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Fan doesn’t think now is the time to stay home because staff will eventually succeed


The reaction from one long-time UK fan who let me know he wouldn’t be attending as many football games this year because it would be too painful to watch brought a lot of responses, mainly from fans who disagreed.

Several readers suggested I use the response by “Kim” as a featured post for all to see, and I think it has a perspective everyone should see. So if you didn’t see the response, here it is:

“I hope fans of UK football will reconsider not going to games and staying home. This program needs our support right now. I always knew this staff had a lot of hard work ahead of them. I have been a UK fan since I was knee high to a grasshopper and I know their are a lot of fans that have put up with the long hard years a lot longer than me but I don’t think now is the time to stay home.

“I have been a season ticket holder since 2007, I know not nearly as long as others, I saw the good times under Rich and I was also at every home game last year to see the bad. It was not fun, it was awful actually. But I do believe staying home now is not the right answer. Many stayed home last year and the administration did what needed to be done and made a change. This is not basketball, it does not happen in a year or even two, especially after the way this program was allowed to fall.

“This staff is putting in long hours and hard work to turn this program around. The majority of this staff were already coaching at successful programs and left them to come here and turn this thing around. They came because they believed they could make a difference here. They came because they knew BBN wanted a successful program. Please don’t give up on them now. There are recruits here that decided to come here after having offers from better schools because they believed they could help make something happen here. Please don’t give up on them. They are kids committed to this program for next year that believe we all can have something special here. Please don’t give up on them.

“I will never call another fan out for not attending games because I know many long suffering fans but I just ask that you think it over before giving up. I believe we are going to see something wonderful happen here. I believe in this staff and what they are trying to do. There are going to be bumps in the road and plenty of second guessing and plenty of ugly games that hurts all of our hearts but I also believe that we will turn that corner and have a successful football program.”

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  1. Jason Mahoney

    Nothing better can be said!!! We need to support our players/Coaches/ and recruits! We can’t be on the field but we can be in the stands and show support! Go Big Blue!!!


  2. Larry Pup

    Well said. Couldn’t add a word. Thanks Kim for your words of encouragement and challenge. GO CATS!!!! BEAT MIAMI!!!!

  3. Suzanne Allen

    Very well said. I’ve been a season ticket holder for 50 years and can count on one hand the # of home games that I have missed during that time. I have seen things much worse than they are now and lived through it. I know how hard these coaches, players and support people have worked to improve this football program. The least I can do is go to the games to show my support.

  4. Cowboy

    Amen. Period.

  5. MickintheHam

    Nice response.

  6. Love SEC F-Ball

    Great response, Kim. I agree 100%.



  8. Little Baron

    Very well said & I believe it is extra special if recruits see fan support for this new staff who needs new players with more talent to start climbing our way out of a DEEP hole left by the former HC.

    BTW… Can anyone help me? I post a lot using my iPhone because of timing, and accidentally bump the “post comment” button, way too often. Is there a way to edit &/or delete messages which I have inadvertently posted twice or prematurely? THANKS! I’ll check back on this thread to see if I get an answer.

  9. Kokamo Joe

    I continue to post that our fan base should stick with this team and coach for not only this but next year as well. By the third year we will know if Stoops can work magic in Lexington.

    In the meantime fans and more important the University should decide on what their expectations should be for this program. Now that WKU is gone, a cupcake will join the other two. Many of us were delighted with Brooks’s bowl games, even though we never had more than three SEC wins. Is that our goal? Go 3 and 6 against Louisville and the SEC and knit that to the 3 cupcakes and go to an insignificant bowl game? Or do we hold this University and coach to a higher standard? Each of us have the right to make up our minds, but I hope that the University aims higher.

  10. King Ghidora

    I really don’t see that the fans have a lot to do with whether the team plays well or not at this point. They will or they won’t. The fans aren’t going to abandon the Cats. The only big time drop off in attendance I’ve seen came during the Joker years and I think that’s because the team went downhill from the Brooks years. UK fans have almost always supported the team. But the team hasn’t really done that well. That tells me the fans have little to do with it. Football isn’t like basketball where the fans are right on top of the players. When I played I bet I didn’t notice what went on in the stands more than 2% of the time. Only when a great big group moan came along or maybe a very, very loud cheer came along.

  11. King Ghidora

    I did mean to mention that what fans say on the net makes a difference in recruiting I’d guess. It was during the games I meant fans didn’t have a big impact on the players. They’re pretty far away or most of the fans are anyway. But we can remain positive on the net and it will help with recruiting IMO.

  12. Gene T.

    If we BBN want to build a program, we do not need these fly by night fans. Building a Football program takes a commit from Fans, administration, Coaches,players, and everyone. UK has not been a top 20 program for a lot of reasons. We, the fans have to show our support. Oh we show the way to get a Coach fired, by not showing up. Maybe that is why we have not been a top program in so many years. I get tired of all the complaints, like I’m not going to the game in protest. I can see that at the end of some of our lost cause Coaches. If we want to move to be a top program, I feel we have a chance right now. The top programs fans don’t bail after a few bad games in the first year of what I feel is a staff that can bring us back to a top 20 program. Maybe the support of this staff and of these kids is what UK has been lacking. Let’s all go to the games this year in support and show recruits we really are a top program in waiting. Look forward to next year and especially the next year. We are
    on the ground floor of something special. I know we always have our core fans, but we need everyone on board like the spring game. Come on BBN show what we really are. GREAT FANS! GO CATS

  13. LindaS

    You need to show your support to this coach and his coaching staff. You wanted a new program you have it and you have to give him a chance. He had never been a head coach before. How can you beat the horse to death before he has run a race?

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