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Guest post: Kentucky fan structures her social calendar around basketball and loves every minute of it

Linda Myers (photo submitted)

Linda Myers (photo submitted)

Vaught’s note: Now that basketball season has officially started, there’s no better time to start sharing stories from true blue fans like Linda Myers. Enjoy her words about the passion she has for Kentucky basketball.


My love for Kentucky basketball began at an early age.  The whole family would gather around the TV with snacks and cheer loudly.  My dad had three daughters so chants would abound C A T S.    At church, there were a few Card fans; but they had no chance against the beautiful blue.
Throughout childhood, teenage years, and college I never missed a game.  I would listen to on the radio if not televised.   Being a True Blue Kentucky Fan involves history and following players after they leave the University.  I can recount their jerseys, game changing moments , grade point averages, and the many games and tournaments I have been blessed to attend.
Social media these past two years has only enhanced the pleasure of Big Blue Nation Fans.   Following twitter and posting my comments and reading other people’s perspective is invigorating.  It also gives you endless insight from media resources.  We are a wonderful dedicated family few states can match.  On the road, we can be heard on National TV.  Go Big Blue.  I have never heard from any other college team.  Special only at Kentucky.
I was there through Gillespie, Sutton, and the last years of Tubby but never once lost spirit or hope.  Kentucky pride never waivers.  It just wanes a bit until the train begins again.
One can never walk into any Kentucky apparel retail store and not be surrounded by warm folks. My job takes me traveling through the 48 states.   I always see the beautiful shade of Kentucky blue and strike up conversations with people I do not know or go to tournaments and make lifelong friends.
My rituals include hands up and swoosh and free throws go in.  When I forget, they miss.  When I watch a game, I pray for everyone to be safe and use their God given talent and chemistry.   I always have little hairs raise on the back of my neck at beginning of winning games.   When that happens, mark it as a win.  When it does not, team is out of sync and I talk out loud you can do it.  “Like the little engine that could”.  An important classic in all of our lives.   Just the sound of me talking out loud like they can hear me makes me feel I am somewhat affirming the lost connection and making us whole!
Passion is my middle name but unrealistic is not.   We will lose at some point.  These are human beings, and I am always sending affirming twitter messages when some fans get a little overexcited.
Kentucky for me is a love of a sport of gifted athletes who come to our school to wear Kentucky and wear it proudly.  All of us realize the weight it can carry.  However, the NBA draft exemplifies how well coached, talent, chemistry, and 8 national titles the name brings.
Yes you can say I am in love with October.  Big Blue Madness until April.  It just does not get better.   My entire social calendar is structured around it!
I was born a Wildcat fan and someday would like to take my last walk in the beautiful shade of blue surrounded by UK photos, parties, and one last game.  Preferably Louisville or Duke!

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  1. LindaS

    I so understand, I so truly do! I never miss a game, might get to it after it has started but don’t you dare stand in my way when a game is on. The only time I could not watch the games was after my husband died. He was an avid fan and I met him at UK. It took a couple years but I started watching them again. Until that time, I would turn on one of the TV’s with the game on in another room. It was just really hard to watch them. Livin’ Blue & Lovin’ It!

  2. Jim Boyers

    Right there with ya Linda.

    I have always carried a UK basketball pocket schedule in my wallet, so that if someone asks me to do something, I will be able to say “NO” if it is going to occur during a game. I make absolutely sure that I can watch ALL of them.

    Obsessive and weird? Probably. But my love of our team knows no bounds.

  3. LindaS

    I have a schedule in the car, in my wallet, at work, on the refrigerator, on my desk downstairs and on my bulletin board in the pc room! Not obsessive, just smart and dedicated! I got home Friday night with 13 minutes left in the first half so I was ok. Glad I didn’t miss the whole game.

  4. John

    LINDA MYERS your parents raised you well:)

    1. larryvaught

      Yes they did John. Very enjoyable read by Linda and one I am sure many UK fans can relate to

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