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The Wildcats got confirmation Monday that Youngstown, Ohio, safety Marcus Wilson, a four-star prospect, would sign with Kentucky. He had made a verbal commitment to Nebraska almost a year ago but switched to UK partially because former Nebraska assistant Vince Marrow is now the tight ends coach at UK. Marrow and Stoops also both went to the same high school as Wilson. said McWilson’s defection was a “blow” to Nebraska because McWilson “was generally considered the best prospect” at safety in Nebraska’s recruiting class.

Sporting News has McWilson ranked as the nation’s 109th best player. Brian McLaughlin wrote at Monday that the 6-0, 200-pound Wilson is “clearly the best prep prospect Stoops has managed to get on board for his first recruiting class.”

He had scholarship offers from Michigan State, Louisville and West Virginia along with Nebraska.

“Coaches like that I’m an athlete that can play anywhere,” McWilson told Sporting News recently. “I can cover ground and I can also hit. I can fill holes on defense and make open tackles and any ball that goes up in the air is mine.”

Kentucky now has 17 commitments for the class of 2013, including nine since Stoops took over as head coach.

19 Responses to Four star safety Marcus McWilson gives Stoops another solid commitment for first recruiting class

  • MILL8J says:

    solid commitment! Stoops is going where no other coach at Ky has gone or even attempted to. He is not backing down from going after the **** guys. He gets it, you have to have players to win and compete. Also coaches who give you an oppurtunity to win with their ability and O and D schemes!! Go Cats

  • Love SEC says:

    Welcome to Kentucky, Marcus.
    We are glad that you are a Wildcat.

  • Gene says:

    It’s still to be determined just how much improvment we’ll be able to see in the ’13 version of the ‘Cats.
    The early returns from the recruiting front have certainly been encouraging AND they are alot of fun to witness.
    Signing day is eight days away. The “news” keeps rolling in. Don’t remember that news being shared so openly by the previous coaching staff.

    • TrueBlueJohn says:

      Maybe this coaching staff doesn’t have any fear of losing recruiting battles. They are agressively recruitng so many 4 star players, they are bound to connect on some. I think the previous staff just went through the motions with the better players, and concentrated their efforts in finding the overlooked diamond in the rough.

  • Larry Pup says:

    Larry V is James Hearns a Cat? I have heard differing reports.

  • RJ says:

    With recruiting like this KY can’t help but be better next year even if the are freshmen. Championship calibre no, but definitely better. A few recruiting classes like this the coaches won’t have any excuses!

  • Love SEC says:

    How many commits do we have at this point?
    Rivals has 17 for U.K.
    Scout has 20 – ??????

  • Jackie says:

    Dare I say it? I’m excited about football!

  • UKFAN197TONE says:

    Of nine of the Stoops recruits, I believe 3 (or is it 4) are legit 4* players. THAT speaks volumes, IMHO.

  • Larry Pup says:

    Who said UK couldn’t recruit footballers? Signing Day will be interesting.

  • Larry Pup says:

    Pretty soon this discussion will turn to “who will the starting QB be?” Can’t wait for spring practice to begin. Bless God we might just have us a football team in a year or two. You never know.

  • Shinny says:

    Hey RJ no excuses coming at anytime from this coaching staff–these guys are for real–and in 3 years we will be a player for New Year Day bowls. The recruiting is going so well I believe because these guys are use to getting in there and butting heads with all the big boys! This is what they have been doing so it’s nothing new for them–The BBN has got alot of catching up to do—it’s all new to us!! Hang on a week away!

    • Larry Pup says:

      Shinny..I could not put it any better. UK football is coming on. It’s as plain as the nose on our face, and It starts with recruiting.

      • Ira says:

        Larry P,

        It starts with recruiting and ends with recruiting. Like a previous poster said, the old coaching staff went thru the motions of going after the high caliber players and concentrated on players they didn’t have to work hard for.


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