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Fan criticism will not help Cats


Sometimes the best part of Kentucky basketball can also be the worst part of Kentucky basketball.

I still remember Joe Hall telling me that almost 30 years ago during a period when he was being roasted by fans when his team was having a “January slump” and fans thought it was his fault.

Apparently some UK fans that were upset by the Wildcats’ sluggish play in Tuesday’s 68-62 loss at South Carolina have been venting today, too, and have upset both players and their families with comments left on various Internet sites, especially Facebook pages.

Here is what UK junior Patrick Patterson, who had a season-low five points and did not score in the second half posted on his personal page: “People please get a hold of yourselves … this is insane… To the entire Big Blue Nation. Do not talk to me or message me about the performances of myself and my teammates OR question our talent, pride, or love for this University.”

Fair enough.

On his fan page, Patterson left this update: One loss doesn’t mean anything. It was a learning experience and we now know anything can happen. We got to stay focused and get ready for the next game against Vandy. Lets stay on top Kentucky!

I checked with the parents of several players today and while they were as upset with the loss as any fan, they also were a little hurt that a team that started the season 19-0 was being blasted by some fans even though one parent managed to keep a sense of humor and suggested maybe the critics were “undercover Louisville fans” trying to create trouble.

Here’s what another parent said: “People forget that they are kids. These boys go through enough. It’s not okay to dog them out.  Please tell the fans to back off. They are leaving negative comments on Facebook pages.”

Tywanna Patterson, who regularly posts on vaughtsviews.com, was on her way back from South Carolina today. Like many, she was disappointed and not happy with the team’s play. However, she’s also a mother. “Win or lose, I love my son and the Cats,” she said.

My guess is that is how most UK fans feel, and always will.

Here’s what Dale McCue Castle posted on Facebook: “I am so proud to be a Cat fan despite the loss last night. Downey was awesome, and we get another chance at him at Rupp. We will grow stronger because of this setback, and remember, we have the longest winning streak of any team in the country this year. Go Cats!”

Or here is one from Matt Davis: You find out who your true fans are when you lose your first game of the season and everyone starts freakin out on you. UK was in the NIT last year people! CALM DOWN. They are still the best to wear KENTUCKY across their chests in a LONG time!”

Even John Calipari, who went on a recruiting trip Wednesday since UK had the day off, had a calming message for fans on his Facebook page that he posted at mid-afternoon: “Let me remind every1 of something: It’s never quite as good as it seems & it’s never quite as bad it seems. Somewhere in between lies reality. In 2008 we were No. 1 & we lost at HOME. But we used that loss to catapult us to the final game. Our challenge now is to have this loss do a similar thing. As long as we can all accept that we got out-coached, out-hustled, out-played and out-toughed, we can move forward and grow.”

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  1. Jason

    Great write up! Fans need to get a grip. Anyone who questions Patrick Patterson’s loyalty to the blue and white needs to throw themselves on a sword and remove themselves from the gene pool.

    Patterson is one of the most selfless, hardworking, passionate, caring individuals to ever wear Kentucky across their chest. I am so proud of this years team. They are hardworking and determined. I know they will use this to grow.

    The sad thing is…these 18-22 year old boys are more mature than many of the older people posting stuff on their facebooks. That is just rude…get a life.

  2. TJ

    Sometimes are fans are ridiculous in some situations. I can see Lville fans doing this stuff on facebook. Lville fans are having a hard time seeing our success. I heard a Lville fan call in on the post game radio show.

    Although Im frustrated with what I saw I didnt post my feelings on the net and Ive never bashed our players especially a group who got us to #1 in the nation.

  3. Steve

    99% of the fans are thrilled at a 19-1 start. There is no doubt some if not most of any messages were from other teams fans. It happens all the time on the message boards. This has been and is one of the most fun rides a team has taken us on in forever at UK so i don’t believe our fans are sending the majority of these messages.

  4. 73

    Patterson has become just a role player.

  5. Sarah

    I hope Ms. P reads this and passes it on. The views of a few do not reflect the love and admiration of the majority. I love technology; but, the down side is people posting anonymously with vitriolic messages to adults and students. Unfortunately, we all seem drawn to them and read them in spite of ourselves. Many times I get so disgusted I have to back off. Patrick did not have his best game. Guess what, I have been working for many years, and I don’t always have my best “game” plan at work. I may have a day where I don’t feel good, where things don’t go right, where I am not at full speed. I have to move on and do better the next time. In the scheme of life THEY TALKED TO THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. That should be their best experience of last night. Let’s rejoice in the fun they have brought to us, the joy and smiles they have put on our faces. Go Big Blue!! Let’s get Vandy!!!!

