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Guest post: How can UK fans bad mouth football coach, players?


I thought the BBN would be more patient and wait for the good things to come.  Do you know how many 1 star or 2 star players are on this team?  Very few, if any players were ranked coming to Kentucky.  How can you bad mouth a coach and players who ARE giving it everything they got.  I’m not a football fan as you know, but give me a break.  I got so tried the past few years of the coaching from the recliners, you knew better, you could do better etc.  So where are you?  Why are you not the coach and why are you not playing?

There has been a lot of bad mouthing from all over the internet, suck it up, cupcakes, give the man a chance.  I hate to say it, but Rome was not built in a day.  You can’t build a strong house without a decent foundation and Coach Stoops is working on that now.

How do you think future recruits feel when they see some of the post on different UK websites?  People who are suppose to stand behind their school, team and players are saying some very indecent and horrible things?  Do you want Coach Stoops to stay or do you want to kick him out the door before he has a chance?  Do you want him to leave and say adios but no thanks?  He deserves an apology from everyone who has said anything negative.  You are a bunch of whinny cry babies.

I see improvement.  They held Alabama to zero points in the first quarter.  The score was not 95-0.  They put up good fights in the previous games and the teams did not beat them as badly as in the past.  You want miracles but you forget this is Kentucky Football.  This program has been ignored and under appreciated for decades.


Put on your big boy pants and act like adults.  Stand by your coach and players.  Give this program 2-3 years to do what you want them to do, but do not live in the blue mist and not see things for what they are.  #1 ranking?  Someday maybe. Major bowl champs?  Maybe, some day but stand up and cheer now for the effort and the future that is not too far away.

Respectfully submitted by Evil Twin Sister

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  1. Floyd Alan Adams

    Yes please give coach stoops and players a chance . The real test for Coach Stopps this year is in February . National signing day . In addition, I am still predicting we shall have some wins . Starting with A Thursday nite win . Alan Adams

  2. TT

    Thank You Linda. I think that you have the right perspective on the Cats?
    Good things are on the horizon. We’ve just had a good recruiting class and things are looking so good for 2014. Lets Keep the Faith and trust our Coaches.
    Go Cats!

  3. Paul

    Great advice, The Kentucky Football Team just came off of playing 4 teams all ranked in the top-25 and most of them in the top-10 when UK played them. the game yesterday was against the #1 team in the Nation, and also National Champs for 2 years running. Sure UK has only won 1 game, but they are playing better and harder than in the last 3 years or more.
    Great comments Linda, too bad everyone don’t feel this way.

  4. Shelley

    I haven’t seen much of the negativity from last night’s game. I think most fans are realistic, but there are those who expect miracles immediately! Then again, there are also people who are “UK bball fans” who are also “Auburn/Alabama/etc fball fans”…these are the people I see constantly pointing out the faults and shortcomings of our program and continually making negative statements. This is probably some of what you’ve seen as well, Linda. I am excited about the spark that Stoops has brought to our program, and given time he will get the job done!,

  5. kyjohn

    I don’t see negativity.I see fans expressing their opinion of what they perceive going on in the games.So don’t confuse criticism with negativity.

    I’m sure many are disappointed with the play against WKU,and UL.And the slow starts which are so reminiscent of the last two years,add the non scoring in the 3rd quarter(until the Bama game)and you have fans who are genuinely concerned.

    Also,don’t forget that most UK fans pour out their feelings because they care and love their teams so much.And doing so sort of salves the wounds of the play they have been witnessing.

    1. Butcher0325

      They may pour out their feelings because they care, but how about the young men?
      Do you think they enjoy taking the pounding they are receiving? No, but we expect them to brush off our criticism/feelings and perform at a higher level.

      Give them a break. I think they may surprise you, at times, during the rest of the year.
      If you can’t say something positive maybe you should take a look at your miserable


  6. The Wiz

    Wonderful post Evil Twin. You are exactly right. A few losers, and they are losers, will complain about anything they can fully grasp in their faulty mind. It is easy to gripe about students, coaches and football players. The idiots that complain are only vocalizing the way they see themselves.

    1. Undertaker

      Amen !! Evil Twin Sista…you tell it like it is

    2. Kokamo Joe

      Just as there are some UK fans already proclaiming a sure fire national championship for this year’s basketball team, there are unrealistic fans who saw enough good in our loses to expect us to compete with Alabama.

      Football is not basketball and Stoops cannot duplicate Calipari’s success. Football takes longer, much longer. Give Stoops 3 or even 4 years.

      But have some expectations from our coaching staff. If after those 3-4 years the program is still struggling with SEC play, then complain. Complain to high heaven. Don’t support a losing program with expensive tickets. We have done that long enough.

      Stoops gives us high hope. Support him through this rebuilding effort. But have high expectations for the future.

