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Guest post: Jarrod Polson on fans, his future, advice for freshmen, most attractive college player

Jarrod Polson and Jami Young

Jarrod Polson and Jami Young


Right now at this very moment, there are many young boys dreaming of playing for the University of Kentucky basketball team. For Kentucky’s own Jarrod Polson, that dream became a reality.

Recently I had the opportunity to meet and interview Jarrod Polson. The following is my interview with Polson.

Q: In your own opinion; what makes UK fans the greatest fans in college basketball?
Jarrod: “I think things just like this, they travel really well and it feels like every road game is kind of a home game because they travel so well and they get so excited about everything.”

Q: What would be your advice to the incoming freshmen on how to handle life as a Kentucky basketball player?
Jarrod: “First, it’s really hard, you got to know that coming in and just listening to the coaching staff because they got your best interest.”

Q: Everyone knows you bleed blue, with that being said, are there any former UK players that you have watched while growing up that caused you to feel starstruck when you met them?
Jarrod: “Oh gosh, pretty much all of them. I mean this guy (Jeff Sheppard) when I first met him I was starstruck and all of them that I can remember, such as Anthony Epps, Ron Mercer, Tony Delk and all those people like that.”

Q: Who’s your favorite player and team in the NBA?
Jarrod: “I don’t want to be on a bandwagon, but I would say Lebron and the Heat.”

Q: This is the most important question of them all; Do you think you were robbed of being named the most attractive player in college basketball?
Jarrod (after a laugh): “No comment. I don’t think I was robbed.”

Q: What are your future plans?
Jarrod: “That is a very good question because I do not know. I’m not sure yet. I’m looking at maybe playing overseas, trying it out and if not, I will get a big boy job, I guess.”

In Kentucky you are born to bleed blue. With that being said, there is a pride and respect instilled in you to understand that not only does the letters across the front of your jersey say KENTUCKY, but you also know the word KENTUCKY means “Tradition.”

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  1. Larry T Clemons

    Wake up UK….Give Jarrod a job in the University Of Kentucky Marketing, lias with Kentucky’s Ad Agency….Groom Him for Future Kentucky Basketball Spokesperson…All kinds of upside with that move !

    1. larryvaught

      Would love to see Jarrod stay around UK

  2. S Bostic

    Wake up and give Jarrod a job! I think Jarrod would not want that.He earned everything at UK.From a walk on to his playing time.To me he is a worker,team player,great team mate, and just an all around good person.If his goal is to play basketball oversea’s,
    I will support him with the same love I have for UK.If his dream is to get into coaching then UK can very much help him out there,but to give!I think he knows from just playing at UK if you put in the work good things will happen BBN4LIFE

    1. Larry T Clemons

      Not saying he shouldn’t Travel, Play overseas, live in another country, have mature, adult experiences !!! I’m just stating, there is a great fit here, someone who has seen the one & dones, the staying & playing, the tweaks, the molding, etc…Jarrod, understand Kentucky Basketball and Coach Cal first hand. Seem to me, like a perfect fit. Same way your recruit a Player for the Court, I also see recruiting Jarrod for Corporate Work with UK Marketing, that’s not giving anything…” That’s finding a great FIT and putting it in Place !

  3. Love SEC

    Another good interview, Jami.
    Enjoyed this one as well.

  4. Barry

    Here’s a news flash from Pope Larry. Kentucky’s tradition now consists of getting excited about not winning anything. No conference championship, no SEC tournament championship, and no NCAA championship. The tournament runs were nice, but no cigar. I guess Larry is ok with us developing the Avis syndrome…we aren’t the best but we RAH RAH harder.

    1. Evil Twin Sister

      Barry, you troll, take you attitude and get out of here, we don’t need you here. If you were a true blue fan you would not be making those statements. We bleed blue here, through and through. We understand the ups and downs of the program, it does not mean we like it, but we hang in there. There are too many great programs out there for a team to win it every year. You know why? Because since the 1940’s they all strive to be Kentucky. They have seen what Kentucky can do, the fans it has and though it sounds trite, they want to be Kentucky.
      We are the best, go look at our record. No one even comes close to what Kentucky has done and will do.
      You fair weather fans, you trolls, take your couch and go burn it someplace else.

