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Get ready for Laettner replay but will you pull for Cards or Duke to win?

Vaught’s note: Okay, we all knew the Louisville-Duke game today was going to be full of 1992 storylines and UK fans are going to see that Christian Laettner game-winning shot all afternoon today as Duke and Louisville battle for a Final Fourth berth. But who do you want to win? Are you pulling for the Cards? Are you pulling for Duke? Will you be for either team?

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Mike Krzyzewski and Rick Pitino are finally doing an encore. For the first time since their teams played perhaps the greatest game in the history of the NCAA tournament, Krzyzewski and Pitino will meet in the NCAA tournament Sunday when top-seeded Louisville faces Duke. In the regional finals, no less.

Never mind that few of their current players were even born in 1992. Or that Pitino is no longer at Kentucky, having switched sides in the state’s civil war after his brief trip to Boston and the NBA ended badly. Krzyzewski and Pitino are forever linked by that one game in Philadelphia, immortalized by Christian Laettner’s improbable shot.

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  1. steve

    for me it’s a true cat fan no-brainer. you pull for UofL today and hope like hell they lose their next game. i say that with some resevations however, because i think if rick and mashburn had not come to ky we would still have only five banners hanging in the rafters at rupp.

  2. Doug Ridley

    Either Puke or Vomit, I just hope the winner loses next game.

  3. Karen Sprinkle

    I honestly don’t care one way or the other. The real question is: if it comes to a last second shot, does Coach Pitino guards the player inbounding the ball? :-)

  4. Anonymous

    I want U of L to beat them on an incredible, almost impossible shot that we can all watch for the next 20 years!

  5. Juan4UK

    I do not want Duke to win this game. I could be OK w/ UL winning the title. But of the teams remaining, I don’t want Duke or Syracuse to win. Or FL.
    UL for the simple fact that it would be good for the state, and rivalry. Because it has been a heck of a long time since UL won. AND their fans don’t really have a lot of ammunition any more. 27 yrs since their last title? I cooouuuld be ok w/ giving them a crumb to chew on I suppose.
    But not Duke. Period.

  6. donv

    I tried to schedule a root canal but Doc want work on Sunday. I wanted something to look forward to.

  7. LindaS

    I could care less who wins. You either have a traitor or a north end of a south bound mule winning. Just make sure they don’t win the came after that one. I won’t be watching the game. I can’t stand to look at senile, pale little slick quick rick and rat face gives me nightmares.

  8. BobbyBlue

    Reminds me of when UNC and UCLA played years ago,in a FF,and once again I just can’t watch….. my two most hated teams.

  9. Larry T Clemonsl

    U of L of course….I’m not going to try and change anyone’s feelings towards Pitino, BUT, when you look at The U of L TEAM, these are some wonderful, skilled Young Men. In my book and love of College Basketball, they deserve to go all the way…I’ll pull for Louisville, Who’s last NCAA Championship was when they beat Duke in the final game. Like Larry said, ” lots of story lines to this Game “.

    1. Larry T Clemonsl

      I’m just upset that Louisville didn’t get the chance to beat Indiana !

  10. Cowboy

    I hate Duke… but…..

    I would rather drag myself 6 miles through broken glass than root for Louisville/Rick Pitino or see them have success. The thought just doesn’t fit in my head.

    As difficult as this is to say.. Go Duke. Be grateful Dookies, this is a one day thing. Don’t mess it up.

  11. David

    I despise them both equally, but if I had to choose I would rather see Wichita win it all. I can not look at Facebook because of all the gloating going on about UL. I would like to fast forward to next season please!

  12. TheProfessor

    I have had Florida against Louisville in the championship game from the beginning. I expect Louisville to handle Duke today, and Wichita State next Saturday.

    For Florida to win it, they will have to beat the last Big 10 team standing, and the last 2 Big East teams standing over the next 8 days. I see a Gator championship.

    1. larryvaught

      Professor, that would be some finish for Florida, a team that UK beat to end the regular season

      1. Larry T Clemons

        I can’t see the Gators (P. Young) handling G. Dieng or the Gators handling the Louisville back court…IMO, only.

  13. grant

    For me I want louisville to win. It still represents Kentucky. I am secure and confident as an adult to be able to root for them, without compromising my my fanship of big blue. My dad rooted for Louisville at times when UK did not go as far in the tourney because he said they are still from the bluegrass state and thats how I see it. And also , the constant comparisons of which is the better basketball state between kentucky and north carolina is leaning toward Kentucky now. So I like that.

    1. larryvaught

      Pulling for PItino myself. Was always good to me

  14. grant

    And I just loathe coach Kryshefskyikyi, or however its spelled

  15. Texascat

    Go Louisville. Duke is the Anti-Christ and CBS is their promoter.

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