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Georiga coach Fox believes UK is having a “postseason kind of year”


When Georgia coach Mark Fox looks at Kentucky, he doesn’t see the team that many feel is on the verge of missing the NCAA Tournament one year after winning the national championship.

Instead, he sees a team having a “postseason kind of year” for coach John Calipari despite UK’s recent losses at Tennessee and Arkansas since the season-ending injury suffered by center Nerlens Noel.

“First of all they’re the defending national champions. I think John’s done a terrific job in rebuilding a team after all that they lost and obviously they’ve had a terrible injury in the middle of the season (to Noel),” said Fox. “But Kentucky still has a very good basketball team, a team that’s won 20 games, a team that’s in second place in the league. There is a lot of pluses there that still exist and that’s why I say that (about a postseason kind of year).”

Yet with regular season games left at Georgia Thursday and at home Saturday against Florida, most college basketball analysts don’t have UK in the 68-team NCAA tournament field.

Calipari was not on the Southeastern Conference coaches teleconference Monday because he had a dental procedure. However, associate coach John Robic said UK does not use the NCAA tourney as motivation for the players.

“We’ve never really even talked about it as far as that. We were concentrating on our league games,” Robic said. “It’s never once been mentioned that we have to do this or do that to have a chance to get there. Everything was in front of us. There’s still a lot of things in front of us and that starts with the Georgia game on Thursday.

Robic said the players were “disappointed” with how the team played at Arkansas.

“I think every player in the country is disappointed when they don’t perform well in a losing situation. We were off yesterday and we are going to get back at it today, this afternoon,” Robic said. “We’ve got to right the ship because there is a lot to play for right now, and they know that. They’ll be focused on that.”

Robic said he didn’t know how hard it would be for the NCAA Tournament selection committee to sift through numerous SEC teams — Alabama, Kentucky, Tennessee, Missouri, Mississippi — with similar NCAA resumes.

“There’s a lot of teams out there that have more losses than we do at this point in time. I think finishing is always a big factor. We’re going on the road for a game and then have a home game against Florida on Saturday with a quick turnaround, so there are still opportunities out there for our team,” Robic said.

The UK assistant isn’t sure how the selection committee will evaluate UK without Noel. The Cats are 3-2 since he went down but lost by 30 points at Tennessee and 10 at Arkansas.

“We’ve been without Nerlens for five games now. We took some lumps there without him and then played well. I think there’s still a lot of teams out there that are still being evaluated. You look back at the Arkansas game and there’s only one team that’s gone in there and won this year, and that was Syracuse,” Robic said. “There have been a lot of good teams that have not won on the road. We have won four league games on the road. I think it will come down to the remaining games on our schedule. I know the committee takes a lot of things into factor when they make decisions.”

Kentucky has played much better in Rupp Arena without Noel — consider the overtime win over Missouri  — than it has on the road going into Thursday’s game at Georgia where a win would assure UK of a bye into the SEC Tournament quarterfinals.

“Obviously our fans have been really behind us for the Missouri game and even for the Mississippi State game. I think every team feels more comfortable playing at home,” Robic said. “That’s why, going through this whole process of the season even with Nerlens, that winning on the road’s hard and when we came away from those wins I think a lot of times you take them for granted.

“I don’t think there’s a huge, huge difference. I think Arkansas played a really good game and attacked us very, very well and fed off their crowd. So I think it’s a natural that most teams play better at home than on the road.”

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  1. Kokamo Joe

    I don’t know about the statement about “rebuilding.” That is a given. No way should rebuilding be used as an excuse when we don’t have a good year. We start over each year. I expect that for the most part, that will work fine. But, when it doesn’t having young players should never be an excuse for not performing up to par.

    I expect that the Georgia coach is using coach speak for preparing his fan base for a possible home loss.

  2. Karen Sprinkle

    I think the terms rebuilding applies if only because we had no starters returning, and lost 6 players to the NBA draft. Hopefully, in the future, we’ll have at least one returning starter and/or more than one returning role player a season. I don’t think people are so much using it (rebuilding) as an excuse as a reason. But definitions may vary…. :-)

  3. Kokamo Joe

    Karen: Calipari’s system revolves getting the best recruits in the country. These guys expect to play major roles, get good PR and move on as soon as possible. Until this year we have had holdovers from Gillispie who could provide experience and leadership. Last year we also had a couple of sophomores. This is the first year to test the one and done system. Pressure is on this year’s freshmen to move on because next year’s kids will not desire to play behind them and if Calipari has to keep one or more of them they likely will not provide us with any real leadership. IMO the future is a constant rebuild. And that is fine. I believe that Calipari will be able to handle most freshmen most of the time.

  4. Karen Sprinkle

    I agree that Calipari’s system revolves around getting the best players in the country. You and I cordially disagree that his system depends on the freshmen moving on after one year. If Calipari is telling the truth, and I believe he is, he wants what is best for the players. What is best for some of this year’s players may very well be returning for at least one more year (like Jones and Lamb), and hopefully, with the increased competition for playing time will engender more of a hatred of losing attitude and perhaps will encourage leadership. I have always thought that if a player truly believes he is a great player, he would not mind having legitimate competition for playing time as he would be confident in his abilities to beat out any other player. I guess we’ll have to see how it all plays out. While times and attitudes are way different today than they were in 1996, the 1996 team is a perfect example of a large number of players playing 20-25 minutes a game.

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