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Guest post: Keep the blue and white in Kentucky football uniforms


Evil Twin Sister here speaking my mind. I don’t like black or grey uniforms. I am old school, the colors are blue and white, worn with pride no matter the sport at Kentucky.

Black is described as “the result of the absence of or complete absorption of light.” It is the opposite of white and often represents darkness in contrast with light.” Grey is “a neutral or achromatic color, meaning literally a color without color.” Black is for mourning or limo’s or that other school. Black is evil unless Batman is wearing it. Grey is like beige, BORING!

Ladies know black is slimming. Do we want our football players to look smaller? As I said, grey is boring, our team is not going to be boring. We want to distinguish ourselves from other teams, especially ones who have black uniforms as standard. We are not standard, WE ARE KENTUCKY!

Blue and White was first used in 1892, why change tradition? Sometimes change is good, in this case I think not. We have used black uniforms before but they are DULL, BORING and not very exciting to look at. I feel the same way about black, grey and platinum uniforms for the basketball team.

I don’t know how often they plan on using the new football uniforms, but once is too much for me. I can’t find a decent pic of the new ones, don’t really care to see one. Don’t mess with a good thing. Keep the blue and white and let Nike or whoever comes up with these ideas keep them for the other schools who have no class!

The new grey and black have a touch of blue but they still suck. Respectfully submitted by THE EVIL TWIN SISTER.

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  1. ukscat

    Evil Twin, could not agree more.
    Lot’s of ways to “jazz up” the Blue and White. Claws on the helmet .. and on and on.
    Big Black/Grey Nation doesn’t have quite the ring to it !!

  2. JOHNW

    As long as we get helments that actually are matching to the uniform unlike what they have been… I don’t care I say let the players decide… there the ones making the sacrifice…. As long as they play good football I don’t care what color they wear as long as the Uniform say’s Kentucky and or Wildacats….

  3. Larry Pup

    I also say it is up to the Coach and players, however I prefer the blue and white. I always liked just the Blocked “K” on the helmets.

  4. Jason Mahoney

    Evil Twin Sister I respect your opinion and I do understand that blue and white are the colors of UK. I love the idea of new uniforms for a few reasons. First reason and maybe the most important is kids now days look at these things. They want to look fresh and have an edge. So if this helps with recruiting then I’m all for it!!!! Second is NIKE is paying for these new uniforms and want to make them appealing to younger players. Third reason for me is it creates a buzz on those game day/nights. I’m at every game and It was exciting when we came out with the black jerseys. I just wish we had pants and helmets to match that night.

    I always listen to people talk about tradition and how our school colors are Blue and white but have you ever gone to games and seen how many people have on Grey and black shirts with UK logos on them? I think its fun to mix up the colors every now and then to get players, recruits, coaches, and Fans pumped up for that game!

    I say bring on changes and lets keep changing this program to win an SEC championship and NAtional Championship!

  5. JohnW

    Larry P I always liked the K also… I wish they would bring it back….

  6. Ira

    I love the different Uni’s BUT bring back the power K on the helmet!

  7. TrueBlueJohn

    I am a little bit of a traditionalist and prefer the Blue & White. However, the one thing positive about the black jerseys is that we beat Tennessee two years ago wearing them.

  8. Edward

    A few months ago I was in a bar-b-q place in Birmingham and as I was being seated I noticed the helmets from across the SEC were placed up high where they could be seen by all. I scanned the rail until I saw the white Kentucky helmut with the Big Blue K on it. It just looked more SEC, more football and more like it belonged up there with the rest of them.

    1. larryvaught

      Edward, just glad to know they had the UK helmet up there in B-ham

  9. Larry Pup

    Amen Edward! I always liked the Big single blocked “K” on the helmets better too. That’s Kentucky. Brings back memories of Kentucky with Art Still, Ramsey, and company. Great football team that year. Shame they ever changed it. Once they get a helmet like that, keep it, builds tradition and says this is a Kentucky helmet.

  10. michael

    Op I personally agree, but stoops is not recruiting folks like us. Teenagers want new unis, so I say give it to em…not always, but as an alternate. I also agree that the power k was awesome, and imo, should be brought back for at least one game/year, similar how nfl teams do throwbacks.