      1. Larry T Clemons

        (The Following is NOT LARRY T’s WORDS, BUT BARRY’S)…..You must be Larry’s sister, or wife….more than likely both. It’s obvious that your mom and dad were brother and sister. I’m not bashing the team, just stating what they accomplished which in terms of KY tradition wasn’t much. KY teams don’t brag about coming in second, which is what they did in their own conference…no, wait…tied for second! I am bashing Larry T. for being a blowhard idiot going on and on about how great this team was. Now I guess I have you to add to that list…………….” THIS WAS IN MY EMAIL, A response to ” Evil Twin Sister ” From Barry in my Vaught’s Views alert…I think it’s important that everyone know & See what were dealing with ! ” Why this is not appearing, I’m not sure…but I want you to see it, if We can monitor this Guy, it would help…

        1. Barry

          RAH RAH RAH Larry T. Go read John Gassaways article on espn.com. Nine Players Who Are Hurting Their Team. I guess it’s just a coincidence that he leads off with Andrew Harrison. Oh, but he is just an idiot because he dares to speak the truth about a KY player who is mediocre at best. He will be the reason next year’s team under achieves.

          1. Larry T Clemons

            Top 20 Sophomores for next Seasons College Basketball, April 29, 2014…By Thad Novak. Andrew Harrison #16, Aaron Harrison #9 and Dakari Johnson #20 in the Whole Country, ” Barry ! ” Your losing it Barry, I better call Your Nurse…. Andrew’s assist to Aaron, ” Twice ” really hurt Our Team In the NCAA Tournament…..We all saw it ! LOL….From idiot, to Blind Idiot, Baby Barry’s been upgrade. Barry have you noticed, No Likes You and THEY LOVE ME….!!!!! I am so cool and smart…Cool Cat Larry, rules over Baby Barry…I know, it’s killin yea ! I tried a truce, ” YOU BLEW IT ” which is what I expect from a continuous Blowhard. Bring It, BOY BARRY…

          2. Anonymous

            Barry you sound like a nut. Who gives a rat’s ass what John Gassaway thinks. Andrew H. will take UK to the promised land next year, then what will you say?

          3. King Ghidora

            WHAT!!! ESPN is bashing some UK players??? Gosh I haven’t seen that since yesterday! You’re probably a Duke fan just like the vermin at ESPN. You certainly think like they do. Funny how they didn’t mention that the great stars of the year failed to get out of the first weekend of the tournament. I bet they have a glowing story about Parker. Whdaya know I was right:


            If the twins not only led their team to the title game but one of them made the winning basket in 3 straight games how is they hurt their team while Parker, who didn’t get out of the first weekend is portrayed as, “…a thoughtful dude with a genuine desire to earn a degree.” Gee isn’t it hard to earn a degree when you aren’t in college? If he really wanted to help his team he’d be back under K’s thumb another year making money for the program (and K).

            Anyone silly enough to accept the views of ESPN is just too much for words to describe. That would be the same ESPN that started out as a regional sports channel in (here it comes – you guessed it) the back yard of Duke and UNC. What a shock that they still favor those teams over those dastardly, overrated boys from Kentucky. They hurt their team right into the title game but their boy Parker, why he’s God’s gift to basketball.

            I bet you think John Wooden didn’t cheat, don’t you? Lack of institutional control it would be called now unless it happened on Tobacco Rd. in which case it would be “an internal matter’.

            I try to stay out of this because trolls like you live for it but you’re about the dumbest basketball “fan” I’ve ever known of. I’m all for voting Barry off the island. Who’s with me?

          4. Dee W.

            You would still be attacking UK basketball if they won every game by 50 or more points, go 40-0 and take it all. You were attacking it with every single post after every victory in the tournament including the victory to earn the Regional Championship & going into the Final Four. You just make up crap.

            You’re a ridiculous troll. Go away.

    2. Love SEC

      Barry needs to go.
      We are sick of his foul mouth and his ignorance.

    3. Dee W.

      Barry, it is difficult to imagine how your posts could get any more absurd, but you manage to do it on a routine basis. Not winning anything…I seem to recall us winning 5 out of 6 games in the NCAA tournament and winning a Final Four, Regional Championship Trophy.

  5. BobbyBlue

    Hey Barry,,, when are you gonna deliver my Pizza ?.. I know its your most important job to date,so don’t slack.
    Oh yeah Barry “and your horse too’ !

