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Father says signee Karl Towns Jr. will bring things not seen at UK before with his size, versatility

Karl Towns photo courtesy Star-Ledger.

Karl Towns photo courtesy Star-Ledger.


Karl Towns Sr. knows his son was criticized by some because rather than play the normal AAU circuit, he spent time playing with the Dominican National team. However, in recent all-star games — Jordan Brand Classic, McDonald’s All-American Game and Nike Hoop Summit — Karl Towns Jr. got to showcase al he can do.

“I think he did well,” said Towns Sr. “He showed his versatility and what he brings to the table every night is going to be different than you have seen at Kentucky because of his size and ability to pass, shoot the 3, post up. He’s a complete team player and we are looking forward to him getting started at Kentucky soon. He has a lot of skill sets for a 7-footer.

“Because he didn’t play AAU, a lot of people did not get to see him play against elite talent. Then when you see him play, you realize everything you hear about him is believable. He proved in those (all-star) games that he is just as talented as anyone. You hear about the kid, but you want to see him play and a lot of people were impressed by his skill set and what he brings to the game.”

The Kentucky signee was the Star-Ledger New Jersey Player of the Year after leading St. Joseph to the state title again while averaging 21 points, 14 rebounds and six blocked shots per game.

The player and his father watched every Kentucky game last year.

“Karl said the same thing every day, every game — ‘I can’t wait to get there and I wish I was there now to help them make a (national championship) run.’ He is a team player and loves the sport. He can’t wait to get to Kentucky. He is so anxious for June 9 to get here because he wants to get everything in progress to make the team get going and ring the bell going to work. He wants to help take it to the next level and win a championship at Kentucky.”

The father admits it will be a “transformation” not having his son at home. The two have been working out on the basketball court together since Karl Jr. was about 3 years old.

“There will be adjustments knowing he’s not here this summer. Maybe it will be a good time for me and my wife to do some t hings and spend time together,” Karl Towns Sr. said. “He is leaving us to go to another family. He’s been on the Olympic team. He knows coach Cal. It’s not like he doesn’t know what Kentucky is about. I am just handing him off to the other side of the famil.

“It really won’t be that hard. We won’t be going every day after school to work out for three hours, but there will be people talking to him and coaching him now that know a lot more than I do. But just by how he looks and what player he has become, I think I did a pretty good job with. He’s never been a problem and won’t be at Kentucky. He’s all about team and winning.”

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  1. Rod

    Very excited to see this young man in UK blue. Always hear great attitude in remarks about him.

  2. David

    Another Kevin Durant. Karl Jr. I predict will help us win #9. Very glad Karl is on our side. Thanks Karl for being a Cat and looking forward watching you play.

  3. Larry Pup

    I am also thankful Karl is a “Wildcat.” I can’t wait to see him play. You can tell that Karl and his Dad are very close, I like that. I also like to hear that “He’s a team player.”

  4. Paul

    How in the world could you draw up a better student, BB prospect or son ?
    I am so very impressed with the quality of student athlete Coach Cal has recruited !

  5. Dennis

    I feel for Karl Sr. What a great example of a father. You can rest assured the BBN will adopt Jr, Sr and the whole family for life. My understanding is Jr is as good a person as he is an athlete. A young man doesn’t get that way independantly, it takes great parenting, way to go Mr and Mrs Towns.


    Has anyone seen any video of him playing? If so can you post a link. I love to read the parents comments it gives us insight into who they are and helps us get know them better. One of the main reason I read this site is for these types of stories.



  7. Larry T Clemons

    What a Gem of a Talent…And I’m glad he stayed away from the AAU circuit…Karl Jr’s skill set was better suited to Play With Grown Men on the Dominican Team…I think we are all in for a surprise. BBN will see more than a Freshman, be prepared for a more mature Baller with serious Skills…

  8. bthax

    From a VERY involved parent, “handing him off to the other side of the family”, this demonstrates that Coach Cal is practicing what he preaches. In spite of the perception of the MSM, we (the BBN) adopt and look out for these young men. The program is tighter and the bonds stronger than I can ever remember.

  9. King Ghidora

    I think Karl might be the best player ever at UK. His senior highlight video looks awesome. He has a really big skill set.

    1. Anonymous

      You got that right. He can ball for sure.

    2. Larry Pup

      He’s a player for sure. That video is impressive. He does it all.

      1. Derek

        I agree, mirror image of a hound Dirk.

  10. Larry T Clemons

    I can’t wait, even if its just to give Kentucky another first in College Basketball History….The First Front Line of 7 footers, ( Dakari Johnson, 7′ Center, Willie Cauley-Stein, 7′ 1″ Forward & Karl Towns Jr, 7′ 2″ Forward )…..WOW, exciting Times coming ! Trey Lyles & Marcus Lee, Guards, (OK, I’m gettin carried away) lol !

  11. John

    Nothing left to say. He seems like a fine young may with loving parents. May God bless this family.

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