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Guest post: Kentucky fan urges Big Blue Nation to rally behind this team

In this file photo, UK assistant coach Kenny Payne poses with UK fan Tina Cox of Danville. (Photo by Elaine Hammonds)

In this file photo, UK assistant coach Kenny Payne poses with UK fan Tina Cox of Danville. (Photo by Elaine Hammonds)


I’m sure many of you can remember your son at 18-19 years of age. I can remember the eye rolling, hand throwing and self centered attitude. My son finished high school a four-year State Champion at football and he was flying high.  He wasn’t a bad child by any means. He was a typical teenager getting ready to meet the real world. Although the attitude sometimes drove me crazy he had a heart of gold. My opinions were not valued.

The day he left for college was one of the hardest days of my life. I remember pulling away from Western’s campus with tears in my eyes. The tears signified my first leaving home and also the realization that the real world was going to hit him hard.  There would be no more home cooked meals, he had never done laundry in his life, he never rose to an alarm clock, he life was going to dramatically change.

You may ask why I am recalling this.  A few weeks ago I caught myself screaming at CATS while I watched a game. I was livid at the play of the Harrisons and could not understand why Randle could not just take the game over. Then a realization hit me. The guys are kids, just as my son was on that Saturday in August when he was asked to grow up.

This bunch of Kentucky freshman came in with expectations through the roof. Thoughts of 40-0 were debated.  Hotel rooms were booked for Dallas and then realization hit — it was going to take some time. The Big Blue Nation has not been patient with this bunch.  Sometimes we as fans forget that they are kids.  Kids who are trying to find their way in the real world for the first time. They have had the normal adjustments to make with the added pressure of being in the national spotlight every day. They have been ridiculed on the internet and print media. Their body language has been dissected, their love of their teammates scrutinized. They have had to grow up realizing that the world is not necessarily a nice place.

I encourage the Big Blue Nation to rally behind this team. The season is winding down. They have frustrated us at times, however they have worn the blue and white proudly. This is a good bunch of guys. They care about each other and about others. The main thing to remember is they are kids and growing up is hard to do.

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  1. Larry T Clemons

    THANK YOU, enough said….” I Love Our Team “….I only hurt for this loss for THEM, well maybe 20% for Me…LOL

  2. Judi Cole

    Thanks, Tina. I feel like you do. There’s too much scrutiny and criticism around Big Blue land. I like these kids and think they have great potential and talent. They all develop and mature at different speeds. Randle is a beast and will be ready to leave at the end of the season. Willie is playing great again, James Young can be deadly with his shots at times and the twins have had some great games. They all have a lot to learn, but that will come, either here at UK or in their professional careers. I support them all the way, win or lose. GO CATS!!!

  3. Anonymous

    Thank you for reminding us all that these are kids…young men, but still teenagers in a very big fish bowl 24/7. Go Cats!

  4. catfan1

    I understand that they are 18 years old, and I too have sent a son off to college to face the real world. The difference is….these 18 year olds want to play in the NBA next year. If they think this is a rude awakening, I can only imagine what they will face there. Talk about growing up!
    If that is their dream, then just maybe they should try the “we” mentality instead of the “me” mentality, and things might just get a little easier for them.
    Don’t get me wrong….I love the Cats, and will continue to, but perhaps we should be getting players that want to stay around for a while, or players who have always had the dream of playing at Kentucky. Oh yeah, we did get one of those, and his name is Dominique Hawkins!

    1. Larry T Clemons

      James Young, has always dreamed of playing for Kentucky….

      1. Anonymous

        So did John Hood. But….

    2. UKFMLY

      I can name plenty of teams that have those types of players. It took 13 years for rp to FINALLY win one that way. IU is going backwards and cream has been there 6 years. Where are unc, ucla, and nd. Hoping to be us. We all send our children to college to help set them up for their futures and that is what Cal is trying to do. To me that is far better than selling them a pipe dream(I will make you better in time) that takes full advantage of them but often leaves them with nothing in the end(how many guys did rp graduate and send to the NBA in the 13 tears it took him to FINALLY when a Championship and how many did he ruin or just cast aside).


    Very well said. This is the exact point I have been trying to make all season long. I have a 19 year old son. He has a 3.5 gpa, in college(which he started in June a month after graduating). He can make the most amazing pastries but I still have to remind him to empty the dishwasher and take out the trash. He is a GREAT young man but he is still 19.

    A lot of the BBN really needs to take a chill pill. Relax and enjoy the process. To berate young men with personal attacks is WRONG. They are growing and learning and sometimes taking a step back. But they are still 19. There are very very, few if any of the negative posters that have done what these players and coaches are trying to do. Negative Nellies I call them.

    I for one stand behind the coaches and the players as I have done all year long and I still believe they can be great ! !


  6. Rebel4life

    Yep…sorry, but I can’t root for some selfish sorry asses who think this is NBA D-League. Maybe they can win a NIT game this year???

    1. cats79

      rebel, i don’t care who you are and i don’t care your words doesn’t fit to be a BBN fan anyway. BYE!!!!!!!

    2. Larry T Clemons

      REB…Don’t feel sorry…” we’re glad your gone, you fair weather fan.”

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