  6. Blackhawk

    73 – every team in the nation would DIE for a 15 points and 8 boards from their ‘role players’

  7. gmoyers

    It wasn’t just Pat apparently that is taking heat. Was told Miller, Bledsoe, Wall, Dodson and even Liggins were being blasted by various folks.
    but you know what? A big win Saturday will make the world right again in Big Blue Land

  8. Vince

    When you talk about people posting negative stuff on the internet just keep in mind it would take 50,000 people to represent, at the most, 1% of UK fans. I doubt if it was even 5,000 people so let’s not make a blanket statement that “UK fans” are doing this crap. The fringe element that is responsible for this in no way represent the fans. We support the team 100% and Pat represents everything good about UK players. He’s a great young man and needs to know we’re behind him all the way. Lead the guys Pat and let’s take down Vandy Saturday.

  9. Jason

    The fact is…even if Kentucky loses the next 5 games…this shouldn’t be happening. However, feel free to say about Gillespie what you wish. He is fair game now.

  10. Vince

    And by the way the players and coaches aren’t the only ones who can have bad games. I was a crappy fan last night and am going to have to do better Saturday. I had gotten complacent and didn’t bring enough energy but I will learn from my mistakes and get better. LOL

  11. Mark

    Come on Larry, surely this doesn’t surprise you. This is common with every fan base and has been since the advent of message boards and social networking websites.

    Players and player parents surely understand that the majority of people who would go on a players facebook page and post negative messages are not truly fans at all.

    Because of new technologies absolutely anyone now has a voice that can be heard. So there are ALWAYS going to be ignorant comments from folks who call themselves fans. Heck, some of the dumbest and most negative things I have read all year have come after WINS.

    Pat Pat and the rest of the team will receive a lot of love between now and Saturday by the VAST majority of fans.

    I am really surprised and somewhat disappointed that this is even being discussed. Absolutely, EVERY team in the nation has a segment of their fanbase that is disappointing to say the least. And unfortunately now with the internet we all have to be subjected to their ignorance.

  12. JC

    Pat is certainly not a role player. What an insane statement. How can you question this man’s desire to win or his talents. Bigblue Nation is very fortunate to have this young man. How could UK have a better role model and representative for the team? This entire team are winners. What did that loss do last night to disrupt the abilities or desire of this team to win? Nothing.

  13. Chris

    I just wish every post had the age of the poster beside it. I think we would find that 90% of this is just young kids using poor judgement. Think about how the 13 year olds you know talk to each other, then go read Rups Rafters.

  14. Mark

    Folks lets keep some perspective here. We are talking about a few dozen or at most a few hundred idiots out of a million or more fans.

    Someone tell Patrick to take a walk through Fayette Mall and watch how he is received. Fans would fawn over him and tell him how much they love him!

    People are making a big mistake if they give any credence at all to the knuckleheads who post attacks on social networking sites and message boards.

  15. Sarah

    Mrs. P, please tell him to not listen to the loud minority. They do not represent how the rest of us feel. We need him. We are proud of him. Would you please let him know that he will have to overlook the ignorance of some. I work with schools, and I many times see children taunting other children (especially in junior high). My mother told me to be strong you had to ignore those who tried to drag you down. They are the ones with the problems – not him. There is a big difference between free speech and being rude. Some folks weren’t brought up by parents like you who told them how to act and treat others. It is hard when you are young. Reassure him that it’s not much better when you get older. But, you do get so it does not bother you as badly. If we can do anything to let him know how important he is to us and to the team, let us know.

  16. Wheatgerm

    Ok, I guess it’s up to me. I’ll say what everybody’s thinking. It’s time to fire Calipari! He’s running this program into the ground. Sure, he got off to a good start, and we looked absolutely unbeatable against Arkansas. But that was LAST week. What has Calipari done for us lately? Lose! Everyone’s talking about it. In the paper, on ESPN. Even here in Vaught’s Views we’re still dealing with the fallout.

    Our players shouldn’t have to endure this. Calipari had his chance, and we paid him handsomely. But he was no more successful against South Carolina than the last guy. I say it’s time to move on and hire someone who understands what Kentucky basketball is all about. Winning! Who’s with me?!!!

    (Home Depot doesn’t sell pitchforks per se, but they do have a variety of rakes and a choice of TIKI Brand outdoor torches. If anyone cares to join me.)

