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Fan thinks going back to Big 4 Classic with Indiana, Lousville, Ohio State makes the most sense


Danville attorney Patrick McClure, an avid Kentucky fan, sent me this reaction to the news that UK might be joined by North Carolina, UCLA and Ohio State in a  new four-team classic starting in 2014. See what you think about his idea of a new classic.

“The idea of a UK, UCLA, North Carolina group sounds intriguing. I am not sure how Ohio State makes that cut. Indiana or Duke would seem to make more sense in that one, based on number of championships and other factors, which I guess would include Kansas too, but of course Kansas and Duke are already a part of the existing ‘classic’ that we do, so that would leave really ONLY Indiana as the choice.

“But of course, as always, I have a better idea (my last one apparently got some credence, since at BBM they highlighted only the championship banners …I still think we should drop them down so they stand out from the rest): Why can’t we fix the Indiana scheduling issues for both UK and UofL by going back to the Big 4 classic. Ohio State WOULD make sense in that lineup, with the Kentucky schools using Yum Center (if Louisville would allow it) or Freedom Hall, and Indiana and Ohio State getting to choose Market Square or the site of the Dayton NCAA regionals in their years. . Or they could just rotate through all four home courts,  or put it permanently in Chicago or Atlanta, which I’m sure we would fill everytime.

“I think this year that would give you an afternoon of basketball with four top 20 teams, and the last two years it would have been four of the top six (preseason) teams in the country on one floor. You think ESPN and CBS might bid pretty heavy for those rights?”


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  1. King Ghidora

    UK won’t go back to Bloomington for decades. After the way their fans acted it would be insane to go back there. And unfortunately UL controls a lot of what goes on at the Chicken Coop so there won’t be any UK games there except for when they play UL. They’re too jealous. :)

  2. Jim Harris

    Once upon a time Kentucky and Indiana were considered the hotbeds of college basketball. Rupp’s best teams were made up largely of Ky “boys” as he called them. Now with the race-separation done away, this is no longer true. Area schools must recruit nationally in order to remain strong.

    Still, I would find an annual set of games among the regionals (UK, UofL, IU and OSU) to be of great interest. So OSU doesn’t have the long-term history that the others have, but in recent years they’ve been pretty good–and Thad Matta is young enough that he should be around for several more years. And OSU fans remember 1960 and 1961.

    All four current coaches tend to have their teams ready at the right times too. And this would certainly be the right time even if it is so early in the season. Cal, with his string of one-and-dones might be at a disadvantage with the early dates, but he’d still be alright.

  3. King Ghidora

    I think IU has been overrated by the media big time. They had one good year and it wasn’t that good. They lost 66 games in the 3 years leading up to 2012. They lost 9 games that year even if they did beat the Cats (at Bloomington where the calls are famous for never going the way they should – BTW I have proof of that if you’d like to see it – every good player UK has had for the past 40 years has gotten into early foul trouble in Bloomerton). I’ll never figure out how Crean managed to keep his job losing that many games his first 3 years as IU coach. Yes they made the sweet 16 in 2012 but they lost 9 games and those numbers will get you a serious look at UK for not being good enough. Last year they only lost 7 games but again lost in the sweet 16. That’s a mediocre season for UK. Crean has not seemed to have his team ready IMO.

    Just the things they said about UK after Cal dumped them are enough reason to not play them again. They actually think UK is afraid to play them. Afraid to play “them”??? No way. Afraid to set foot in Assendly Hole? You bet. I’ve been to Bloomington too many times. It’s no place to take a woman, that’s for sure. I thought I was going to have to fight 40 guys to protect my wife from their gf’s. It was an ugly, ugly scene. I went there by invitation and rode with someone else who was big buddies with that crowd. I started to leave with my wife and hitchhike 60 miles back to Indianapolis at 10 pm because I figured it was safer than staying at that party. It was one threat after another. I would have been glad to take on any one of them by themselves but they weren’t going to play that way. It would have been me against the entire crowd. That wasn’t my only bad experience in that town either. I’ll never go back without a gun in my pocket. What happened after that game in 2012 should be proof enough what their fans are like. It’s the same attitude I saw repeatedly when I was drawn into going there a few times. I have never said these things about any other town BTW. Bloomington is the worst and I’ve been to a lot of places in my life.

    Of course there are good people in Indiana. I would never say otherwise. But Bloomington is a bad place to visit. That’s just true. I found this comment on Yahoo Sports which may shine a little light on why UK isn’t going back to Bloomidiotston.

    Unfortunately, the Hoosier fans didn’t do as well as the team did. They were caught on YouTube shouting obscenities at the Kentucky fans and players. Playboy Bunny (and Kentucky grad) Megan Dills said she was trampled by Indiana fans. If you read the comments on the cbssports.com story, you will see many other complaints about their behavior which was so bad that Indiana athletics director Fred Glass apologized for it.

    Those comments mentions have been scrubbed from the CBS Sports site. They are always anti-UK there and they won’t leavey anything online that makes UK look like the victim instead of the thug. That’s just true too.

    It’s been decades since IU has been at the top of the college basketball world. Let’s hope it stays that way.

  4. Scott

    You lost me at “Indiana”. I want them to live with the taste of 102-90 in their mouths forever.

  5. Larry T Clemons

    Kentucky, elevates Indiana…It will ” Never ” be the other way around ! Let them make it to the NCAA Tournament if they want to play The Wildcats, ” Earn The Opportunity.

  6. Little Baron

    I agree Larry T… let them earn their way to play UK… why elevate them to play a superior program.

    Scott… GREAT… I agree… let them savor that most recent taste… 102-90 CATS on our way to #8 !!! and after all the smoke and mirrors, they only made it to the S16 :)

    Patrick & Jim, I would like the UL, IU & OSU foursome with UK, if it wasn’t for the way IU has acted after THEY refused to accept a contract to play UK with the requirement that we play in their backyard (Indianapolis) instead of in Bloomington. Otherwise it makes a LOT of sense, and also limit the number of games we play UL to once every three years, which is often enough to let them hang onto our coat-tails for added PR.

    KG… I agree IU has been over-rated… they made one run to ther S16 a couple years ago. I also recall many of those crooked ref games, including when Pitino’s CATS had so many fouls called on them that IU shot 45 or more FT’s… some ridiculous number. I don’t like to return to places that are so blatantly crooked.

  7. King Ghidora

    You guys are exactly right that playing IU helps IU but doesn’t help UK one bit. They have been a third rate program since Knightmare Bob left town. It’s like fighting with the smallest guy in your jr. high class. You can only lose. You either look like a bully for beating up someone smaller than you or you look like a chump because you got beat up by someone smaller than you. UK can pick up all kinds of third rate teams looking for a boost and a payday. Why give I “ain’t” U a shot at stealing UK’s glory every year? They have displayed terrible sportsmanship time after time going back to when the series was one year in Louisville (with the arena split between fans of each program) and Indy (where IU fans outnumbered UK fans 5-1). I actually went back through the games UK played in Bloomington to see how many UK greats got in early foul trouble. It was crazy how often it happened. Every single UK player they were scared of got in instant foul trouble there. There were times when the whole starting lineup fouled out and several of the second string players had 4 fouls or fouled out too. I posted this info once. I can post it again if anyone wants to see it.

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