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Goodwin says Vandy, like other teams, had more energy, focus than Cats


NASHVILLE — Freshman Archie Goodwin tried to choose his words carefully as he analyzed why Kentucky lost 64-48 to Vanderbilt here Friday.

“They played with more energy and toughness than we did. Then again, this is something every team has been doing to us all year. We didn’t do what we needed to do, but at the same time it was like, ‘Well this has happened so many times over the year.’ Until we fix that, nothing changes,” said Goodwin after the Southeastern Conference Tournament quarterfinal loss to a team UK beat twice during the season.

Kentucky was coming off an upset of Florida, but didn’t play with the same passion and execution against Vanderbilt.

“When we come off a big win, we have a lot more confidence in ourselves. But I guess sometimes confidence can hurt you,” Goodwin said. “Maybe we don’t come out to play to win like we did against that team (Florida) when we were maybe a little bit concerned about the game. In this situation I think that might have been what it was. We were not focused enough throughout the whole game and we did not defend well.”

Vanderbilt was 8-for-17 from 3-point range and 23-for-46 from the field overall. The Commodores also had just five turnovers.

“We just didn’t get hit shots and they came into the game with high energy and hit shots, so you have to give them credit. They had a good game plan and they just played with a lot of energy and we didn’t. They played with more effort,” Kentucky freshman forward Alex Poythress, who had six points and four rebounds — he took only three shots — said.

“I thought we were prepared for it honestly. We did everything in practice we could. We went three hard days. People put in extra work. We had a great game plan. Just shots didn’t fall and they hit a lot of shots. We are all frustrated. We came here to win but some days things do not fall your way.”

Vanderbilt players insisted the win did not come as easily as it may have looked.

“They’re a great defensive team, got great guys at the rim protecting the rim. It was tough. We just tried to stay with it and make plays with each other is probably why it looked that way,” Vandy’s Rod Odom, who had nine points and six rebounds said

Kentucky felt the opposite and that even when things seemed to go right, shots would not go in. The Cats were 18-for-52 from the field and 4-for-14 from 3-point range. Guards Ryan Harrow (2-for-15) and Julius Mays (2-for-8) were a combined 4-for-23 from the field.

“It was frustrating the whole game just to, you know, we did have a lot of chippers that we missed. We canceled any — some of those shots they made on the other end and it would equal out,” Goodwin, who was 5-for-10 from the field and led UK with 12 points, said.  “We gave them a lot of open 3’s and we gave them a lot of easy lanes to the basket, and so when you do — when you’re giving them that and giving them those many high percentage shots and on top of that, nothing is going down for you, it’s a compounded problem and there’s no way that you can win that way.”

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  1. Larry Pup

    Yep, pretty much the way it was. There will be another day to redeem themselves. Rest and get better now. What’s done is done.

  2. Mike

    You know Larry P…your bland trite comments are what we have heard from you all year and are also the way this team thinks and plays. I read your comment again and reacted the same way but couldn’t find the bag. Golly shucks…life goes on…tomorrow is another day…they will get better.

    1. Larry Pup

      Yeah Mike and your sarcastic remarks today and in the past have not done much good for this team either. Some of you people are so full of yourselves it stinks. None of you could coach or play any better. So get over it! I don’t need your smart ass remarks. I have a right to my opinion. I’m a fan first These are kids and this is a mere game only. Not life or death! I just happen to believe things will get better. If you don’t choose to do so, that is your business, but stay off me hoss!

  3. Gene

    What ever it was that caused the basketball Cats to play their usual style of game vs. Vandy, it has also effected the baseball team as they travelled to Gainesville.
    Watching the game this afternoon on Foxsports Southwest and the baseball bunch look as flat as an Alex Poythress sneaker.

  4. Mike

    Larry P…nice to see a little fire in you…I was going to respond to some of your other softball comments last day or so but couldn’t resist today. Do you really think things are going to get better?..brilliant statement…how could they get worse??

    1. Karen Sprinkle

      Things can ALWAYS get worse. Just sayin’

      1. Love SEC

        Karen is right – Things can get a lot worse. Sure it was a disappointing season but we won 21 games this year. or we could have a drunk for a coach.

        Mike – Let Pup alone – He is one of the good guys!

    2. Larry Pup

      I got you figured out Mike. You don’t know what fire is my man. You are” Mr. Fair Weather.” I damn sure wouldn’t want you beside me in a battle. Yeah, things will get better and you will be right back in there acting like No. 1 fan. Have a nice day hot shot!