  11. hawaiibillT

    As long as they aren’t denim I’ll back coach and the players.

  12. Jim

    There seems to be talk of uniforms before every season. I care about the players inside the unis and their performance. I imagine the marching ban along with what type of concession fare will be the next topics.

    I just want to see and hear the pads pop and have UK, my team , score more points than the other team during the games.

  13. Larry Pup

    Amen Jim.

  14. Evil Twin Sister

    OK, y’all…you have valid points but would you change the colors of the Stars and Stripes? Would you change the colors of St. Patrick’s Day? Would you want to see the Easter Bunny in black? Would black make Santa Claus look slimmer? Would you give your sweetheart a black heart full of candy for Valentine’s Day? Would you want to eat a black turkey for Thanksgiving? Do you want to cheer BLACK-BLACK instead of Blue-White? Why can’t teenagers respect the tradition? Why is black so important to them? I Bleed Blue and White. I’m not going to bleed black, at least not until I am dead and then I won’t be happy with it then either.
    I agree with bringing back the big K, that was awesome.

  15. Evil Twin Sister

    I agree ukscat! It is just not the same.

  16. Gene

    Or those ridiculous looking “cammo” tinged shirts several lesser schools have introduced.

  17. BB4Cats

    Hey there sister I don’t comment much at all and am ol school myself. BUT I have a 21 year old who dables in sports and he likes the new , different look for what it is worth. I like the blocked K also. What I try to remember is this is to get the yough men fired up and whatever that takes I can live with.

    1. larryvaught

      thanks BB4Cats for those insights. What a 21-year-old think drives what this is all about with the uniforms

  18. Edward

    Jim, that is because if you look at tradition you will find there are some football powers that work hard to maintain it. I submit to you that Alabama, LSU, Texas, Michigan, Southern Cal, Tennessee, Penn State, Notre Dame and others have throwbacks every year. Since I was a child, and I am no spring chicken, these uniforms have always looked the same to me. ND still does not even put the names on the jerseys and I believe other teams are still like that. Ever seen a black tide or a black tiger or a black longhorn (well maybe) but probably most of us will never see it. They are the stalwarts of the game and more than likely they will, over time, remain so. Kentucky should strive to become one of this group and not be swayed by the slick merchandising of the money grabbers.

  19. Blur of

    In the 60’s the unis were navy and white, not royal. So do we go back to navy blue or stay with the new “blue”,royal blue?

  20. Evil Twin Sister

    Thank you, Edward. I feel the same way. It is all about merchandising and money.

  21. Evil Twin Sister

    From UK’s website, see blue The University of Kentucky adopted blue and white as its official colors in 1892. Originally, however, UK students had decided on blue and light yellow prior to the Kentucky-Centre College football game on December 19, 1891. The shade of blue, which is close to a royal blue, was chosen when a student asked the question, “What color blue?” At the time, Richard C. Stoll (who lettered in football at UK in 1889-94) pulled off his necktie and held it up. The students then adopted that particular shade of blue. A year later, UK students officially dropped the light yellow color for white. I

    It has been well noted the color blue has changed over the years. I remember when it was more of a navy, but evidently it is actually more of a royal blue. I guess it depends on who is choosing colors for a particular year, but never has the colors been black.

  22. Aaron

    I don’t think u all understand what the black represents it represents the Coal Companies in KY where i’m from in Letcher County Ky we have a few coal companies!

  23. LetcherCoCat

    I don’t think you all understand what Black uniforms stand for…it stands for our Coal Companies in Ky atleast that’s what I think it stands for

    1. larryvaught

      Good thinking LetcherCoCat. Never thought of it that way

  24. Lori Metcalf

    I love the black unis — I think they look awesome. I wouldn’t want them for every game, but I like to see them once or twice a year. The man inside is most important, but I like them to look sharp, too. Reserving judgment on the gray until I see them in person, but not immediately loving that one. I think tradition is all well and good, but it can become a millstone. There’s nothing wrong with honoring the tradition while keeping up with the times. When UK has reached the level of some of the benchmark programs named above, then one can talk about maintaining tradition above all else. For now, if new unis make good players excited about coming to UK and helping build (or re-build) that foundation, then I see no harm in that.

