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Former players believe Neal Brown brings new excitement to program and new attitude to players


Question: What do you think having Neal Brown as offensive coordinator  could mean to the UK football program?

Jason Todd: “I think the immediate result will be excitement. Excitement for the players and for the fans. The players will all be excited to prove to the new coaching staff that they can play and win in the SEC. The fans will be excited to see the exciting offense and to see what Coach Stoops has in store for the defense. The long term impact will depend on how well our new coaches are able to attract the players they need to be successful in their system. All coaches will tell you that having the players is the key to success. And I feel that it is not just up to the coaches to get players. I think when recruits are in Lexington, they need to feel the excitement of the whole community around the football program. If the fan base is energized, a recruit will feel that excitement and make them more likely to consider us instead of some other school. But when the fan base is down, it can make a recruit think, why would I want to come and play in a place that the fans don’t care.”

David Hopewell: “I believe players like to know they have a creative mind leading them. Neal brings that. Just watching some film on what he has done in different places looks like he knows what he wants to do anyway. Next is teaching players his system and developing them as players at this level so they know they’ll have a better shot at getting to the next level in the NFL. When you do that it will help the program grow. Being able to sell the dream of getting better and going to up has got to help.”

Andy Murray: “A new attitude with the kids. They will see the pedigree of this staff on day one, and it not be a walk in the park for them and probably won’t be a lot of fun at first. I also think our current kids will start to notice another gear that they did not realize they possessed when it comes to their everyday lives and level of play. These guys on our new staff have all been around success and know what it takes and it will be evident to our current roster immediately.”

Freddie Maggard: “Fan excitement and re-connecting the BBN. (My wife) Jen made (hotel) reservations for Nashville (and the season opening game against Western Kentucky) , I’d say 40,000 friends will do the same.”

Derek Abney: “It’s all so early but it’s hard to argue there’s a better fit at offensive coordinator than Neal Brown. The BBN is absolutely intoxicated with the Air Raid offense, and for good reason. Results mean everything but the future looks bright on both sides of the ball. If I only had a couple years left …”

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  1. P90XDude

    Hiring Coach Stoops and having Neal Brown as OC excites me too.

  2. TrueBlueJohn

    Scoring points + stopping the other team = wins.

    Somehow we have had a hard time understanding this equation in the past. Through good coaching and good recruiting, this is achievable. I feel we have the staff in place to do this.

  3. Tcat

    I really like this staff as well… I know they are working their tails off, something I don’t think the last staff always done… IMO this roster needs a few more WR’s, DE’s and a Juco O-lineman or two… If we land Sting’s son today or tomm that would be great too… I just hope we can get one of those stud recruits to pledge soon and help get this thing going…

    Abney I would love to see you catching those slant routes as well as returning kicks and punts too my friend, most electric UK returner ever… GO CATS!!!

  4. John Siple

    I wish you had a couple years left too Derek. One of the most exciting players to ever wear the blue and white. Thanks for the memories. GBB!!!

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