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Freshman cornerback Fred Tiller on first game, team mentality, his future


Freshman Fred Tiller was a standout receiver and cornerback in Georgia and an all-state high school selection last season who made a big impression during Kentucky’s preseason camp. He was one of six true freshmen to play for UK in Sunday’s 32-14 loss at Louisville. The backup cornerback had one tackle in his limited playing time. Here’s what he had to say after the game:

Question: How did it feel to play in your first collegiate game?
Tiller: “It felt real good but I wish I could have played more though.”

Question: Is it bittersweet to make your debut in a game where you team is beaten 32-14?
Tiller: “I mean we played our hardest. We came out slow today. The second half we did better. This week we are going to grind and get a win (against Kent State).”

Question: Was the atmosphere what you thought it would be?
Tiller: “It was overwhelming. I loved it. I wish I could have played more like I said.”

Question: Does this loss demoralize, disappoint you?
Tiller: “I am not disappointed. I came to UK for a reason — to win and get better. That won’t change.”

Question: Were they just more physical?
Tiller: “The offensive line, we thought they were not that good, so I guess so. The defensive line could have gone harder. This week we will get better.”

Question: Didn’t this team truly believe it would beat Louisville?
Tiller: “Yes we did. I thought we were going to win, bring home the (Governor’) Cup and just have a good time.”

Question: Did the team maybe underestimate Louisville or overestimate Kentucky?
Tiller: “I don’t even know. I think we underestimated them a little bit. They just came out and I guess they wanted it more.”

Question: Is the defense better than what it showed against Louisville?
Tiller: “It is way better. We just didn’t expect what they were going to come out in today. They surprised us with some things. That two-point conversion and all the deep balls.”

Question: Will we see more from you and other freshman secondary players as the season progresses?
Tiller: “Yes. Like Coach (Joker Phillips) said today, we are one play away from playing a lot. I think we are all going to do some good things.”

Question: Was it a surprise to you to be on the two-deep depth chart for the season-opening game?
Tiller: “No. I worked my butt off this summer. I went hard in the weight room, went hard on the field and got the job. I am gunning for a starting position now.”

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  1. JCC

    When they signed Tiller I knew he would play early. This frosh class is one of the most talented in recent history. I expect to see most of the freshman play alot more this week and especially expect to see Henderson at one of the linebacker spots.

    1. larryvaught

      After Sunday, no need not to play a lot of the freshmen, including Henderson. Tiller’s name came up all summer, and I can see why

  2. love SEC F-Ball

    Wow – He is not dissapointed? Well I am!
    Maybe he was responding to the demoralizing portion pf the question?

    How can we underestimate ANYONE!!!

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