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Franklin likes the passion and work ethic Scott has and knew overachiever Schlarman would be good coach


Former UK offensive coordinator Tony Franklin was at Kentucky when new UK coaches Neal Brown, Chad Scott and John Schlarman played for the Cats and also hired all three at  Troy when he was offensive coordinator.
“Chad was a video GA (graduate assistant) at North Carolina and had never coached before when I hired him,” Franklin said. “I recruited Chad and knew him and his family well. I knew the type person he was. He had worked my camps and I knew his coaching ability from there and thought he had a chance to be a special guy as a coach.”

What about as a recruiter?

“You never know about that stuff. To me, in recruiting there are two ways you can be good,” Franklin said. “One is being a compulsive liar, one is being honest and forthright and being a good human being. That’s the way he has made it and I knew he would be that way. A lot of times recruiting is just hard work and building a good rapport with the family and I knew he was a good person that could do that.

“But the big thing is he was passionate about the game and helping young people to be better. Chad was fortunate to grow up in a good home and become a good person. His life wasn’t easy, though, but he’s put his heart into coaching. Neal did a really good job training Chad, too. When Chad got to Troy, I told Neal to take him under his wing and teach him how to recruit. Neal is so meticulous and detail oriented and he instilled the same things in Chad.”

Franklin thought Schlarman was one of the “toughest and smartest” players he had even been around at Kentucky.

“I don’t think there was ever a tougher guy that played football. He was an undersized guy, but what I liked is you want a player who is an overachiever as a coach,” Franklin said. “Guys who the game comes easy for most times are not good coaches. They don’t get it and cannot teach it. For an overachiever like John, he gets it and understands it and can teach it to kids.

“I wanted him at Troy because he knew what we did and how we did it. I also believed in and knew he was a good human being. For me, when you are looking for a coach you want someone who is a good person, someone you want to share time with, someone you want be around their families. If not, I don’t want them coaching with me,” Franklin said. “Are they willing to learn or do they already think they know everything. A lot think they know and will not listen. I knew John would be a good listener and so does Neal.

“All these guys know each other already, know the system and know how to get along. They all want to be at Kentucky together and do great things. And they all will work their butts off to be successful because they don’t know any other way to do it and that’s what you want in a coach.”

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  1. RJ

    I like the fact that Neal Brown and his staff are on the road recruiting hard rather than wasting their time making their own news clippings (no offense Larry), which is Stoops job right now. There will be plenty of time down the road to talk to these guys for color stories. Right now these guys have a lot to get done and not a whole lot of time to do it. The job isn’t going to get done hanging around the press booth.

    1. Love SEC FBall

      I agree. I am liking the news clippings that we are getting.
      Recruiting – Confidence – Excitement – Wow!

    2. larryvaught

      RJ, Stoops not talking either. In this day and age, not hard for coaches to do both. UK has just never aggressively marketed football and taken advantage of opportunities to get even more good PR for the sport

      1. Larry Pup

        Larry V..I sort of get the impression in reading your post that in your mind UK does not score high marks in the way they handle football PR. I am not being critical, but can you help me understand what they need to be doing more of now?

        1. larryvaught

          Larry Pup, When a new coach is hired, why send out a picture of him at his old school. Put a UK shirt on him, take a picture and send it with the release. Simple things like that. Was less access to players/coaches this year than ever before and that’s not what a 2-10 team needs. And don’t even get me started on the spring game promo

          1. Larry Pup

            Amen! I’m with you on that Larry V. I see what you mean. I would think just using comon sense. I have followed UK football for decades and they have never promoted FB like the PR placed on roundball. I hope someday the powers that call the shots will wakeup. It is getting a bit old. The talk around the world today is “will Butch Jones be able to recruit at UT?” Hell Mark Stoops was hired a week before Jones and we get no PR it seems to me. To much stealth will kill you.

          2. Love SEC FBall

            Larry V. – I thought the same thing about the pictures of Coaches. I just read today’s article about Marrow & Scott & noticed the pictures were from previous teams. Football PR is sorely lacking. There have been several suggestions on this website to promote F-Ball (Some good ideas & some not so good). I think that U.K. F-Ball needs a Clearinghouse for ideas & suggestions. Coach Stoops has his hands full with other important duties – Like recruiting!! The new Coaches have hit the ground running – Let’s hope the rest of the staff does their job.

          3. larryvaught

            LoveSECFBall, like that idea for a clearinghouse for ideas. Could get some really neat suggestions. Going to mention that to UK folks when I get a chance

        2. Love SEC FBall

          Just look at the number of articles that Larry V. posted since Coach Stoops was hired. And at least 6 articles mentioned recruiting just the last TWO days. These articles generate a lot of excitement & this excitement is contagious! Talking to News Media is a huge responsibility for Coaches & Football Staff even if some are not as coorerative as Larry V. Let’s hope this improves! The current recruits that have been contacted seem very excited & can’t wait to get to Campus. Positive news coverage has to help recruiting.
          Can’t wait until the first recruit is signed or a recruit de-commits from another school to come here.

          1. Larry Pup

            If not for Larry V and Vaught’s Views it would be difficult to read anything positive about UK football anywhere. All the C-J does is print anything negative they can find to say about the program. That egg sucking Crawford and Bozich, formerly of the C-J, now with a Louisvile radio station, talk more trash than an opposing line backer. They always have their formula for success and are very proud to share it. On the national scene, ESPN, CBS Sports, etc. just don’t think UK can cut it no matter who the coach is. All one has to do is listen to all the talking heads and their negativity. UK needs to get our brand out there front and center, and our people who call the shots need to pickup the pace a little and start promoting UK football with some in your face PR. Perhaps then we could sell a recruit or two on the merits of playing football for UK. Our Coaches have their hands full.

          2. Love SEC FBall

            Larry Pup, – You nailed it!

  2. TrueBlueJohn

    Every coach that has been hired has had two qualifications. They come from successful programs which means that they have coaching ability, and they have
    strong ties to great recruiting areas. This can only mean good things in the future. I have always maintained that the UK job is one that can be built into a very competive program. All you need is the right coach, and we very well may have found him.

  3. Larry Pup

    I’ll say one thing for these new young coaches, they have brought interest in UK football to a fever pitch. We needed that!

  4. Michael

    Not that I agree with it, but i wonder if the reason coaches pictures are from former schools is because UK is trying to ride the coatails of those schools. Maybe it’s calculated and the school is trying to tell it’s fans, “see, we got FL St and Texas Tech’s coaches. We care about football.”

    1. Chris

      You can be sure UK will use Stoops FSU history to our advantage. I hadn’t thought of it untill I seen your comment but I think your on to something. I’m sure having FSU back ground has to help when you go into a Franklin Co. House hold.

  5. Chris

    Larry to me I think it’s great Stoops has ties to Ohio and some of these other talent rich states, but I think for UK to be where we all want we MUST win the recruiting war in Jefferson Co. High schools. I think that is how Brooks built UK up.Now with Petrino in WKU and Strong having UL playing at a high level it’s going to be harder then ever before.
    I just don’t see UK ever being a serious team without getting the top talent in our state. I think people confuse not having big amounts of D1 talent and not having talent. There are kids in state who can play. Stoops is going to have to get them to UK instead of UL or out of state powers. Lamar Dawson is a prime example that kid is doing thing at USC that hadn’t been done there in years. What do you think?

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