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Guest post: How UK assistant coach Tee Martin met his wife

Toya and Tee Martin

Toya and Tee Martin

Vaught’s note: Vaughtsviews.com contributor Lori Metcalf annually attends the UK Football Women’s Clinic and shares her behind-the-scenes information/insights on a variety of clinic matters.


As you may know, one of my favorite parts about attending UK football’s women’s clinic every year is the things you learn about the coaches and players as people, not as personalities.

A favorite story from this year’s clinic was Coach Tee Martin telling how he met his wife.

Tee is married to the former Toya Rodriguez, a recording artist who had hits with “I Do!” and “No Matta What (Party All Night)” in the early 2000s.  She accompanied him to the platform Saturday to assist in teaching us some fundamentals of being a wide receiver.

Before he got started with the football he said, “Let me tell you all how I met this lovely lady.”

He said when he was playing for the Pittsburg Steelers, recording artist Alicia Keys came to town and he and some of his teammates went to the concert and had the opportunity to go backstage to meet the star before the show.  While he was posing for a photo with Keys, “this beauty walked by” and he said the picture came out with his head turned away from the camera as he watched Toya pass.

Toya was part of an opening act of the concert and Tee said he was on the front row with a bunch of kids.  Later, he got a chance to talk to Toya and he asked if she had seen him on the front row.  “How could I miss you?!” was her reply.

Soon after that, Tee went to Europe to play and Toya went on tour to Australia.  They kept in touch electronically, but didn’t see one another for a year and a half.  Tee said he texted several people when he returned to the U.S. and Toya was the first to respond.

The rest, as they say, is history.  The couple now have a son, Kaden, and a set of twins, daughter A’Yadra and son Amari.  Tee said Toya is often the one throwing the football with Kaden because he is frequently on the road.

Judging by her form during the demonstration, he’s in good hands.

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  1. Tana

    Great job, still again, Lori. Too, yes, the Martins’ son is “in good hands” with his mom helping him with his football. Also, though, your words had caught my attention because while I had been at our women’s clinic, I had had the thought that the Kentucky football players are “in good hands.”

    I sincerely believe that. If I were a “momma” making a visit with my son and getting to know these coaches and their wives, the folks who would have my son in their hands, I would be “blown away” by the family atmosphere at Kentucky — the good, loving people who would be around my “baby,” taking care of him day after day.

    I’m absolutely not saying that as any type of recruiting pitch or anything like that– it’s simply the exact thought I had had as I had watched and listened to and talked with these coaches and their wives (and, again, the three wives I had met — Coach Summers’ wife, Coach Martin’s wife, and Coach Turner’s wife were just beautiful, lovely people). Actually, I had thought more recruits need to make this visit to Lexington and see it for themselves, for I truly believe still more would be wanting to be part of this fine “family” if they were to experience it during a recruiting visit (and Larry knows I call Coach Phillips’ wife Leslie his “ace” recruiter, for she is that impressive as the First Lady of Kentucky football).

    Too, Coach Tee Martin and his lovely wife were a highlight of the clinic, for sure. I had had the pleasure of hearing Toya sing the national anthem at a women’s basketball clinic. Seeing her in person — that smile and enthusiasm, identically matching her husband — had made me think there are surely some very lucky children within that Martin household (and what a family there, of course). Last spring I had said that Coach Martin was our top “recruit,” and then that “recruit” was signed, choosing to ignore overtures from other schools. I could not be more pleased about that — and, again, thanks, Lori, for this piece on the energetic, enthusiastic positive Martin duo — such a huge plus for us ladies Saturday AND for Kentucky football!!!

    1. gmoyers

      Great insights Tana. So glad Lori shared this story with all the rest of us who were not at that part of the clinic

  2. LoveSECFootball

    Interesting article & interesting comments from a mothers perspective. I am glad to see this atmosphere at U.K. I agree with Tana, this aspect of recruiting is very important. Tee Martin is among my favorite coaches – I hope that we can keep him.

    1. gmoyers

      Yes, we owe Lori big time for this one

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