  6. Bob

    I think coach Cal should hire this kid on as an 100% free throw coach . I like this kid he is an exclent free throw shooter even under pressure . I would not let this kid out of UK basketball . Kentucky doesn’t have an good track record on the free throw line and it been an huge price paid for this (1) trip to final 4 Wall and Company (2 ) National Title this year

  7. Barry

    Its a sad day when BBN has to be satisfied being kinda good. We were runners up, Yes Sir! (er, uh…that means we lost, DUHHHH). I had high hopes for next year until the Twins came back. Once again, they will play for themselves and bring the rest of the team down to their level of mediocrity. WE ALL saw it this year, WE’LL ALL see it again next year, unless Coach hands the reins over to Tyler. I really feel sorry for Aaron. He could be a real asset to the team if he wasn’t always having to mollycoddle Andrew. It’s time for Coach to coach and let the players earn PT instead of hand it to them.

    1. Dee W.

      You would still be attacking UK basketball if they won every game by 50 or more points, go 40-0 and take it all. You were attacking it with every single post after every victory in the tournament including the victory to earn the Regional Championship & going into the Final Four, then becoming a finalist, all while going through the most difficult of the brackets beating an undefeated number 1 seed and defeating 3 out of the 4 Final Four teams from the prior year…all of that you claim is a mediocre tournament performance…just as harsh of criticism had they only advanced one game in the tournament – embarrassingly absurd.

      You’re a ridiculous troll. The things you say have no basis in fact, you attack everything about BBN including attacking fans and players personally, yet still go on with the schtick you are actually a UK fan while going on hating anything and everything associated with UK. Go away – it’s absurd you have nothing better to do with your time than just troll a UK site rather than going to a message board to support whatever program you support.

  8. Barry

    Oh, Larry…I love you too. You are my favorite simpleton. You inbred hillbillies are so much fun to stir up and you make it so easy to do, LMAO!!! Thank you for the entertainment.

  9. King Ghidora

    You sure sound like one of us with that bigoted remark. You asked for it. It’s time for both barrels. Tighten up your ball cap (to keep you little bald head from blowing away), suck in that gut, and see if someone can help you get a snack from the top shelf of the fridge. This might take a while.

    How about we review some of the other genius comments you have made around the net. Let’s start with how WCS isn’t a very good player and how UK would be better off without him. Or maybe how Randle isn’t ready for the pros but he doesn’t want to spend another year getting passes from the twins. Of course you looked into your crystal ball and read that Ulis was a pass first pg unlike Andrew. Gee didn’t Andrew have a good assist to TO ratio? Wasn’t he told to drive the ball and shoot it to let the bigs put it back in? But a brilliant guy like you would know all that. Well I guess not since you don’t. But I especially like how you figure Randle isn’t ready for the pros even though he will be a high lottery pick. You must be smarter than everyone on the planet there. Maybe he won’t do well right off in the pros. Many great players didn’t start out fast. But you sure don’t know what will happen. But that doesn’t stop you from saying ridiculous things, does it?

    You also said the assist numbers were anemic and that teams that don’t have a high assist number don’t go all the way. Wow you sure got that right. They missed out on a title because of losing a top player (another lottery pick you seem to think isn’t any good) and because Randle wasn’t at top speed either. Or did you miss that? They did have an off night shooting. I’d ask if you ever had one but since you likely never played it would be a moot question.

    Do you realize that this board went for years without anyone having a single flame until YOU came along? Why don’t you go back to KentuckySports.com where they like trolls?

    BTW if you think I can’t find out all sorts of things about you then you’re in for a very big surprise. I’ve had people post pure gibberish after I got done with them. I had a guy swear I’d never find anything on him. 5 minutes later I posted where he lived, where he worked, how many kids he had, where they went to school and what his wife did for a living. I could have posted more but I didn’t want to invade his privacy. I can show you the link if you like. It may take a while to find it but I can.

    So be a man and tell us all what you said about Randle and WCS along with Young and the twins. You had them totally written off before the tournament, didn’t you? Did you come here because you couldn’t stand the embarrassment of knowing they knew you at KentuckySports.com?

    1. Anonymous

      Barry see how popular you are on this site. A piece of advice dude, don’t mess with the King. He don’t play games. You don’t know his background, some of us do.

      1. Larry T Clemons

        Even Godzilla, hates the confrontation of King Ghidora !

        1. K

          What can I say? Planet X is a tough neighborhood. :)

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