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Former Cats like recruiting potential that Stoops has with his new Kentucky staff


Question: How do you feel about the overall staff new Kentucky coach Mark Stoops is putting together from a coaching and recruiting standpoint?

Derek Abney: “I’ve spoken to a coach who says this is a talented and young (equal) hungry) staff. And I couldn’t agree more. I think the second and third hires (after the defensive coordinator) was the receiver coach and cornerback coach who are known as much for their recruiting as their X’s and O’s. Two things that stick out so far are the financial commitment of the athletics director — announcement soon of upgraded facilities — and in addition to a conventional strength coach, another staff member directly responsible for diet and strength/conditioning. Those are two vital pieces to a BCS program, in my opinion.”

Andy Murray: “I think the recruiting trail is not going to have as many rocks and pot holes as it has had in the past.  We all know players make plays and any coach will tell you that they will take talent any day of the week over most.  I cannot wait to see what this team looks like in two years.”

Freddie Maggard: “What is obvious from first pass is the staff is young and proven recruiters as well as coaches. But, geographical recruiting diversity only can boost in that effort. I see coaching with experience in Alabama, Florida, Texas, and what really is hopeful, strong junior college past recruiting success. That may be critical in the early development phase.”

Jason Todd: “I think the most exciting part is the recruiting potential.  I know coaches may have philosophy differences, but I feel the most important part is getting the right players for the system you want to be able to run.  The ability to get the players they need is what will determine how successful we will be in the coming years.”

David Hopewell: “Like I’d said before, I just wanted a staff put in place that really believes they can take us to the SEC Championship game on the 1st Saturday in December each year. It looks like that is what’s happening.  Now it’s time to go to work and get it done.
“This coaching staff is still just one element of the equation though. The administration still has to put in place being able to get the other improvements to bring it all together. It’s not just an all-star coaching staff. The administration having the political influence with the legislature to get bonding for things will be a major factor. UK will certainly be able to pay back any bonds they get with a winning football program so that shouldn’t be a concern.  I just never dreamed state politics would play into something like this for your land grant university.  So if your readers could call their legislators for support and even call the Governor’s office for support that just might be of help.”

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  1. Love SEC FBall

    I respect the opinion of these guys. They have paid their dues & know better than many of us what is needed. Glad to see the daily emphasis on recruiting.

    Dave’s comments support Ira’s contention that the Administration still has work to do. I agree. Let’s keep the excitement going!

  2. Larry Pup

    Great article, and I respect these football players. I think it is a great idea put forth by Hopewell for all UK fans to call their legilators to pressure them to support bonding issues for facilities improvements at UK for football. I plan to do just that.

    1. Larry Pup

      By the way, UK is the flagship school for the Commonwealth. Not Louisville, or Western. UK deserves to be taken care of from a funding issue. Am I missing something here.

  3. JCC

    Larry, Are there any kids that you see UK being able to land that they would never have had a shot at with the other staff, I mean except the obvious ones like Quick.

    1. larryvaught

      timmons falls into that category. Should be several more that maybe we don’t even know about that coaches were recruiting at previous schools. Expect Stoops to land a few Florida kids for sure

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