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Guest post: Fans need to give this team time to improve and continue to show support


I have seen a lot of hateful remarks all over the internet.  I have heard some of our young men, My Boys, have deleted their Twitter accounts?  I don’t blame them one bit.  We all have off nights. So they had two off nights in a row, so what?  I am sick of the fair weather fans, the people who don’t know what they are talking about, the fans who think it is OK to criticize 18 year old boys.  I wonder if they could do better, where are their jerseys in the rafters of Rupp?

We don’t know these boys well yet; we have only heard the hype from the reports from their high school careers.  How hard do you think it must be for these young men to leave the shelter of their homes, the accolades of their fans and step foot into Rupp.  They are trying to learn a new system.  They are not last year’s team.  There will never be another team like them.  The stars were aligned, the mojo was cooking and the basketball gods smiled down upon that team last year because ‘we’ deserved it.  We are Kentucky.

I don’t think any of these boys has any reason to be ashamed, to be felt like they are the dirt of the earth.  Give them time.  They need to gel, find their place on the team, become comfortable and learn to be brothers.

The immaturity of the fan base leaves me perplexed and confused sometimes.  How can you call yourself a fan when you stoop so low even your mother would be embarrassed to call you her child?  Where do they learn this?  They sure don’t read this site because we don’t feel that way.  We support our young men.  However, there have been some pretty harsh things said about another program and I hope in 2-3 years I don’t hear that again if it doesn’t work out.

I have seen a lot of good times with this program and I have seen some very bad times but I was still a fan.  You take the good with the bad, the highs, the lows, and the ups and downs.  Are their lives so perfect that they never face any of life’s disappointments?  Do they live in a sunny, warm golden world where nothing goes wrong?  What kind of delight do they get out of criticizing the boys and even Coach Cal?

Cal has been telling us this team has a long way to go.  So what?  Just how far this team will go is only known to one person and that is not Coach Cal, anyone in the media nor any of the so called fans who think they are better than any of the team members.  People forget there are not any leaders on this team yet.  There are not any experienced players who started from last year.  You don’t throw a bunch of young kids out on a 94 foot floor and expect them to play like college basketball players in just a few months.  The ones Cal is depending on have only been in college for about 4 months.  Have you ever seen a four month old baby?  They aren’t doing what a 6 month old or 1 year old is doing.  They have to grow into skills.  There is not much difference with this team.  Give them time and space.  Don’t make Cal keep them from us.  We have always had a personal relationship with his teams.

If we don’t go far in the big dance it will not be the end of the world.  No matter what, I will not tear up my membership card for the BBN. Seems to me some people need to step back and think about the things they are saying.

Livin’ Blue & Lovin’ It!  Go Cats!

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  1. Matt Slone

    Well put Linda! Interesting take on the experience level too. Think of all the senior players we face that have about 120 games of experience… most of ours just have a few.
    I believe this team will really start to take off over the Christmas break when they can practice all the time Cal deems necessary.
    One big reason I follow this web-site is as you say… we support our team, not criticize them! Have a little patience and faith that Cal will do whats best for these kids.
    Thanks Linda & Larry!
    Go Big Blue!!!


    Some fans are like that kid with the flashy clothes, the iPod, the $200 sneakers, the car in the driveway he can’t drive yet…SPOILED. Then, when he doesn’t get his way, he throws a hissy fit and acts like a toddler. THAT is the fan that needs a kick to the neck-bone with a size 11 Nike; blue of course. I don’t associate with those types of “fans”, nor will I. Will I criticize the TEAM…yes, but it’s never something that is inflammatory or degrading. It’s something that we all see, or may not see, but realize it’s something that isn’t demeaning. It’s not like the coaching staff is going to listen to me anyway. ha. Leave it to the real fans to put this team on our backs and carry them through the rough spots. Then, when they gel as a team, it will be them who carries us! GO BIG BLUE!!!

  3. Larry Pup

    Linda…That was a well aimed shot over the bow! Wow! You said it dear! GO BIG BLUE!! We got your backs! We are Vaughts Voices crying in the wild!erness! Win or lose we are having a blast!


    You tell’em Linda

  5. Freethrow

    Agreed, Linda. I have posted many a unkind thing on message boards about this type of fan recently. IMO, the BBN would do quite nicely without them. :)

  6. bryan mc

    The fans that whines are not basketball fans. Win or lose they still got my back and amend to Linda!!!! GO CATS!!!

