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Guest post: Enjoy this Big Blue … this is it. We are it.

NCAA Championship UK v UConnEditor’s note: Kentucky fan Kelsey Mattingly sent this to me about 2 a.m. Sunday after UK’s win over Wisconsin. I saved it for today to share to let each of you again relive the feeling she had Saturday — and you probably did, too.


With exactly 6:10 to go in the game I knew we were going to lose. My sister was laying in the floor, facing away from the television as she had through the entire second half of the Louisville game. But this time I just didn’t know if her mojo would be enough. I had experienced too many missed last second shots and the tell-tale pain of heartbreak was making its way when there was 7.5 seconds in the game. But then it happened.

AARON FREAKING HARRISON. It happened so fast and I’m certain my heart stopped when the ball left his hands and went through the net because Senator, I have no recollection of those events. Thank goodness for DVR. And say what you want, but if you didn’t cry the moment that thing went in for the third game in a row then you’re lying. Every residence, bar, and base containing members of the BBN erupted. The Clutch Cats had done it again.

But of course this isn’t news to any of you. If you’re reading this, you know what happened just as well as anyone…maybe even better. I’m merely writing this to say thank you. Words cannot express how incredibly blessed I feel to be able to experience this in my life time. Because nothing can compare to this. This run. This team. This chance. What we are witnessing will go down in history as the most amazing post-season experience to have ever been obtained by a team. A team that was catching a lot of heat mid-season. A team that starts five freshmen, five “one and done’s”.

To be able to one day tell my children that I saw Aaron Harrison hit the game winning shot (more than once), Alex Poythress completely take over, and Marcus Lee make amazing breakout plays, that will be the greatest moment. Maybe second greatest. Because how many times will you get to see Aaron Harrison hit a clutch three to win the game? Oh yeah…three.

So tonight while State Street is being burned to the ground and fans are up celebrating until the wee hours of morning, I will soak it all in and be thankful. When we all wake up the birds will sing My Old Kentucky Home and Louisville still won’t exist. Enjoy this Big Blue…this is it. We are it.


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  1. Larry T Clemons

    Freshman Impact, and The Historic implications and,” First ” will just, begin there…The Ramifications of a Victory Tonight, for Title # 9, will Echo through the Halls of Rupp Arena to Memorial Coliseum, Across the Bluegrass State, over Tobacco Rd, all the way To the former Big East, in the Northeast ! Pitino, will even smile, California’s UCLA will Quake and The Burial Ground of Adolf Rupp, Will be hosting a party, six feet deep…This could be the Most Impressive Run, IN COLLEGE BASKETBALL HISTORY ! Come On Wildcats, Bring it on Home….My Old Kentucky Home, Three Years In A Roll. Bluegrass Basketball Rules, Period !

    1. Larry Pup

      Well said LTC!

      1. Larry T Clemons

        And there in lays the Sweetness of this Run…For those of us with Faith, we are feasting at the Table, with The Team…This is so Special, I can’t even measure all the Accolades, that possibly could follow. BBN, should be so Proud and So Happy….And, Wow…! What redemption, for this Team…Did You listen and see all the Sports Writers and Commentators, gushing over Our Kentucky Wildcats and Coach Cal, this weekend, ” Unbelievable.” This Team has captured the attention of The Sports World, NO ONE would have believed this Run…This Team, should Be ” THE UNBELIEVABLES ! “

        1. Kelsey

          Wow, he’s really trying to show me up here! Haha, well said LTC, well said.

          1. Larry T Clemons

            Inspired by Your Post, just channeling You….” Are We Some Blessed Fans…! “

  2. Barry

    Just like Loser Larry to blow his own horn.

  3. Barry

    Ok, now that it’s over, thank God it’s over. How do you have such a fantastic first 5 games and then lay an egg like that? What we attributed to getting better was simply just getting lucky….skill doesn’t disappear like that. This team never was an elite team and it goes back to the Summer. The entire team wasn’t on campus and it needed to be. If you are going to recruit a new team of freshmen every year, then you have to do a better job of a lot of things. The Harrisons were never as good as advertised and while that was a product of the media, the coaches should have seen the attitude, the lack of effort, the lack of fundamentals, the lack of defense, the lack of toughness, and the lack of basketball IQ. But if you miss all of that, get your team on campus in the Summer and find out what you have and don’t have and go to work then as allowed. To think that it’s ok to have a Tubby like season and then try to make up for it in the post season just doesn’t fly. Julius, James, Willey, and hopefully the Twins will be gone to the NBA or somewhere else but here. Hopefully Dakari and Alex stay with Dominique, Marcus, and Derek. I really feel for Derek, but he was the ultimate team member this year and he should get significant playing time next year. Add the incoming class, and watch for E.J. to get some PT as well. Coach please, don’t coach down to your players…coach them up to your game plan. That is where leadership has to start. The inmates can’t be allowed to run the assylum for a reason. Do not ever grant playing time to anyone just because it was expected….let it be earned by everyone. As hard as it was to watch this team this year, maybe lessons can be learned that will produce a better result with next year’s team. As for Larry T. and all of his Kool-Aid drinking rah rahs, this isn’t about a loss…it’s about an abandonment of the principles that made UK the tradition that it is. Losing is ok when you put forth a competitive effort and get beat by a better team. What we saw tonight was simply embarrassing. Outcoached, outrebounded, outplayed, and outclassed. You can’t learn from it until you own it. Let’s own it, learned from it, and move on to next year. Rah rah rah!

    1. Larry T Clemons

      First Off, I’m not reading all that ignorance, heard it from you all Season, I’m sure it’s the Same…..We surely surpassed all expectation ! The fact that you would spend all Season bashing this Team, only solidified your Hoosier/Cardinal mentality… You were never a University Of Kentucky Fan…That’s why you rejoice in this loss, YOUR PATHETIC….And even in this Loss, I feel truly overjoyed for My Wildcats, and this great Tourney Run ! BBN, We Witnessed A Special Group Of Young Men…and above, with Baby Barry, you witness a Kentucky Hater…

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