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Guest post: Perfect license plate for die-hard UK fan is GO4-9

photoVaught’s note: Danville’s Tina Cox is your typical die-hard Kentucky basketball fan and has recently purchased a license plate any UK fan would love. Enjoy her story — and picture.


As most everyone knows, I am a huge Kentucky Basketball fan. I do not wear red (except on Christmas Eve) and I never root for Louisville in any sport unless they are playing Indiana. However, I have to admit I drive a red car, a really RED car.

I work at the County Clerks office, the section that issues car plates and registrations. After Kentucky won the championship in 2012, I so enjoyed playing the UK fight song on my phone when someone requested a U of L plate. In our office we have a Memphis fan and a die-hard U if L fan that sits beside me. Everyone kept asking when I was going to order a personalized U of K plate.

I thought about different things to go on the plate but nothing seemed perfect. The closest one was GR8t.  I decided to wait until i could think of something perfect. Then this year happened … I have had to face countless numbers of red championship shirts, I’ve had to issue U of L license plates and endure the year of the Cardinal. I forgot all about getting my special plate.

A few weeks ago I decided it was time to forget this past year in college basketball and realize it’s time for the new year to begin. I ordered my specialized U of K plate.The idea came to me immediately, GO4-9. The plate arrived last week and people will drive past me, point to my plate and give me the thumbs up or honk their horns.

The Big Blue Nation is ready for a new year and number 9. I have a feeling this time next year I will be putting a new plate on my car. I’ve already decided what it will say…. GET 10.


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  1. ukscat

    Larry, may be pretty cool to compile a picture book of UK plates from across the nation.
    My Florida plate is UK’S – CAT which includes an illegal apostrophe ( six letters and/or numbers limit ) made with electrical tape.
    It’s a Florida panther plate. I’ve elongated the ears and drawn on more pronounced whiskers to more resemble a Wildcat.
    Drives the Gators crazy. Lot’s of “honks” from Cat fans.
    Pretty sick puppy, huh ??

    1. larryvaught

      ukscat, like your idea

  2. Phyllis Hoover

    I am from Danville went to school there. Now I live in NC can’t get a plate like yours. I am still die hard Wild Cat fan. I root for Danville to. I love your plate

  3. mapcatfan

    My family and I lived in Indy during our fabulous run of the mid/late 90’s. Our Indiana license plate simply said “UK FANS”. Needless to say, it drew a lot of attention………….either a thumb down from IU fans, or honks and a thumbs up from fellow Cats fans.

    The best though, was when one spring, during the start of the NCAA tourney, we were waiting in line at a car wash and a police car was directly in line behind us. All of a sudden a voice comes over his loud speaker and says, “Bet you don’t make it past the sweet sixteen”. We just smiled and waved.

    That was 1996. : )

    1. larryvaught

      thanks mapcatfan

  4. Leslie Kehr

    Our neighbor’s son, in our St. Louis suburb, has Missouri plates that say UK BBALL. None of their kids went to UK , but the grandparents are original season ticket holders. Not one family member lives in KY anymore, but they still have their season tickets! And driving to church I saw a royal blue Mustang with Florida plates and it said, UK FAN, and the back window was covered with a see-through wildcat! And although my husband and I went to Mizzou, our kids have way more Kentucky apparel than Mizzou! It’s a CARDINAL rule…if you’re born in Kentucky, you and your whole family will bleed blue forever!

    1. larryvaught

      Thanks for sharing Leslie. Believe UK fans will agree with your CARDINAL rule

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