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Guest post: Different radio sports shows keep Kentucky fans updated on Cats


I can remember back in 1987 sitting in my kitchen tuning into sports radio on my am radio. I remember being in line to talk to Dick Vitale. I think I waited almost 15 minutes (long distance) to get a chance to talk to Dickie V. It was well worth the wait and cost. I would regularly turn on that old AM radio and listen to hear any news on UK basketball. My son would be in his high chair and my husband in the recliner shaking his head. That was years ago and my how times have changed.

I always “tried” to be the cool Mom. I would listen to my teenagers music and learn the words to the popular songs. One of my favorite memories is riding in my son’s jeep with him (top down of course) singing and doing the motions to “to the window to the wall”. I knew all words to Eminem songs and thanks to my daughter my favorite dancing song is “Low” or as I call it: Apple Bottom Jeans. Right now I could not name one song in the top ten. I have become a sports radio junkie.

Kentucky fans can listen live or through podcasts news about the CATS anytime of the day. The personalities of the hosts of the shows are entertaining. Weekdays you can be entertained and educated by Tom Leach or Joe B and Denny or Matt Jones and Ryan Lemond. After or during dinner Dick Gabriel or Larry Glover can keep you informed. For the commute home both ESPN stations have local shows. On Saturday and Sunday mornings Cameron Mills or our favorite Larry Vaught can be enjoyed with your cup of coffee. On Saturday afternoons you can now listen to a sorts show hosted by two women, one a UK fan, the other UL fan.

I have realized that there are fans like myself who listen daily to these shows. As you listen to the different shows there is a repeat of callers. I’ve learned that a John Short is truly a Great American. Chester will always surprise, Truth is unpredictable, and Curtis is everywhere. If you are brave enough to call in you can talk to the many guests, including coaches, analysts and sometimes celebrities. The shows will make you laugh and in some instances make you cry. These shows unite the BBN.

Download the podcasts or tune in live.  I hope to hear you on the radio!!


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  1. Gene

    Tom Leach and Dick Gabriel will always be my favorite radio personalities. Cameron Mills fill the
    Sunday morning timeslot with some decent commentary along with a good variety of guests.
    Then we get to Jones and his constant whining. Don’t know how Lemond can stand the guy.

  2. Freethrow

    Great Post, OP. I agree, things are wayyy better than they were way back when. We’d always think about the teams and wonder what was going on but today there are multiple sources to get info. Never enough though. Would sure like to see the day that they let a few guys in to watch football practices and watch pick up basketball games and allow them to share a little more info with us. I’m not being greedy. Honest, I’m not. :)

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