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Florida WR Tyre Brady says “I am proud to say I am committed to Kentucky” no matter what some others say


With all the buzz over Kentucky football, there is one recruiting saga that is a bit perplexing. No, it’s not whether John Hardin defensive tackle will pick Alabama, Ohio State, Notre Dame, Louisville or Kentucky. No, it’s not will UK coach Mark Stoops run out of scholarships to offer based on how many players are committing to UK.

Instead, it’s whether Tyre Brady, a talented receiver out of Florida, is committed to UK or not. He says yes. Some recruiting services say no.

So which is it about the 6-3 1/2, 195-pound Brady, who also has scholarship offers from Florida, Florida State and others?

“I have seen the rumors about Kentucky not accepting my commit because they did not tweet out Yahtzee until a couple of hours later,” said Brady.
Yahtzee is the code word Kentucky coaches — who are not allowed to comment on recruits until they have signed a scholarship — have started using on Twitter when a player does commit.

“The funny thing is that I committed at Kentucky on my visit in front of the coaches,” Brady said. “Then they called my mom and told her how happy they were that I committed. One recruiting website put me on the list and moved UK to No. 1 in the nation and then somebody took me off the commitment lists. I don’t know what happened or what some people think, but I am committed to Kentucky.

Brady is only a three-star recruit — amazing how coach Mark Stoops has recruited so well that it is now okay to put only in front of a three-star player. However, he had an offer from Miami,  Mississippi State and Minnesota. Ohio State has shown interest. He’s made visits to Georgia and Louisville.

He may not have the big-time speed of some receivers, but he says he uses his size to make plays.

“I can catch the ball in traffic, and like to do that. I think I have good hands and run good routes,” Brady said. “I love coach (Neal) Brown’s offense. I actually got a chance to sit down with him and coach (Tommy) Mainord and they showed me a receiver at Texas Tech like me and how they could work a big guy into the offense. Coach Mainord said the upside I had on him is speed. Coach Mainord said he loved my upside.”

He missed his sophomore season due to academic issues and moved to Houston for a semester last school year before returning to South Dade Senior High School in Homestead, Fla.

“Last year was good for me, but then I moved to Texas,” he said. “But I had a great spring. I scored five times — twice in the first game we played and three times the second game. It was a grade thing, nothing physical, that made me miss my sophomore year. But I have that under control now.”

He said it was not hard to turn down traditional in-state powerhouses Florida, Florida State and Miami to commit to Kentucky.

“It was tempting to play for one of them, but Kentucky has been the leader since they came down in the spring,” Brady said. “The coaches were trying to get me to stay home, but it wasn’t hard for me to leave. The distance is not a problem because I believe in Kentucky and what those coaches are doing.

“I am proud to say I am committed to Kentucky. I am happy to be a Wildcat. I am going back up to Kentucky July 18 with the other commits. We will be there together doing things. But I am definitely committed no matter what anybody says and definitely planning to play at Kentucky.”

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  1. Alan

    Just reading an article about Ohio State recruiting in the Columbus Dispatch today and noticed that, even though they mentioned 5 or 6 prominent recruits that were visiting OSU yesterday, there was no mention of Matt Elam. I know he was scheduled to be visiting there yesterday.
    With him being possibly a 5-star recruit you would think they might, oh, you know, be excited about him being on campus.
    I hope he takes notice of just how much of a priority he appears to be up here in Buckeye land.

  2. steve from Dayton UKFBFAN

    Tyre, We’re proud to have you. Lexington is a great city and the fans are going to love you. Practice hard, play hard. Yahtzee!

  3. Love SEC F-Ball

    We are glad that you will be playing for Kentucky, Tyre!
    Good luck to you this season and stay healthy.
    BBN supports you. You have great coaches at Kentucky.

  4. TimA

    Larry, you need to talk to that Rowland guy on rivals that covers UK recruiting. He is the one not confirming Tyre’s commitment. All I can say abou it is the yahtzee tweets from the coaches never came. I don’t know where he says that the yahtzees came about couple of hours later. I was on twitter the whole evening when all this occurred and those yahtzees never came.

    1. larryvaught

      Thanks tim. Just quoting him. But as I noted, he knows academics are an issue, but he’s not only recruit with that issue

  5. TimA

    Where did my comment go?

  6. TimA

    nevermind i see it now

  7. Ira

    Hate it for this kid, no one from the coaching staff confirming it. It’s like a me against the world routine. The staff may have good reasons for not confirming it, but when you are 18 you sure can feel lonely and left in a cleft stick.

    Just wonder if this young man misconstrued a commitable/noncommitable offer and this has caused all the problems in the first place. Either way, welcome young man and good luck to your SR season.

    1. larryvaught

      Ira, if he committed in front of staff and they called his mom, hard to misunderstand. Now I think he knows it depends on academics, but he’s not only recruit in that boat. Why I see no reason not to list him if you are listing others that have academic work to do. For that matter, every recruit does because none have actually graduate yet

  8. Larry Pup

    I am pulling for you Tyre. Hope this all gets cleared up. I’m sure it will.

  9. TimA

    Larry, this is interesting. The UK staff is mailing out a yahtzee poster to all of the commits. Wonder if Tyre will receive one? That would clear this whole mess up.


  10. UKFAN197TONE

    This will be a NCAA violation…soon. Watch.

  11. Love SEC F-Ball

    I agree with Larry. If this was done face to face and his mom was called, I can’t see the problem. Why would he make this up?

    What did we do before tweeters and yahtzee? I understand that coaches can not comment so don’t we have to depend on what the recruits tell us? Even if you fail to tweet a twit with you tweeter it can now be twubble.

    Hit the books hard this fall Tyre. Stay safe and good luck this season. We hope to see you in blue and white!

  12. DCS195

    You appear to have everything twrite.

    Oh, and thanks Larry. You always do a great job.

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