  17. Dennis

    This is absolutely CRAZY! Patrick has been the most loyal Cat the last 3 years and some loony fans treat him like that. These fans will be the reason that Cal will not coach here for very long. The crazys will make this job no longer worth having to him. GET OVER YOURSELVES!! We are 19-1! Not 1-19! Go Cats!

  18. Mark

    This is why I said I was disappointed that we are even discussing this. I don’t think you should have even addressed this issue Larry. It just gives credence to a very very small percentage of this fanbase.

    To me it is just insane that anyone would listen to the haters! And apparently some on here are indeed listening to them.

    It is in my estimation less than 1% of a very large fan base.

    This is silly.

  19. Suziecat2

    I was at the game with 32 other UK fans. Are we disappointed? Of course, but we love this team. The day after, everyone had on their KY blue, to show pride for our team and the program.

    There will always be those “over the top” crazies. This Internet seems to bring them out of the woodwork.

  20. Jlee

    No matter where you play or where you’re at, this is going to happen. I dont know what was said because I dont seek out facebook pages or whatever. The one question I have is why do players have facebook pages? It opens the door for crazy people to walk right in. You dont know whose fans they are no matter what they say. If you as a player choose to have a facebook page, you have to be strong enough to overlook the stupidity thats going to follow. If I were a coach of a Div I school, I would outlaw all facebook, myspace, etc pages. I support these players like they were my kids and if my kids were going through this I’d tell them the same things. Get rid of these open doors on the internet or understand its going to happen. Pat is going to be one of the most beloved players to ever wear the blue and white and thats if he doesnt score another point in his career. Big Blue Nation loves him and always will be appreciative of his loyalty. Surely he has to know that? If not he should. Like I said, I dont know what was said but I can tell you that those UL fans are crafty little rats. Facebook is like thier cheese. Be careful. Big Blue is more loyal than this and everyone of these players should know this, especially the most loved of all PATRICK!

  21. Joey Ward

    Mrs. Patterson,
    There are so many idiots that know how to use a keyboard. Please understand as a parent, which I am (x2), that your boy couldn’t be a better representative of a college athlete, or role model, than he has been for so many people. I support you and his decision to not play Saturday. There are so many people that should not be allowed to procreate children, and they are the few that make the rest of the KY fanbase look like complete idiots. Most of them are most likely in their teens. I can only hope…

  22. Joey Ward

    People that complain about this team are too stupid to procreate. I will repeat this on all message boards. Please stay home, and away from the opposite sex. We do not need your genes to shallow our pool.

  23. Jennifer

    First of all, “Wheatgerm” – have you no sense of loyalty to the school you profess to be a fan of? Fire Cal? I’ve not read anything so ridiculous in all the negativity I’ve read thus far. And second, and especially for Mrs. Patterson, Patrick is a VERY fine young man, an OUSTANDING player (our favorite on the team the last 2 years), and a CREDIT to the University of Kentucky basketball program. We could not have asked for a better player to represent and lead our team. A loss for our team couldn’t have come at a better time. Our boys will take their experience and learn from it and become stronger and I believe they will have more success in the long run. They have given us more, as fans, than any team for the last 7 or 8 years and we should be very proud of these kids for their accomplishments. We were NIT last year, people! Could you dream of 19-1 at this time last year? No. Please show these players the respect that they’ve worked very hard to DESERVE, and stop acting like children (if, indeed you’re not). And Mrs. Patterson, we love your son and are extremely hurt that any fan of the BIG BLUE NATION could express negativity towards him. Please don’t blame us all for the few ignorant among us. (I realize I had a typo in OUTSTANDING but couldn’t correct it…oops!)

  24. Travis

    Patrick Patterson is my favorite player that I have ever had the privilege to watch at Kentucky. The people saying stuff about him or anyone else on the team have to either be posing or they are just bandwagon fans who jumped on this year. One game could never change the legacy of one of the best to ever but on a UK jersey. Ms. Patterson, your son is awesome and we dont just want him to play, we need him to play. He is the glue of each team he has played on here, including the one we have now. If you dont like Patrick Patterson, you can not possibly be a fan of UK basketball. If I have one complaint of the whole year it is that he doesn’t get the touches or recognition that he has earned in his three years. Keep on keepin’ on PP, there are a tiny handful of UK fans who have been spoiled by our return to prominence and have gotten so high on winning they have forgotten that in a basketball, you lose games. It happens and without you, we would have experienced way more than one loss this season.

