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Highlands quarterback Patrick Towles is the state’s top recruit and the marquee player in Kentucky coach Joker Phillip’s recruiting class.

He recently did an interview with and discussed a variety of subjects. Here was his response when asked to say the first thing that came into his mind about the University of Louisville: “I don’t like Louisville very much. I grew up not liking them and I can’t wait to help to try to beat them next year.”

What’s interesting about that response is Towles’ tie to the Cardinals — and it’s one he knows will create a lot of interest in the years ahead. His girlfriend, Katie Kramer of Highlands, not only is a freshman at the University of Louisville, but she’s also a cheerleader there.

Check out the video of her explanation about what the  next few Kentucky-Louisville football games will be like for her and Towles.

13 Responses to Future UK QB Patrick Towles “grew up not liking” Louisville, but his girlfriend is a cheerleader for the Cardinals

  • UKFAN197TONE says:

    I grew up in Louisville and I don’t like them either Patrick. :)

  • TrueBlueJohn says:

    I am a typical UK fan in that I want us to win every game, but there are four teams that the victory just seems so much sweeter. UNC, Duke, Louisville, and Tennessee. Indiana used to be in that group, but without Bobby Knight there, it is not the same. By the way, I don’t know how many teams had a winning record against Knight, but include UK on the list.

  • Ben says:

    Got some advice for you Patrick! There are a lot of cute girls in Lexington. Mixed relationship usually never work! It may be time for you to move on!

    • larryvaught says:

      I don’t know Ben. She looks like a keeper to me

      • LoveSECFootball says:

        I agree Larry. I just hope everything works out for Patrick.
        I am certainly not qualified to give relationship advice.
        Befrore you say it, I am not qualified to give football advice either!
        Enough said – Today is all Basketball – Go Cats!

  • Dave says:

    Hey Ben,
    Let’s keep it classy, no need to bring race into this.

  • GoCats says:

    Hey Pat, I think like Larry says, “she’s a keeper and a real beautiful girl!!” If you have anything negative to say Ben, keep it to yourself! They make a really good looking couple!

  • Eric Cj says:

    I hope he drops her and finds him a UK girl I say your Blue or your nothinhg and Pat should tell her that, Now girl transfer to UK before its to late.

  • Tom Gerhard says:

    Charlie is going to put a beat down on this guy. He may hate UL even more after a few hits and he is laying on the ground and not wanting to get back up.

  • Paul says:

    Let’s let Patrick play football and his girlfriend cheer, and stay the heck out of the personal lives of two teenagers. Go Cards! (Had to sneak that last line in there)


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