  25. UKFMLY

    It’s not the denim. It’s what in’em. Still have my denim high top converses from that season. Wish I still had the t shirt

  26. King Ghidora

    I played high school football for a team who’s colors were black and white. I have to say this. At night it makes it much harder to pick up receivers if they are wearing black uni’s. I’ve seen that in action too many times. Of course we had a black background much of the time because there were no stands at the ends of the field for a single A high school team. As a senior I played for a different school after we consolidated. The green and yellow uni’s we wore were far easier to see. Actually on defense wearing black can be an asset for players in the secondary. I wanted to come out of a black area when I was wearing black and playing corner or safety. Opposing QB’s couldn’t pick you up either.

    I’ve never been on the field at Commonwealth so I don’t know if the open areas would affect the play like it did for us. I doubt it because there’s always a better background behind you there. Still black is harder to pick up even with a crowd as the backdrop. There’s just something about wearing black that makes it harder to pick up where a player is and what they’re doing. For one thing it was much easier to hide the ball on running plays if you were wearing black jerseys.

  27. Randy Henry

    Larry, every time we hire a football coach the only thing they change is the uniform. Was hoping Mr. Stoops was going to be different. (Maybe if we hire a fashion designer they will change the football program)

  28. Edward

    Larry, only the SEC was represented in the helmet display. It would be nice to see such a display somewhere at an eatery in the Bluegrass.

    1. larryvaught

      oops. Edward, that’s more what I would have expected

  29. Larry Pup

    Geez the guy hasn’t even coached his first game and some of you are complaining about uniforms. Some body help me, has Stoops come out and said he’s changing the uniforms? If he did, I missed that. I say he’s the coach, it’s his team, and I am really more worried about wins and losses. If we could score td’s in black, white, blue or whatever I would be extremely happy.

  30. Love SEC F-Ball

    Evil Twin – I have to agree with you 100%. We talk about the importance of buying into tradition and then we want to give up on this issue. This is not an issue that we should leave up to the kids or the Coaches or Athletic Director or U.K. Prez. or NIKE.

    Someone quickly tell me what the school colors are at Oregon.
    Someone quickly tell me what the School colors are at Alabama.

    Oregon answers could be Green, Grey, Yellow, Black, Lime or whatever the Duck wants it to be. Or whatever NIKE wants it to be. Why is Oregon successful? Could it possibly be because of a Head Coach that had a brilliant offensive mind.

    Do recruits go to Bama because of their colors only? Has Coach Stoops told any 4 & 5 Star players that if they come to U.K. they can choose any color that they want? I do not recall reading that reason yet and he seems to be a very successful recruiter!!

    Do you really think that the reason that we won at Tenn. wearing black was because of the uniform color? Maybe we won because of who was inside the uniform (Discussed by some of you above). I think that we also lost a game or two wearing black. Has anyone considered the cost of so many different color options?

    I think that we will see a highly motivated team this Fall & it will NOT be just because of the uniform colors.


  31. Evil Twin Sister

    I like all the response to this and it does matter more on who is in the uniform, who is the coach, but I still hate the idea of black uniforms. It is not the school colors. There is a reason they choose different colors for uniforms for individual schools. That is to distinguish them from the other school. Some schools do have black in their colors, and that is ok. But no black for the Big Blue Nation’s teams. That is just my opinion and I’m too old to change now.

  32. King Ghidora

    I’m with you on the tradition Lil’ E. Sis. Black might seem cool to the kids but they aren’t playing for AZ. St. or Army. Lots of teams are doing this. Everyone dances around the reason of course. That reason is why I think the idea isn’t that great to be honest.

  33. Evil Twin Sister

    Thank you, King! I think today’s generation uses black for all the wrong reasons when you get down to it.

  34. Rex Wilcox

    It’s a good thing that the football players aren’t any good because, if they were, they’d be able to rename the school. It’s insanity!

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