  7. Darrell

    I agree 100% Look at Rich Brooks he went through this too and look what he ended up doing! UK football was fun to watch and it will be again. Give these coaches time.. I believe , do you!!!!!!!!!

    1. Kokamo Joe

      Re: Under Brooks, football was fun to watch.

      Yes, by the time that Brooks was through football was more fun to watch, but it was still frustrating. The Cats were much more competitive and we did beat LSU, but Brooks still never won more than three SEC games And yes, there were some bowl games for our bowl starved fans. But the bowl games were practically made possible by the Kragthorpe destruction of UL and by the dropping of Indiana and exchanging it for another cup cake.

      I agree. Give these coaches more time. Plenty of time. Three or four years. But at the end of that time let us raise our expectations. Small time bowl games are ok, but 2 or 3 wins and 5 or 6 SEC loses should not be our goal. Aim higher, and expect more. I expect that Stoops would agree.

  8. Lori Metcalf

    Well said, Linda!!

  9. Phil


    I agree with your sentiment! I just began reading VV and some other sites this summer because of the excitement Coach Stoops produced. I was hopeful we might pull out 6 wins this season. A bit over the top, i know, but i couldn’t help it.

    Here’s my observation about negative posters:

    1. Probably 80% of them seem to be Louisville fans posting.

    2. Many of them never played football or, if they did, weren’t good enough to be offered a scholarship and they never got over it.

    3. BBN fans who “go negative” on the coaches and players haven’t learned how to critically analyze a game, situation or person without using personal attacks, foul language or put downs. They post anonomously because they want to hide from people who know them and would either challenge them in person or be ashamed of them.

    It’s time for everyone in the BBN to act like adults. Stop silly negative
    posting and don’t engage in useless dialogue with people who only post to get attention.

    Go Blue! Beat Miss. St.!

    Phil Majors
    Phil Majors

  10. Love SEC F-Ball

    Good article, Linda – Thanks.

  11. LindaS

    Thank you all, as you know and has been said, it does take longer to build a football team. And be forewarned, if anyone says anything bad about my boys on the basketball team, the wrath of the Evil Twin Sister will rise again! Go Football and Basketball Cats!

  12. Gene

    Well thought out and well written Evil Twin.
    I have tried, for two days, to put my feelings into words when I read some of the totally ignorant comments by the football coach wannabes who seem to infest all college towns. As the saying goes “if football knowledge were gunpowder most of these morons wouldn’t be able to blow their own noses”.
    Thanx for your article and well done !!

  13. Georgia Blue

    Its disappointing to see some players go hard and some just go thru the motion. I think that the things that get me with this team. Then you have the same mental mistakes that are stopping drives. When you know that you are overmatch things that you have control over you control. I don’t care who you are playing against i still expect for you to give a 100% for 4 quarters. Some of the things that are happening out their is players not going back to the basic like look the ball all the way into their hands ,wrap up and keep your feet when tackling , know your assignment and use your hands to get off blocks and that has nothing to do with Talent. Stoops will find out who wanted it bad enough. No more babysitting for this team, because you have shown what you can do. The process is just getting started because i think he will continue to push this team to be PHYSICAL and COMPETIVE in the SEC.

  14. cats79

    Amen Linda,it;s funny non of the negative people has post anything on this page because they know that your hit the button.GO CAT’S!!!!

  15. Little Baron

    Negative? Many posts have had consrtuctive criticism, and most have been regarding the QB decision… to avoid the Air Raid, which is a MAJOR selling point to recruits. That is NOT negative, and in support of the many knowledgeable fans who have posted concerns about the offensive style, kudos to those who are watching the game and making astute observations.

    I find it very childish that some post about how “ignorant, negative, afraid to post in this thread, etc”… That is a very sad commentary for “fellow Big Blue Fans”… we are all the BBN and may not all agree on our evaluation of the team progress, but I do not recall anyone saying we need to replace the coaching staff. We have a great staff, and nothing like the former group who could not recruit, develop or coach. But that doesn’t mean they are perfect. Even Calipari, with all of his success has not been “perfect”, and many post their opinions and some post analysis based on actual data. That does not make them “negative”, but often simply a realist, and not in a dream world.

    So, before some of you get so uptight and start slamming fellow BBN fans… think before you post. Many of us are graduates many decades ago, and have watched many games and coaches come and go.

    I personally find it more offensive that some will post very negative comments about the Professor’s analytical projections, based on actual past results… which is just an educated guess what to expect based on history.

    The coaches are getting paid very nicely for their work… two at half million each and one at a couple million or so. Their positions are high profile, and they get truly negative comments from the media… much worse than anything I have seen on VV.

    I don’t always agree with many other posters, but there is no need to make it so personal.

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