  5. Mike

    Larry P…you got it figured out o.k….mister cliche…mister softball. You wouldn’t be beside me in battle…you are too “milk toast”

  6. Larry Pup

    Mike you are about the dumbest guy I have ever read on this blog. What are you about 14 years old.

  7. Mike

    Larry….it is o.k. to have a little passion and call them the way you see them. If you want to continue to support this type of play, then that is your play. When they play good they get praise and respect. When they underachieve, want to wear the blue, but yet don’t show any desire to play to the best of their ability then they are open to trashing and they are getting lots of it.

  8. Larry Pup

    Mike..let’s do a little history lesson. What coach in the whole USA has done for their university what Calipari has done for his in just 4 years. Are you kidding me!? We are going to have some down years dude. No. I’m not happy with the way these guys have played. But it is what is. UK football had to be fixed and I believe we are on the right track now. But UK basketball don’t need fixing. We are in good hands. I would not be surprised if we don’t win another national title next year. I learned in high school and college and in the Marines that my team may it always win, but my team win or lose. We will fight, and win another day. Hey you have your right to blast our team, thrash them as you call it but you lit in on me pal. I harbor no hard feelings but you pissed me off.

  9. King Ghidora

    Mike why is it we have been able to maintain a courteous board here for years before you came along? Whatever Larry thinks it is what he thinks and who are you to tell him different? You say none of us could coach or play any better. You don’t know who might be on this board or how they might have played or coached. You just might be surprised. Bashing other fans is not going to accomplish anything. I would be embarrassed if one of the players saw the comments you have made here. You might be more at home on an IU board. Just a thought.

    You’re just lucky that I respect this board too much to show you where I got the name ‘King Ghidora”.

  10. Larry Pup

    King..thanks for the post, but it was I who said “none of you could coach or play any better” not Mike. I was mad as hell when I said that and it was directed mostly at him. I am sorry for that remark and do apologize. There no doubt has been many great athletes that have posted on this blog of Larry V’s. Listen, to all who read this site, I just love UK. I am heart broken about our basketball CATS. But I know it will get better in the days to come, and football is getting ready to pickup the slack come Monday. Forgive my choice of words King. You are right about that.

    1. King Ghidora

      Well that’s pretty typical of me to get it wrong these days Larry. Whatever the case we should be civil to each other here. We are supposed to be on the same side and I don’t want to go back to the days of factions in the BBN. That nearly destroyed the tradition just as the powers that be planned. In the end the BBN was stronger than the powers of PC, favoritism and just plain dirty pool. Cal had a lot to do with bringing us back from the brink and it’s been a fantastic ride since he came to town. I’ll take 3 great years and a good year every time.

  11. Mike

    Larry P…..I do apologize for making some unhinging comments on this board. I do share in your “heartbroken” comments, but I apparently can’t let go like you can. We all knew there was risk of a down year because they do happen, and I wouldn’t trade Cal for anyone out there, but I just can’t accept that these guys wouldn’t accept his coaching and his coaching, or lack thereof, has been exposed this year. The offense constantly looks lost and out of sync, we can’t pass that well, we can’t set screens, we can’t defend the 3, or offensive rebound like we should. I can’t immagine having the chance of a lifetime to come and play for the Big Blue and then consistently not wanting to let it all on the line out there. I also have little patience of the “we are young” comments….MG we are 30 some games into the season and haven’t gotten worse with time.

  12. Jim B

    Well guys I might as well put my 2 cents worth in here. I don’t know why, just a gut feeling I guess, but for some reason I did not ever feel too good about this year, even before the season started. Since the regular season is over IMO most of these guys were over hyped, and had a lack of basketball IQ. I believe Wiltjer has a high basketball IQ, but slow afoot. Just watching them play it looks like they either have not been coached or just simply can not play in a structured system. Let me say here that some kids you can beat down verbally in front of 24,000 fans and some you can not. I don’t approve of Cals, or any other coach constantly doing this. Goodwin and Poythress have regressed over the season and I blame that on Cal. I know, I know, he’s a great coach but I am entilted to my opinion and thats all it is, just my opinion.

    1. Kolamo Joe

      Re: blame the coach

      Harry Truman often said that “the buck stops here.” This year stops with Calipari. That is a simple truth. The man is in charge. He will put it behind him, and that is what we should do. Next year we start over. Some of us will look at the recruiting class and start counting on another national championship, just as some of us did this year. That is UK basketball. We’ll see. But next year, and the next year and the year after that will be the responsibility of Calipari. If we win he gets the credit. If we lose some years, we regroup next year and start over.

      IMO, there is nothing wrong with bright blue glasses and there is equally nothing wrong with being realistic. Different strokes for different folks.

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