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Father says transfer speculation never bothered Kentucky QB Patrick Towles

UK quarterback Patrick Towles (Victoria Graff photo)

UK quarterback Patrick Towles (Victoria Graff photo)


Many speculated sophomore quarterback Patrick Towles  would not stay at Kentucky after playing in only five games in two years. But his dad, Terry Towles, says the speculation never bothered his son.

“He is a very upbeat kid. He is excited about the opportunity he has to compete in the spring,” Terry Towles said. “His spirits are really good. He has had a lot of accomplishments in his life, but the thing I am most proud of is how he has conducted himself through this process. He has remained upbeat. He cheered for his team. He never ducked his head and hid.

“Just in general you see people face adversity and learn a lot about them. I think he has handled it well and it will make him a better quarterback one day. I am really proud of him. He just wants to get better and that’s truly the way he feels. He’s just like that. Unlike his father, he is very patient. He understands, and I agree, that it is all about timing. His time has not been there yet, but we all think it is going to come eventually, and hopefully that will be in the fall. If not, he will continue the same way about his business in the future.”

Terry Towles is not worried about his son placing too much pressure on himself this spring knowing Barker and Phillips are only freshmen and that Whitlow and Smith both have starting experience.

“He likes that. The more pressure, the better he plays. I don’t think that will be a factor in whether he’s successful or not,” Terry Towles said. “He likes that. He will feel the pressure obviously when he’s playing, but he has had that discussion with coach Brown and he says when he plays best is when there’s the most pressure. What stress is to some is not stress to others.

“He always wanted to go to UK to play and that will happen when the time is right. There are a lot of quarterbacks that have gone on to be a success that endured adversity during their careers. It’s just part of the learning curve and he understands that. He has kept a very positive attitude. I would not say there was never a down time, but he never showed it. He is confident in himself and that allows him to keep a positive attitude.”

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  1. Mike


  2. Mike

    WOW!!…. what an uplifting story during beatdown BB season. Talk about a father being a good role model for his son, this is hard to top. Good luck this year Patrick and thanks for your faith and loyalty.

  3. Woohop

    After reading the articles on Patrick the last two days I’m back on board in support for him becoming our # 1 QB this fall. He came with outstanding credentials but apparently word was he didn’t push self improvement in his skill set to meet the expectations of Brown and Stoops. These articles clearly show how he has gone beyond expectations to correct whatever deficiencies existed and is determined to be the QB this Fall. After reviewing the site for Whitfield’s training camp/program I truly believe if Patrick adopts what that program instills that he will be light years ahead of the other players seeing the position. I wonder whether the others have sought similar outside trainers to improve their game. Any idea Larry? Thanks for these great articles giving us insight into what is happening in our FB program during this time of BB March Madness.

    1. larryvaught

      I have heard some other players are doing the same. HOpe to check on that tonight for you Woohop

  4. Ira

    I don’t have a preference even now, I think Phillips or Barker as of right now has the best chance to start for UK. But if PT takes a trip to CA and it works out for him that he comes back for spring and becomes the front runner for the job I’m fine with it as well. I just want UK to have the best QB possible, we can’t suffer thru another year of bad offense.

  5. Gene T.

    I have always wanted him to do well. I thought he should have gotten more time his true freshman year. His injury really set him back. I really like our choices at QB. May the best man win, and be a true QB. I do think we have to find a position for Whitlow. He is too good of an athlete. I don’t want us to waste another Shane Boyd on the side line.

    1. Love SEC F-Ball

      I agree with Gene & Ira. We have some good choices at QB now and the competition should be good for all of them. Let the coaches decide and support their decision.
      We are too quick to call it a QB controversy – Let it be a QB competition.

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