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Former and current UK coaches called immediately to check on Blaylock twins


When word got out that former NBA star Mookie Blaylock had been involved in a traffic accident in Georgia Friday that resulted in the death of a woman in another car after his SUV crossed a median and hit another car. Blaylock has been charged with driving under a suspended license, improper lane change, crossing the median and driving on the wrong side of the road.

His sons are Kentucky sophomore football players Daron and Zack Blaylock and even though they have lived with their mother and step-father the last 12 years, that didn’t keep current and former UK coaches from reaching out to the twins after the accident.

John Woods, the twins’ step-dad, said former UK head coach Joker Phillips, now an assistant at Florida, called. “He’s a good man,” Woods said.

So did former UK assistant coach Greg Nord. “The boys loved him,” Woods said.

Current UK secondary coach Bradley Dale Peveto also called along with new UK director of football operations Frank Buffano on behalf of head coach Mark Stoops “to check on the boys and how they were” after their father’s accident.

The twins have become especially fond of Peveto, who called when another UK player, Ashley Lowery, was seriously injured in a car accident in Georgia last month and the twins went to visit him.

“He called to see how their visit with Ashley went. I told my wife to answer because most coaches would rather talk to the moms,” Woods said. “He talked to her about 45 minutes, then asked for me and talked another 15 minutes or so. He’s just a super guy.

“Daron and Zack are lucky to have him as a coach. He loves them and they love him. He treats them like his sons and they think he hung the moon.”

The Blaylock twins are now back at Kentucky and Woods said their time at home was a bit more emotional than they could have ever imagined.

“They went and spent a day with Ashley in ICU and then the day before they left to go back to Kentucky they had to see their dad in ICU,” Woods said. “That’s a tough way to start and end a vacation at home.”

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  1. RememberBillCurry

    Blaylock was also charged with vehicular homicide. He also has a warrant for his arrest from another drug possession and drunken driving charge. DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE.

  2. Shinny

    No doubt these boys are super young men! Their leadership will come to the front in the coming years. Thanks to Coach Peveto who showed again we have a classy coaching staff. By the way these guys can flat out play football too!

  3. steve from Dayton

    The real world comes creeping into our lives. I hope all three of these young men come out well. I am also glad that coaches, both present and former, are who we thought they were and got in touch. Good show!

  4. charlie t.

    People called on behalf of Stoops and other people called to check on them. Stoops should have went by there, as the other coaches should have done!

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