  7. Kokamo Joe

    There comes a time when the fan base does have a right to complain. This is not the time to complain about the basketball team. If at season’s end the Cats still are not playing well…and I mean…a good run in the NCAA tournament the fan base will have reason to complain.

    I have heard and read statements like many of the ones in this thread about football for years. I would say that part of the problem with UK football is that people simply accepted whatever went on on the field and hoped that it would be better next year. This year’s empty seats brough us a new coach and I hope a new commitment to football.

    The mention of experience…both the lack of it by out players and the abundance of it by those that we compete against us does bring about a question which I believe is important. Our young kids need senior leadership, even if it is by role players who are capable of contributing, but do not play a leading role in the team. Having a short rotation of players means that Calipari cannot keep a stud player who is not up to UK standards off the court. He has no one else to play.

  8. Jan In Indiana

    Win or lose Kentucky is my team and I stand behind them 100%!!!!

  9. LindaS

    Thanks folks, I always write from my heart and I hope it shows. No matter how this team does this year I will not be upset. I’ll wait and have the patience that Coach Cal asked us to have. Have you ever noticed when he talks about the team he has this far away look on his face? He is trying to figure it out, he is fine tuning his starting line up, actually, he is trying to figure out a starting line up! These boys are so terribly young, the whole team. Do you realize we only have one senior on the team? I think there is one that is a graduate student, but only 1 senior. We have a lot of growing to do and a lot of experimenting. I think most importantly we need a leader, someone who can yell out and set up plays, they can’t just throw and shoot. They need to talk to each other on defense, None of these boys has the talent we saw on last years team. I don’t even think you can compare them to Wall, Cousins and crew. The major difference with that team was Patrick Patterson. The main difference the following year was Jorts. Last year it was just one of those teams you will never see again. This is Cal’s fourth team, maybe he didn’t get it right this time, but I’d rather have this team then the BCG years and Tubby ball. I don’t know a lot about the in’s and out’s of basketball, I just know I love it. Livin’ Blue and Lovin’ It!

  10. Larry T Clemons

    Bottom Line, it was unfair to Rank this New Team # 3 in The Country…Can We All Say, ” Agenda “, trust me this was payback by lots of people who are jealous of Coach Cal. We need to protect, support and encourage our Team, we owe them that. And, we need to understand the enemy is not just on The Court…We Love Our Cats…Nice Read Linda S.

  11. Karen Sprinkle

    Nice job, Linda. We’ve been a bit spoiled by the past 3 teams who had freshmen who did not play as freshmen for the most part, and also had leadership by returning players. I’ve been consolidating some of my basketball videos onto DVDs, and this week’s project was the first part of 2009-2010 season. We forget than while all of the players on that team had no experience with the DDMO and Cal, we had quite a few players with SEC game experience in Stevenson, Harris and of course, Patterson, and others. The next year we still had some returning experience with Josh, DeAndre and Darius among others. Last year, we had Darius, TJ and Doron who had played in a Final Four. This year, our freshmen are playing like freshmen, unlike the past 3 years, and we have little SEC game experience on the team. I have faith that the team and Cal will figure it out, and will make huge strides during the unrestricted practice time over the holidays. Until then, I fully expect them to make progress every game.
    I will continue to fully support them, as most here do, as they progress.

    1. larryvaught

      Loved that Linda took the time to do this for us — and probably even toned it down for us from what she really felt

  12. LindaS

    Evil twin sister wanted to write some, but I held her back. I promised her she would no doubt get her chance later. I also promised her a trip to the camp next year and possible tent city for BBM! She is so hard to please!
    Larry T Clemons….I had friends state that they did not understand why KY was not ranked #1 at the beginning of the season. Simple fact, it is not the same team. The starters all left and you can’t rank a team on what they did in April if the whole identity of the team has changed. I felt we were ranked to high, I think 12-15 might have been good, but maybe more realistically 20 at the beginning of the season. I don’t care how many 5 Star or McDonald All Americans you have, until they have step foot out on that floor you don’t rank a team so darn high with a bunch of freshmen.

    1. Larry T Clemons

      Right On, Sister…

  13. Freethrow

    I have an evil twin too and he has gotten out of his cage a few times on a couple of the UK message boards. I’m not really ashamed of him either, he was justified. :)

  14. LindaS

    My evil twin behaves herself on other websites unless she signs in with a bogus name. She does have a lot more fun then I do. She can be a little hyper at times. People just don’t understand how a evil twin exits in the same body. Glad to see there is a a male equivalent!

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