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Former UK All-American Derek Abney on Mark Stoops, needing depth at receiver


Question: What does the energy Mark Stoops has brought to the program mean to you?

Derek Abney: “It is amazing. I think it is fantastic. To be in the SEC and be in the top 20 (recruiting) this year. We were one or two for I don’t know how long. Coach Stoops came from such great Florida State defense and then Neal Brown it goes without saying what great programs he has strung together on offense. That is a serious combination when you have the recruiting and those two programs that they have proven to have. It’s just a matter of time before they start stringing together wins.”

Question: Why does offensive coordinator Brown need 10 or more receivers for this offense when you and your teammates never wanted to come off the field?

Derek Abney: “We threw the ball a lot, but the tempo he needs and has is more than we had. He just needs bodies out there. They put a lot of mileage on those receivers. This is a unique system for us and we need to give them time. He needs them for practice and games. It takes a toll on you, so you need a lot of bodies in games and practice.”

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  1. Larry Pup

    He is right on about needing more receivers for Brown’s offense. I hope he is right about stringing together some wins eventually by these coaches and players. It needs to start this year too IMO, or Stopps will lose some of his momentum. Stoops needs to prove he is a head coach that can win at Kentucky. If he does that, UK will be on their way to football prominence in the best conference in the land. If I were Stoops, I would give Brown full control of this offense, not that he has not already done so. Coach needs to make the” game on the line calls” as head coach. From what I observed, he appears to be a little less effective on the offensive side of the ball, and looked lost at times on the sidelines last year. Perhaps that was because of a lack of quality players against better competition. One thing for sure, Stoops is bringing UK talent, now he needs to coach em up and win some football games.

  2. Edward

    LP, last season I also noticed that the HC “looked lost at times on the sidelines last year” BUT most often that occurred when UK was on offense. I would like to believe that last season the HC concentrated mostly on the “D” during the games except during certain critical decision making moments when the HC must decide. Throw in a little frustration with all the other problems and ya get what we saw. Except for the good things that happened last year, we should all just let last season fade away.

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