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FOX Sports airing 60-minute Calipari special

Editor’s note: Kentucky basketball coach John Calipari will be featured in a 60-minute interview with FOX Sports South. This release gives details on when the show will air and what it will be about.)

FOX Sports South today announced the debut of In My Own Words: John Calipari, a 60-minute interview special spotlighting the University of Kentucky men’s basketball coach, one of the all-time winningest coaches in NCAA basketball history.  In My Own Words: John Calipari debuts on Tuesday, December 22 at 9 p.m. on FOX Sports South.

In My Own Words: John Calipari chronicles Calipari’s upbringing in western Pennsylvania and West Virginia and his early introduction to coaching, when as a high school student he coached grade school teams to gain a better understanding of the game.  In the FOX Sports South original program, which is interspersed with footage of Calipari on the practice court and fans camped outside of Memorial Coliseum for tickets to Big Blue Madness, Calipari talks about the coaching journey that brought him to the hallowed basketball grounds of the University of Kentucky and the legacy he hopes to leave not only with the Wildcats’ program but also with the game of basketball.

In My Own Words: John Calipari has additional airings on FOX Sports South on December 23 at 3 p.m. following the Wildcats’ game against Long Beach State at 1 p.m.; December 28 at 9 p.m.; and December 29 at 9 p.m. (southern Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina) and 11 p.m. (Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi and northern Alabama).

On Kentucky basketball fans –
“These people are crazy.  And I say it in a loving way, but they’re crazy.  What I found out is they live and breathe this basketball program.”

On his future with Kentucky –
“All I know is I’m going to do the best I can; I’m going to go at this as hard as I can.  Don’t tell me I’m going too fast; don’t tell me slow down.  What I say is get out of the way then.  I’m going to stub my toe sometimes because when you’re going that fast you say and do some dumb things and you’ve got to apologize.  If I say something to my players that I shouldn’t say, I later come back and say in front of the team I apologize.  If I’ve really been mean, I’ll walk over and kiss the kid on the forehead and say I shouldn’t have been that way.  So I’m going to stub my toes as I go at this pace.  But I’ve been put here for a reason. We’ll figure that out about ten for 15 years down the road why I was put in this seat to coach this team, the winningest program in the history of the sport.  Maybe it’s to catch UCLA, I don’t know, but we’re going to figure out over a period of time why it was.”

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  1. KY_Wildcat_AL

    Yes, Coach…

    We can put up 12 NCAA titles, IF you stay around that long.
    I was thinking maybe within your first 8 years!!!

    Goooooo Biggggg Blueeeee!!!

  2. KY_Wildcat_AL

    This evenings prediction…
    UK 89 – Drexel 68

    21 point spread

    GO UK2K

    Go Big Blue

  3. Wayne C


    Did you happen to see the William C. Rhoden article in the NY Times over the weekend? Besides you he had the most accurate piece of all. The Lexington paper just fell right in with the washed up bully (Knight). Jerry Tipton didn’t have to take up for Cal but he could have been fair at least. Rhoden didn’t call Cal an angel but he pointed out the history of attacks Knight has made on people over the years:

    1979 he was charged with aggravated assault on a San Juan Policeman

    1981 he threw an LSU fan in a trash can on his way to the title game

    1985 The chair throwing during a game with Purdue

    1988 In an interview with Connie Chung Knight insulted every woman on the planet with his remark, I think if rape is inevitable, relax and enjoy it.

    2000 Knight was accused of choking one of his players during practice. Knight lied repeatedly until CNN broadcast a tape showing him choking the player.


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