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Former UK QB Jared Lorenzen wishes Hal Mumme got more credit for his offense


Jared Lorenzen played for three coaches at Kentucky — Hal Mumme, Guy Morriss and Rich Brooks — but the one he still considers most like a “father” is Mumme.

Lorenzen says that both himself and former UK quarterback Tim Couch, a No. 1 overall pick in the NFL draft after playing for Mumme, agree that their former coach is the “most under appreciated person in Kentucky football history because of what he did.”

Mumme brought a pass-oriented, fast-paced offense to Kentucky that attracted playmakers at all positions, created enough fan enthusiasm to expand Commonwealth Stadium and got Kentucky to the Outback Bowl. However, he had to resign in early 2001 because of an NCAA investigation. He was not found guilty of and direct wrongdoing and has had a variety of jobs since then. Currently he’s getting ready to start his first year as coach at Bellhaven College of the Mid-South Conference.

“We brought up to him about being under appreciated (on Kentucky Sports Radio) and he said it was (former UK athletics director) C.M. Newton who took a chance on him (at Valdosta State) and brought him to Kentucky.”

Mumme named Lorenzen the starting quarterback as a redshirt freshman over incumbent Dusty Bonner, a move that led Bonner to transfer. Lorenzen went on to break Couch’s records for total offense (10,637 yards), passing yards (10,354) and passing touchdowns (78).

“I still talk to him a lot,” Lorenzen said. “Hal doesn’t get enough credit for this offense. Take a look at the offense he had and it’s now run nationwide. It was great that C.M. Newton took a shot on him about 20 years ago, but look how well he turned out. You can call it the Mike Leach offense, Air Raid offense or Neal Brown offense, but it is the Mumme offense. I just wish he got more credit for it.

“We were talking to him about if you have a quarterback, you have an offense. Now we have the offense at Kentucky and it is amped up with the running game like we have not had before on one team. But Hal still needs more credit for what he did at Kentucky when no one thought he could do it. He deserves more. He’s really a good guy, something not everyone understands. I am glad to see his name surface more now with this offense, but it should surface more.”

Lorenzen does have one regret.

“I would have loved being in meetings last year with (SMU coach) June Jones and (SMU offensive coordinator) Hal Mumme taking offense. That would have been something,” Lorenzen said.

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  1. Craig Smith

    I have always been a big Hal Mumme fan. I was fascinated by his philosophies. He was the originator of the Air Raid offense. Those were my favorite years to watch UK football. I enjoyed watching Mumme last year here in Dallas at SMU. Jared was always fun to watch.I miss those days.

  2. Jim

    He was not a good head coach. He is a great OC. As a head coach at UK, he overloaded the roster with three times the receivers than normal and did not supply the defense with enough talent and depth. He hired on of the worst defensive coordinators of all time.

    Yes, he had a great offense at Kentucky, but he stole from the defensive side of the roster. Of course Lorenzen loved Mumme, all he did was pass.

    1. larryvaught

      Jim, actually the defense may have had more talent at times than the Mumme offense, but the coordinator ruined that talent or would not let it play

      1. Edward

        True enough LV, but Mumme obviously was not a good administrator as is evident by your comments.

  3. Larry Pup

    Mumme was a great offensive coach in many ways, but he didn’t know much about defense as I saw i unfold. I did not like what he did to Dusty I wish somebody would tell Dusty’s side of the story ever now and then just to refresh memories. He threw him under the bus IMO. Bonner had won the start on the practice field, and it was reported that way at the time, particularly by the C-J. His coaches (Claude Bassett) got UK in a world of trouble they are still trying to recover from. Ultimately UK paid the price for the violations. It was Mumme’s watch.

  4. Old Cat

    Mummy would still be here and UK would be a power if two things would have happened: 1, our compliance people should have been on top of Claus Bassett and nipped that in the bud before it developed, 2, Mummy would have let Mike Major go and upgraded the defense.

    1. larryvaught

      Old Cat, you are a wise Cat

  5. AndyP

    I disagree with JaLo. I think Mike Leach, the OC, was the coach who made the Air Raid click. For proof, just look at the success Leach has had and the struggles Mumme has had since leaving UK. Mumme benefited greatly from having Mike Leach, Tim Couch, and Craig Yeast when he came to UK. Once they left the wheels fell off.

    1. clancyhat

      Actually, that sounds like a very valid point. My memory is a little fuzzy. Did Mummie have success anywhere after UK??

  6. Ira


    Mumme hadn’t had the best stops to redefine his career. But he did himself no favors at UK not improving his D. Maybe it’s his philosophy, I don’t know. Water under the bridge.

  7. Andy

    Hal was a good OC and it helped he had Mike Leach who took the air raid to another level but as a head coach he was not that great. There was little to no D and if he had some sense he would have let Mike Major go not to mention all the violations UK occurred under his watch.

    JLo and Couch can praise him all they want. I just hope they remember the violations UK paid for as well. He just seemed disconnected to all the other parts that make up football.

  8. Keith Peel

    Which of the other recent coaches have taken UK to the Outback Bowl and had the number #1 player in the NFL draft. Hal Mumme revolutionized Ky Football by making it fun to watch… Win or lose. I didn’t enjoy watching brooks or Joker led teams like I did watching a Hal Mumme team play

    1. clancyhat


    2. AndyP

      You miss the point, Keith Peel. In my opinion, Mike Leach, the OC, Tim Couch, and Craig Yeast were far more responsible for our early success under Mumme than the head coach. Once they left the bloom was off the rose.

  9. Wendell

    Hal has had success at several different spots after UK. He specializes in turning programs around which is what he did at Kentucky. Hal’s son Matt, former UK QB, is in his first season as head coach at LaGrange College. Matt was the OC last year and LaGrange College led the nation in passing in his first year. There is a book about West Texas football when Hal Mumme was a high school coach. Another coach during this same time period in West Texas was Baylor’s head coach. That area of high school football during that time revolutionized the offensive game of football.

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