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Former players like resources UK administration putting into football


Two former Kentucky football players credit UK’s administration for finally putting forth the resources to help football be successful.

“I do see some change as far as administration. I think they have given them some things to be very successful to show that they are dedicated to turning the program into a winning program,” former Wildcat defensive back Warren Wilson said. “Not just to compete in the SEC, but actually have opportunities to be an SEC-caliber, championship-type team.”

Dennis Johnson, an all-SEC defensive lineman at UK, sees a real commitment to football and credits Stoops with helping make that happen.

“I think it all starts with the administration and saying what are we doing to do to help. When a program’s down, you’re got to put your money where your mouth is,” he said. “You’ve got to get the coach, get the assistants, you’ve got to upgrade your facility to give yourself every chance to get kids when they come in to look at the university.”

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  1. TheProfessor

    A little surprised to find no previous comments in this thread. I really enjoy this read because when I hear those who have access to the program from the inside say that they see real change occurring at the Administration level, I get a warm feeling deep inside.

    I hope that many of you will enjoy following the upcoming football season using the big blue fans 4 uk gateway to the UK season as well as the SEC season.


    I will be starting the game score prediction threads at 247 Sports Message Board for the Western Game in early August. Any Vaughts Views readers who want to play along again this season are welcome to stop by that site throughout the season and join in.

    While the excitement and anticipation for the football future is as high as I have ever experienced, the 2013 season figures to be another tough year. Looking ahead, I believe that this team will be challenged to win 4 games, and 5 wins would be a huge statement by the new coaching staff and administration.

    If this team could somehow find 6 wins and become bowl eligible, Coach Stoops should be in the discussion for coach of the year, and heaven forbid that I get too far ahead of this thing, a 2013-14 bowl win would be the kind of boost to the future recruiting that this staff will be able to accomplish that this old frustrated football fan just might begin to really believe in magic.

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