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Guest Post: Twas the night before Nationals (UDA Nationals, that is)

By Christina Horan

Hi BBN!!

It’s the night before we head to UDA Nationals and I’m incredibly excited!! I just finished getting ready for the weekend and packing my suitcases. UKDT will board a plane in Cincinnati tomorrow morning and land in Orlando early in the afternoon. We had our last performance at the UK Hoops game tonight and our last practice shortly after. Both Pom and Hip Hop teams are confident and ready to compete!

I wanted to take this blog to say a huge THANK YOU to our coaches Dawn Walters and Andrea Masters! You each put an enormous amount of your time, energy, and heart into our team and it is truly appreciated! More than you know. Every bit of coaching, running practices, mixing music, searching for and ordering costumes, watching hours of video, reviewing hours of film, cleaning dances, choreographing dances, creating spirit videos, updating Facebook, traveling, and much, much more mean so much to us! Thank you!! We couldn’t ask for better coaches!

Thank you to the University for allowing for us to participate and compete in such a prestigious and special event.

UKDT is more than ready for Nationals this year. We can’t wait for all of our hard work to pay off! I’ll be blogging more updates, stories, and pictures throughout the weekend.


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  1. Jim Boyers

    Good luck Christie. I know you ladies will make BBN proud.

    As my daughter and I sat in Rupp watching your routine at halftime of the UT game I commented that it was the longest, most difficult and best routine I had seen your team do. Later, I saw here on Larry’s site that it is one of the routines you will be doing in the competition. I think you have a winner. It was really intricate and well executed and I can’t imagine any team being better.

    1. larryvaught

      With you 100 percent on this Jim

  2. Ira

    Go get ‘me girls!

  3. Ira

    Stupid auto speller that’s em not me!

    1. Love SEC F-Ball

      Incorrect Spelling can get you in a lot of trouble sometimes.
      Maybe 40 years ago your first post would have been mine!

      Seriously – Good Luck to our Dance Team & Cheerleaders!

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