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Vaught’s note: Dan Burch played tennis at Kentucky and worked in the athletics department before leaving to have a career in sales. He’s stayed close to professional and collegiate athletics. He has his own name to toss out for the Kentucky football job and it is one I had not thought about but Burch makes a strong case for Ron Caragher, a former UK assistant coach who is in his sixth season as head coach at the University of San Diego. Enjoy this contribution from a reader.

By Dan Burch
I want to tell you about a person that would fit all the needs for UK’s next football coach. Instead of a retread coach, I think this coach would be a perfect young, yet seasoned coach for UK.  His name needs to and should be brought up in the conversation…
** Played in PAC-10 and won 4 straight bowls as a player.
** As an assistant coach his teams played in 6 bowl games,  including a team that had a 20 game win streak.
** Became an SEC Asst Coach and helped lead a turnaround on an underachieving team.
** In 2005, he became recruiting coordinator for that SEC team and 12 players went on to play in the NFL!  6 are still active as of 2012 – He can spot talent!
** Left to take Head Coaching position at San Diego when Jim Harbaugh was hired away by Stanford.
** Prolific offense which averaged 44 pts and 483 yards per game during first season.
** Won two conference championships (9-2 both seasons) and named Coach of the Year in the Pioneer League in 2007 & 2011.
** Charismatic and possesses a “winners” mentality.
** 45 years old, married with 3 boys.  His wife was former athlete at UCLA & Tennessee (tennis). 
That SEC Team was the Kentucky Wildcats….
That coach was Ron Caragher.
knows the SEC.
knows Kentucky.
knows the Recruiting base and how to sign talent.
has head coaching experience and a winner in a difficult league (Jim Harbaugh made the jump just fine).
is an offensive tactician.
is a good looking, charming and confortable in front of 1500 person alumni meeting or a recruits parents.
is a strong Christian (not politically to bring up but I’m telling you any way!)
is simply… a Winner at everything he’s done.  He breathes that mentality.
When I saw some of those names coming out (for possible UK coaches), I thought Ron is much more qualified than half the list AND has experience as a head coach. Parlay that with the success as recruiting coordinator at Kentucky during the rebuilding.   The guy is a charmer but a ferocious competitor which is probably why he wins wherever he goes … he just has that winner’s mentality.

15 Responses to Guest post: Here is why Ron Caragher fits all the needs for next Kentucky coach

  • Bud says:

    I really like the sound of this guy as it was leading up to the intro. After wards I was more excited because of connections. If he comes I would sign up for season tickets as soon as they are available.

  • Ben says:

    He sounds like someone who should be looked at for our next head coach.

  • Suzanne Allen says:

    Sounds like an intriguing possibility. I like the previous ties to UK and sort of remember him. Those years were pretty good years. Surely he is someone who Mitch is considering.

  • David C says:

    I like the Kentucky connection and the fact he puts points on the board. We need a good offensive mind and we certainly need a person with head coaching experience. His resume is impressive.

  • shoe22 says:

    larry, tell mitch about this guy!!!!

  • Mike Flannery says:

    His resume is great and probably fits into Mitch’s budget… Mitch aware of this guy? I love the fact that he has head coaching experience and has been a winner.

  • Larry Pup says:

    I remember. Good coach. The age old question is however can he recruit at Kentucky? His name recognition is somewhat of a problem. I still say if UK wants a great “football coach” who knows how the game is played in the SEC, Petrino is the man. You can bet your boots that UT or Auburn will be calling him, baggage and all. Time is of the essence.

    • larryvaught says:

      no idea who Mitch is aware of or not aware of. One would think he has a big list to work from, but who knows

      • Donna C says:

        I’m so tired of the Petrino talk. If UT or Auburn want him, he’s not coming here. If UT and Auburn don’t want him, neither do we. Let. it. go!

  • john4uk says:

    If Caragher was so great,why was he let go?Was he a casaulty of Joker taking over?He was Recruiting Coordernator and Running Backs coach under Brooks,which was a very critical position.

  • Chris says:

    Ron deserves a serious look

    • mj says:

      Ron was here for several years. I know him personnaly and think he would be perfect for the UK job. He was recruting coordnator during his time here and braught in some of the best talent that we have had. He is now the head coach of
      San diego and as had a lot of success. He followed Harbough that is now in the NFL after a doing an excellent job at Stanford. He may be a long shot but Mitch needs to strongly consider him.


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