom line is to elevate the program into a winner.

      2. lee ann herring-olvedo

        I agree because I think have someone young and fresh with the make up of the team we could build in 2-3 years would be aunique dyanmic to open of the playbook and not be afraid to try some new things that the program is in desperation of !

      3. King Ghidora

        Me either Larry. I only suggested him because he was a top coach and is available. I’m not all that down on him for trying to protect the whole team from the actions of a few even if it did break NCAA rules. I don’t like it but I’ve seen far worse.

        I just don’t think he could turn the program around. I like the rising star choices much better.

  17. Jim

    By the way, my two cents worth: I don’t get the interest in Tressel, either. He has run afoul of the NCAA and he just doesn’t impress me as a guy that can elevate a program.

  18. UKFMLY

    ROFLMAO We heard this same stuff from the fire Tubby crowd. And that got us the coach with no name! ! ! Same thing happened when the fans wanted Joe B gone. Another coach who’s name should never be uttered!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Change for the sake of change gives us the coach with no name. Look I am not saying keep Joker, but if all we do is hire some young gun hoping he will get it done with some gimmick FB. Been there done that (Mummy). And look how that ended up!!

    If we do not hire a coach that either brings recruits by name recognition or brings instand respect from SEC coaches based on his success then it’s the SOS!!!!!!! But hey what do I know?


    1. King Ghidora

      I believe that getting rid of Smith got UK to the very top of the college basketball world where they are threatening to build a dynasty unmatched at any time (by teams that didn’t cheat to get there like UCLA). Yes they went through 2 whole years of Clyde but don’t forget Smith didn’t bother recruiting at all his last season. Clyde came in to a team with a low level of talent by UK standards. If you think UK should have held onto Smith I’m baffled. Did you notice what happened in the last game UK played? Maybe you’ll notice that new banner hanging in Rupp this season.

      And I believe UK has no choice but to bring in a young gun. First off I don’t think they will be able to sign a top coach. UK hasn’t exactly been fertile ground for football and no great coach wants to come into a school known for another sport almost entirely and play second fiddle while his reputation goes down the drain.

      And I am assuming your “gimmick”comment refers to what I talked about. It sure worked for my high school team. I wouldn’t suggest anything as drastic as what we did but football is always about new “gimmicks”. It’s the guys who can come in with a whole new way of playing the game that become the great coaches and many people claim it’s nothing but a gimmick. For example the Bengals brought in the no-huddle offense and it made them a Super Bowl team. But not before the rest of the league threw a giant fit about it because it was a “gimmick”. And yes it was called that many, many times. They went so far as to change the rules of the sport half an hour before the AFC championship game to prevent the Bengals from using the no-huddle. That’s as low as it gets but it’s also a huge compliment about the success of the “gimmick”. Cincy won that game anyway but that isn’t the point. The point is every team uses the no-huddle offense now. But without Forrest Gregg’s “gimmick” none of us would have ever seen that technique.

      Football has always been about gimmicks from the statue of liberty play right down to the Wildcat formation. If you can find a coach that can give you an advantage through a “gimmick” you have found a great coach.

  19. grant

    Sony Dykes or Jimmy Dykes (and his violent cuts). I believe UK would be better served with a coach that already has cache and inroads. Joker was fami;iar with the UK program to , intimately, that is not going so good. I want a coach who is familiar with recruiting 4 and 5 star players. The time for experimenting is over.

  20. Ira

    Her article is well reasoned and well argued. But how many fans have said the same thing over the past two years. I love that she did it. But until the Lexington Herald gets off its lazy butt and writes these same articles, the Journal does the same thing, the UKAA, and BOT can go on and ignore.

    I’d love for Mitch Barnhart to come out after the South Carolina game, and say Joker is fired and we are in an active coaching search even as we speak. But we all know he won’t do that. He’ll either wait till the end of the year when all the other teams are admist their firings and searches, which will put us behind the curve, or and I can see this happening, Mitch Barnhart will give Joker another year. He’d do that just to show all of us disloyal fans who is really in charge. Better be prepared for it. Cause BP is as likely to be here as not.

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