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Goodwin and Cauley-Stein make case why UK should be in NCAA


NASHVILLE — During the postgame press conference after Friday’s loss to Vanderbilt, Kentucky freshmen Archie Goodwin and Willie Cauley-Stein were asked to make a case for UK still being in the NCAA Tournament.

Here’s what they said — and see if you agree or disagree.

Goodwin:”I feel that we definitely have the talent and we have a good wins against quality teams and, you know, some of those games we were right in there with the teams.  We lost the game.  We’re a team that’s going to compete.  It’s just a lot of us doing it every day.  Once we can figure out to where we can continue to compete game after game, then things — that will be even better than they are, but until we figure that out, man, nothing is going to change.”

Cauley-Stein: “I mean, we beat three ranked teams, Florida, Ole Miss, and Missouri, and Missouri is in it, so I don’t see, you know, we can’t compete, either.  This is a matter of getting our stuff together.”

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  1. TheProfessor

    Talk talk talk.

    You play you way into the tournament, not lobby your way in.

    1. grant

      you got that right!

  2. Pacman

    I think both players make valid points. Plus if the 2nd place team in the SEC is not good enough to make a 68 team NCAA field then something is wrong with the selection process. 22-11 and 12-6 in the SEC with an RPI in the 40s is good enough to get in.

    1. Kokamo Joe

      The blue glasses are off. I thought that the arena would be full of blue even though the Vandy campus was only a couple of miles away. I thought that this would have a home atmosphere and I was right. I thought that they Cats would beat lowly Vandy and go on and win at least one more game, or maybe it all. I was wrong. In a game where the bid to the NCAA tournament was on the line, the Cats either did not come to play or they simply don’t have the talent that we think they had.

      The Cats lost and they don’t deserve to be in the big show. I think when the tournament committee sits down to choose that they will see two things ..the word KENTUCKY and the city of Dayton. A play in game for most people is about as exciting as a trip to the dentist, BUT not for UK fans. I think that the UK will be in the play in game in Dayton because the committee wants a little pop and they want big blue to flow to Dayton. We will grip and we will complain, but when it comes to it the BBN will go to Dayton with the though that maybe, just maybe the Cats will finally jell and beat somebody and then be the first 16 team to upset a number one seed.

    2. TheColoradoWildcat


      After this game, one could argue that the 2nd place team in the SEC is not good enough to be in the SEC field, much less the NCAA.

  3. Eric

    When we figure it out. When we get our stuff together. Gentlemen, you have been playing together in this system since October, and if you haven’t figured it out and gotten it together in the past 5 months, why should anyone think you will in the next week? You do have talent that on paper makes you hard to beat, but the reality is that your last five games away from Rupp have been double-digit losses, including an unimaginable 30 point loss to a non-tournament team. I’m sorry, but I disagree with the guys calling this game–the eye test tells me this is not a tournament team.

  4. Ira

    Let me guess those two birds are just now are starting to realize what it means to play for Kentucky. Well you’ve had an entire season to figure it out. National champs to the NIT thanks…not.

  5. dennis

    So lets see, Goodwin continues to drive the lane in a big game with 3 or more players between him and the basket knowing the refs arent gonna make the call, but says we can be better…yeah right, been doing this all season; harrow says it’s all on me cause I played bad, well duh, you been doing that all year and want us to believe if UK gets in the NCAA you will change, dont bet the house on it; Kyle quits shooting and taking any shots cause he looks afraid he might miss, wont even drive the basket when he fakes his guy out and has an open lane to the rim; Alex – reminds me of Jones last year, all talk no walk, dont foul me cause I will pout if you dont call it refs even though my team is hurting and wants the “real” Alex to start playing,,,think we did see the real Alex all year. The ones I do feel sorry for are Willie, Julius, Hood, and Polson, they at least gave it everything every time the stepped on the floor. I would rather have seen Cal pull Archie, Kyle, Alex and Ryan out of the game last nite in the second half and let the other guys play, bet they would have left it all out there and not been afraid or selfish wanting to be the “star”. Had enough of the whining and excuses from these guys, also feel bad for Cal cause he puts his all into the team and they totally refused to buy into what he was telling them all year. Now they think they deserve to be in the NCAA – not a chance. Matter of fact, if they go to the NIT< the fans should just boycott them the way they boycotted the team concept this year. I am moving on, gonna concentrate on the summer fun of golf and start early. Still think the most appropriate name for this team is "Knuckleheads"!

  6. Yvette

    I think fans are unfair to Archie.: Archie Goodwin is averaging 14.1 points season
    Archie Goodwin led Kentucky with 12 points vs Vanderbilt 3/15/13, loved the coast to coast dunk. He will attack the basket! Come back next season ARCHIE!

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