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Former NFL QB Chad Pennington believes Stoops can succeed at Kentucky


Former NFL quarterback Chad Pennington likes the hire of Mark Stoops at Kentucky and also thinks the system new offensive coordinator Neal Brown employs will help UK be more competitive in the Southeastern Conference.

“I know UK fans were really excited after the press conference. I think coach Stoops having the experience he does as well as being able to lean upon his brothers for advice when he comes to being a head coach and that type of thing, I think he will do just fine,” said Pennington, who spoke at the National Guard Border Bowl banquet here Friday night and worked as color analyst for FOXSports South at the game Saturday. “I listened to him at his press conference and you could tell he has the right demeanor and attitude and I think good things will happen.

“Kentucky needs an offense that will spread things out. I just don’t think at Kentucky you can line up and play power football in the SEC. This new offense should help UK a lot.”

Pennington grew up in Knoxville and played his college football at Marshall. He was the first quarterback picked in the 2000 draft with the 18th pick. The year before Cleveland made Kentucky quarterback Tim Couch the first overall pick in the draft.

Pennington played 11 seasons with New York and Miami and completed 1,632 of 2,471 passes for 17,823 yards and 102 touchdowns. Pennington  won the NFL Comeback Player of the Year Award twice — 2006 and 2008 —  and finished second in MVP voting to Peyton Manning in 2007. He is the NFL’s all-time leader in career completion percentage at 66 percent among quarterbacks with at least 1,500 pass attempts.

He’s recently moved to Woodford County with his wife and three sons and even though he remains a solid Marshall fan, he has paid more attention to the Kentucky program recently.

Does he wonder why UK has not won more consistently over the years?

“I think a lot of people ask that. Everyone knows it is a big basketball state. Football-wise, they have had their moments but certainly it has been tougher consistently to win,” Pennington said.” Of course you are playing in a tougher conference than most schools, too. It certainly is a place where you can be successful absolutely and build a program long term and that seems what Stoops has the pedigree to do.”

Pennington even says he will see a UK game “every once in while this season but I still bleed green and white” (for Marshall).

“I am going to support Marshall, but I have friends that are UK fans and supporters, so I certainly will go to a game or two and watch them play. I think they could be fun to watch,” he said.

Pennington and his wife, Robin, had been looking for different places to “settle down” after he decided last winter to end his NFL career. He injured his shoulder on Nov. 14, 2010 against Tennessee. He made another comeback attempt in 2011 but tore his anterior cruciate ligament while pick-up basketball. He spent the 2011 season working as a NFL analyst for FoxSports and on Feb. 12, 2012, he announced he would retire rather than attempt a comeback following his fourth shoulder surgery.

“We had certain criteria that we wanted to meet in where we lived. Lexington just kept coming up and answering all our questions,” Pennington said. “I’m from Knoxville, she’s from Madison, W.Va., and it was a pleasant middle place and gave us close proximity to both of our families, and to Marshall. Also had good schools for our kids.

“We have been there since August. I was at the  Marshall spring game in April and had some time before my flight left on Sunday. I drove to Lexington, looked at about four properties and really liked them. I called my wife and set them up for her to see and by next week she had looked at in and by June we had closed on it and by August we were here. It was either come now or wait a full year because our kids (ages 8, 6 and 3) are in school.”

Pennington says more people in Woodford and Fayette counties are starting to figure out who he is.

“It depends on whether they are football fans or not. Word is starting to get around that we live in the Woodford County area,” Pennington said. “It has been a really nice transition and we have met some really great people in Woodford and Fayette County. The transition has been real smooth so far because of the great people we have met in Kentucky.”

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  1. Shinny

    Sounds just like the people I’ve known and miss Chad! Kentucky folks are just down to earth God fearing people, that love the Big Blue!!!

  2. Larry Pup

    Great article. Loved his remarks about Kentucky football and coach Stoops. Wish him and his family well. He was a great pro.

    1. TimC

      Stoops is getting it done recruiting. Just reported Javess Blue is a Wildcat.

      1. Larry Pup

        Great news. I understand he is a solid verbal

  3. King Ghidora

    Chad was a heck of a football player. I’d love to see him become connected to UK in some way. He was a very intelligent football player too. IMO he would make a great offensive coordinator.

    1. larryvaught

      King, Chad did a great job interacting/speaking at National Guard Border Bowl Made a huge hit with former UK QB Freddie Maggard and other Guard members

  4. steve from Dayton

    There goes the neighborhood! A Marshall fan! Joking, of course.

    I hope the word gets around that KY is a great place to settle. We could be the new destination for retired NFL players. I’d like to retire there too… right next door to the Penningtons.

    1. King Ghidora

      Let’s not forget that a person could almost throw a rock from KY to the Marshall campus. Well it’s maybe not quite that close but we’re talking less than 5 miles. There are a lot of Marshall fans in that part of the state but of course UK is by far the king of NE Kentucky. When I was very, very young I was actually a Marshall fan and knew very little about UK. They were on tv all the time while UK was almost never on in that part of the world. Things certainly changed in a hurry though. My dad explained the facts of life to me (we were Cat fans I believe is how he put it :) ). The rest is history. But I still like Marshall. My daughter works in Huntington and I have a good friend who works for WSAZ, a tv station out of Huntington. Actually my daughter is on tv pretty regular there too. Marshall has a long history of success in sports at times. They come and they go but they have been in the to 25 both football and basketball in my life. Mike D’Antoni was a Marshall product if that gives you a hint of what their program was like.

      I’m not about to jump ship and support Marshall over UK though. You can be sure of that. It’s not even close.

  5. Rob Hanneman

    I went to Marshall when Chad Pennington played football their it was a great time for Herd fans. Hard times has hit Herd nation I long for the day to come when the Thundering Herd have players like Pennington, Randy Moss and Troy Brown wearing the colors geen and and white bringing back a winning tradition. I am originally from WV but have pretty been working and living in KY foe 21 years . When it comes down are you a Hatfield or a McCoy I joke I am pretty much spilt down the middle. Hope Chad can someday be the quarterbacks coacj at UK cant wait to see Coach Stoops get the CATS football program on tract and see another winning tradition.

    1. larryvaught

      Thanks for posting Rob. I really like Chad Pennington

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