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Freshman safety Darius West out for season with lower leg injury


Kentucky was hoping freshman safety Darius West, a four-star recruit from Ohio, would be able to provide needed secondary depth and special teams play this season.

Instead, he won’t play all year because of a lower leg injury he had when he got to UK that has not progressed.

“He got hurt yesterday,” Kentucky coach Mark Stoops said Wednesday. “So, it’s a real shame. He’s a good player. He’s everything we thought he was going to be. Really talented football player.

“He came in with an injury. We thought it was healed up. Didn’t work out, so he’ll be out for the year.”

West broke his leg before the 2013 season and then said in January he broke the same leg again.

Stoops would not confirm that was West’s injury. Instead, he kept calling it “lower leg injury.”

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  1. Larry Pup

    It seems like something like this happens to UK football every year—GEEZ!!!. I hope the young man can heal and eventually help his football team. Just a real shame!! The re- injury of this same leg does not sound good to me.

  2. Andy

    He is a freshman, so a redshirt year was always a possibility. Now it will give him time to heal and get back to full strength for 2015.

  3. JimHarris

    Wow! That sounds like Sam Bowie’s leg injury that just wouldn’t heal for the longest time. Seems his play was never as good afterwards.

    Sure hope that’s not the case here. My goodness, a 4-star safety should have a great playing career in front of him. However, if it had to happen, it’s best for all that it happened early. He can get the healing started sooner and the staff can plan for depth w/o him.

    Here’s hoping for an early complete healing.

  4. Edward

    Heal this season Mr. West, and get stronger and better. You will be even better in 2015 and we really will need you then. Many prayers will be lifted up for your recovery and your return next year.

  5. Ira

    Is he having another surgery?

    1. larryvaught

      No word on future surgery Ira

  6. Gene T.

    Could work out for the best. Redshirt year, and I expect us to be good next year. A year to heal, someone else gets experience. I look for us to be really strong next year. I hope we have another great recruiting year. I also believe we will surprise ppl this year. 6-wins I hope!

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