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Father says top dual threat QB Asaintii Woulard could commit if he likes visit next weekend


He’s considered one of the nation’s top five dual-threat quarterbacks and was interested in the University of Kentucky long before Mark Stoops became the new UK coach and brought in offensive coordinator Neal Brown.

However, four-star quarterback Asaintii Woulard of Winter Park, Fla., never heard from the previous UK coaching staff despite sending film. He verbally committed to South Florida, but changed his mind about that after coach Skip Holtz was fired and now has a visit set to Kentucky Jan. 11-12.

“Once the coaching staff changed, he ended up resending his information to Kentucky and they reached out to him,” said

Michael Woulard, the quarterback’s father. “He was embraced by this new staff and they are really on him the best I can tell.”
The 6-4, 210-pound Woulard, who was the most valuable player at one of the Elite 11 camps last summer, played receiver his first two years in high school before converting to quarterback.

“He’s good running and throwing, but he’s probably a better passer than runner,” his father said. “But he can run. “

Woulard was impressed by the hiring of Brown, the former offensive coordinator at Texas Tech.

“We really liked the new offensive coordinator,” Michael Woulard said. “We looked at the Texas Tech offense a lot and knew he would like to run that offense. He is wanting to be more of a pro-style quarterback, but he’ll do whatever fits with the team. He has talked to coach Brown several times and I have talked to coach Brown. We really like him.

“He just seems to be real personable. He is pretty much cut and dry when he tells you something. He’s straight forward but has a good personality about him. I have not seen a lot of coaches like him. You want to be comfortable around people you are playing for and it’s easy to be comfortable around him and working hard to win a championship. Or at least two championships.”

Woulard had “about eight other major offers” when he committed to South Florida but now he seems primarily interested in Kentucky.

“If he likes what he sees on his visit, I think he’ll be ready to commit to Kentucky,” his father, who will not make the visit to UK with him, said.

Michael Woulard describes his son “as quiet and laid back” off the field.

“He’ll usually speak in a monotone voice until he’s on the field and then he turns into something else,” Michael Woulard said.
His father jokes that his son is a “big fan” of singer Taylor Swift, something that might make him a bit different from other players.

“He used to play basketball, but I kind of talked him out of it because he’s always been special on the football field,” his father said.

Asaintii Woulard was timed in the 40-yard dash in 4.6 seconds two years ago but his father suspects he’s faster now. He also knows his overall knowledge of the game sometimes allows him to play faster than other players with similar speed.

“My son is lights out when it comes to getting on the board and drawing it (the offense) up. He’s way ahead of the curve on that,” Michael Woulard said. “He’s always made good grades. He’s a good boy and he knows if you want to make it (to Southeastern Conference football), grades are the first part of it. If you don’t get good grades, nothing else is going to work out for you. So grades have never been a problem with him.”

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  1. Russ

    If he’s rated this high wonder why he committed to South Florida?

    1. UKFAN197TONE

      The weather?

    2. Love SEC F-Ball

      I thought the same thing – Father says grades are good so that should not be the issue if it is true.

      If he is rated that high wonder why he never heard grom the previous staff?

      1. Love SEC F-Ball

        If he is rated that high wonder why he never heard from the previous staff?
        Can’t spell!


    Quick video and info on his MVP of the Elite 11 camp:


    1. Love SEC F-Ball

      Thanks for the link. Two good videos & article.
      I have the same impression as Bill.

  3. Bill

    I’ve watched the video. This young man is the real deal. He was the MVP in the Elite 11 quarterback camp. Just another camp? You might want to look at the competition. This would be an awesome recruit. I understand we’ve had some highly rated quarterbacks that just didn’t get it together. Still, this young man has some intangibles as well as an exceptional skill set.

  4. Kokamo Joe

    If this kid commits we will be loaded with quarterbacks. This will be 4. Will any of them agree to play other positions?

  5. Ira

    3 things. 1 Joker said they would only take one QB. 2 he committed early yo USF and 3 he broke his ankle right before that comitment.

    Stoops never said they would take one QB and watching the young man play we’d be silly to pass on him.

    Now sign up and in those immortal words get er done boy!

  6. pacman

    Larry, if he is a 4 star QB why would the previous staff not “pull out the stops” and follow up if the kid was interested and sent tape. You think it was because he is a dual threat QB and Randy Sanders ran a pro style offense with a drop back passer? Doesnt make sense. UK needs all the 4 star players it can get

  7. TrueBlueJohn

    If you can get 4* and 5* players, you take them regardless of position. A good coach can figure out how to use them.

    1. Love SEC F-Ball

      You are right – Take all you can get regardless of position.
      A lot of the best athletes end up at QB in High School & many of them will have to change positions in College. Some of the best recruiting teams like A & M will sign two QB’s per year.

  8. Larry Pup

    If Stoops and Brown like him, sign him if he will.

  9. Fan Fan

    He won’t be out whitlow.

    1. larryvaught

      I think Whitlow is going to be on the field at some position. He’s just too good a playmaker not to get the ball

      1. Love SEC F-Ball

        I agree – Whitlow is too good to sit. He could play several positions.

  10. Larry Pup

    UK needs to sign some big talented lineman, and a big 220 to 230 pound tailback who runs a 4.3 forty, eats roofing nails and drinks hot grease from a frying pan. Hey! I can dream.

  11. Ira

    I’m looking forward to seeing who will be our starting QB next year. I think it will be Maxwell Smith way to accurate for it not to happen. But then if over the spring/summer heading into fall Whitlow really improves his accuracy I can see him taking the lead with his ability to keep plays alive with his mobility.

    I think we will surprise a few teams this year. Let spring football get here!

  12. Larry Pup

    I’m not picking a starter thank the good Lord. Max seems to get hurt to easily, Towles sort of faded due to his injuries late, and Whitlow seemed to really improve as the year progressed. Who knows, from what I hear about this Phillips kid, he may start. I say may the best man win in Brown’s offense. I just hope we have a slobber knocking defense who will punish teams, and get off the field on third down for a change.

  13. Gene

    Four deep at any position,in any conference, is not a bad thing.
    In the SEC four deep at QB is almost mandatory given the size and speed of some of these defensive ends and linebackers.
    Having watched video of Woulard at the Elite 11 camp(s) he looks to be a bit of a special player who with decent coaching and game prep could be very special.
    You do not pass up a chance to get a kid like him!

  14. UKFMLY

    As we all well know havING several qb’s in this league is essential. Sign them all and let the coaches sort them out. GO CATS

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