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Future Cats trying to influence Wiggins to join them at Kentucky


CHICAGO — He’s still not ready to make his college announcement, but Andrew Wiggins continues to say all the right things about the University of Kentucky — one of four schools still on his list.

“I’ve thought about it (playing at UK with the nation’s best recruiting class) because that’s one of my choices in deciding where to go. It would be a great feeling and be great to play all around other good players,” said Wiggins, who has six UK signees playing with him in the McDonald’s All-American Game.

Kentucky commit Julius Randle, the nation’s top-ranked power forward, is doing his best to influence Wiggins. He kept passing him the ball at practice Monday and planed to do that again today.

“Be like, ‘This is what you’ll get next year.’ I would love to play with him at Kentucky,” Randle said. “It will be hard to guard everybody next year, for sure. If a team wants to double- or triple-team somebody, another player is going to be open, and that player is going to be really good. So you have to pick your poison.”

James Young, another McDonald’s All-American who likely would see his playing time at UK decreased if Wiggins commits, is also trying to persuade Wiggins to join the Cats.

“There are a lot of guys on a great team. Like the Miami Heat, they have a lot of guys on a great team. We’ve just got to get our chemistry together. I would love to have him with us,” he said. “If I have to come in off the bench, that’s fine. James Harden (of Oklahoma City) came off the bench scoring, and I could do the same.”

Wiggins, as a source close to him in Huntingtonn predicted, says he wants to relax and enjoy this game as well as the upcoming Jordan Brand Classic and Nike Hoop Summit.

“I know a lot of people look at (the game) like it’s a competition, I’m just looking to have fun. It’s like an all-star game to me. I’m looking forward to all the interaction with all the players, my teammates, the coaches. It’s more of a relaxing week than anything for me.”

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  1. P90XDude

    The best recruiting tools are the 6 HS All-Americans – Coach Cal can sit back and let them do their thing with Mr. Wiggins

  2. TrueBlueJohn

    Sounds like a bunch of kids trying to put the team first. If that holds true, Cal won’t lose any sleep over developing team chemistry. Music to my ears.

  3. Juan4UK

    Seriously, I am tentative (hesitant) to even consider this. makes my head spin. Too good to even think about. Afraid I’ll get my hopes up, then be disappointed and in doing that, I may lessen my excitement over what is already a class beyond compare.

  4. King Ghidora

    Wow it’s hard to imagine a guy rated as high as Young recruiting a player that would almost certainly play ahead of him at his position. That’s the “team first” attitude that wins championships. It makes me think that even if Wiggins doesn’t come to UK that the team will be almost impossible to beat. With Wiggins it would be pretty much unimaginable for them to ever lose. Of course things happen and great teams do lose. Even Miami failed to break the Lakers record for consecutive wins. And the Weasel Of Westwood lost every few years despite having the best team money could buy. UK will be BETTER than those UCLA teams though. They never signed a class like the one UK will have if Wiggins comes to town. I think we would have to start calling them the Dream Team early on because they remind me of that other team that played in the Olympics. What a collection of players they will have. It’s almost too good to be true. My luck the world will end before we ever get to see them play. :D

    1. Larry T Clemons

      King, did you see that Obama, ” Jump Shot ” ? No lift, no shoulders, pushes the ball out of his hands, releases in front of his face, ( I’m 55 and 5′ 10″, I could block that easy). And what about that two footer, ” Clank ” are you kidding me, we’d do 360′ degree spins and make those !….As far as Wiggins, he’s in, and that’s why he’s so relaxed and fun loving, He’s Blue…

      1. King Ghidora

        LOL he was 2 out of 22 in that display of basketball prowess. He even missed a wide open granny shot. He shoots from his chin but off to one side. A guy in a wheelchair could block that shot. For someone who claims to know so much about b’ball he was PATHETIC! He did have a bunch of Wizards there to help. There magic just wasn’t strong enough though. Well unless they were trying to make him miss. :)

        Here’s the video if anyone is interested:


  5. Karen Sprinkle

    Andrew Wiggins has looked a lot more relaxed and happy in all the interviews I’ve seen from Chicago. I’m glad he’s taking the chance to enjoy himself. I’m also loving the attitudes of the Spectacular 6. Becoming the Magnificent Seven would be great too, though.

    1. King Ghidora

      Maybe we can get an Elite 8 in Cat uniforms for next year. I was going to say Gordon hadn’t committed yet but I checked first. He’s gonna be one of the Wildcats. Just the wrong Wildcats. He picked Arizona this morning. Bummer. It was expected I guess. But maybe he knows something we don’t like he might be fighting for PT against a guy named Wiggins not to mention Young.

      1. Larry T Clemons

        That’s what I believe, also….But, I do like Gordon’s Game ( next to WCS, wow ).

        1. King Ghidora

          He has a big upside but I think he’s ranked correctly behind Wiggins, Randle, the twins and Parker. He may have a better outside game than Randle when it comes to shooting but I think Randle handles the ball as well as Gordon which is strange considering Julius is pf and not a sf. And Randle is definitely a high flyer moreso than Gordon. I’m just basing what I see on highlight reels though. I could be wrong.

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