  25. Mick

    Larry, I am absolutely stunned that our fans, any of our fans, would be shelling out criticism of our team and players. Everyone I know is disappointed. But to criticize based on one conference road loss shows no maturity of judgment. After the last 6 seasons I am really happy with this coach and these young players. They will make us all proud when this season is done!

  26. Tommy

    Reason #4,854,834,201 not to allow active players of any sport at UK to have Facebook pages. 99.999% of fans appreciate EVERYTHING Patrick has done and given up for this university. We lost one game. Big deal.

  27. Dennis

    After reading some comments on here and on other sites, it appears that some rival fans are stoking the fire and making it look as if it were UK fans. I’m sure there are a few crazys on the UK side but It looks like most are not. Once again, I want to apologize to Patrick and the other players that were treated in this way.

  28. Tywanna Patterson

    I’m the real Tywanna Patterson and no way would Patrick let down his teammates, his fans and his family by not playing Saturday.

  29. Dustin

    How do we even know these people were legitimate UK fans? I think everyone players, fans, writers, and parents need to slow down. To take a small fraction of a huge fanbase and generalize it to the whole fanbase is ridiculous. I love Pat, but he needs to understand that people will criticize him and sometimes unfairly, but you have to ignore it. For him to even contemplate not playing Saturday is crazy!!! Why would he punish himself???

  30. TrueBlueFan85

    If Patterson decides not to play on Saturday because he has been rightfully criticized over his clear lack of effort lately, so be it. This team can and will win without him.

    Take your drama to the NBA PP, if that’s how you feel. We can bring someone off the end of the bench that can score more than a few points in the second half of a conference game.

    Consider this, what are you without basketball and without UK? That’s right, nothing. Now shut up and get back to work.

  31. Dustin

    Thanks for clearing that up real Tywanna :)

    I didn’t think that sounded like something you would say.

    Tell Pat this member of the BBN appreciates everything he has done.

    He’s a great kid ;)

  32. Steve

    To have expected the Cats to run the table with 3 freshmen starters was totally ridiculous to start with. It’s rare that any team goes undefeated. UK’s ’96 squad was loaded with future NBA talent and plenty of juniors and seniors. They lost 2 conference games. Some of us who have followed the Cats and SEC basketball for the past half century should know better than to have such lofty expectations. Come on Blue nation. Let’s be realistic. We’re in the midst of a tremendous season. Quit trying to live some fantasy through our young men. Cheer for them, win or lose, and pick them up when they’re down. They aren’t perfect but neither are we. Go Big Blue!

  33. BigBlueInBama


    I appreciate your thoughts. You are right on, as usual. It’s a game and Coach Cal is right when he states that the truth is usually in the middle of the extremes. That is a life lesson that goes far beyond sports. I love my cats, win or lose. And Patrick Patterson is a class act!

    Go Blue!

  34. Chris

    Thanks Mrs. Patterson. Pat’s one of the all-time UK greats and we’re blessed to have you guys as part of the Big Blue family. Not sure what was posted on his facebook, but I am certain it does not represent the vast majority of Cat fans that love Pat and all the coaches and players.

  35. WJ


    Thank you for being so refreshing on here. YOu make sure to tell Patrick and the rest of the team EVERYONE is behind them. This time last year or any year for that matter, we would have KILLED to be 19-1. They have done that. Not only that, but they have showed tremendous class and let us in on how much fun they have representing the state of Kentucky. They are really the PRIDE OF THE STATE.

  36. Skip

    Why is it the negative fans can easily reach the ear of these young men. Whoever gave Patrick Patterson and the others a hard time is in the extreme minority and should feel ashamed. This team would not have won 19 games if it were not for Patterson’s leadership and consistency. As a senior at UK I know that everyone I talked to today and every conversation I overheard regarding the basketball team revealed one thing: the true fans are still behind this team and realize that sometimes the ball just doesn’t drop for you. However, if the rest of UK’s “fan” base is of the opinion that our star player isn’t productive enough or that the team doesn’t “love” this university with the same fervor that these fairweather fans do, then we as a fanbase do not deserve Patrick Patterson, John Wall, Darius Miller, or any of the other outstanding young men that play for the University of Kentucky. When I read this story it saddened my heart to think Patterson and the others think we only like them when they win. Patrick Patterson IS the University of Kentucky, and I for one am thankful that he 1)came back this season and 2) continues to be the hardest working player on the court. (Or did these fairweather fans forget the two HUGE offensive rebounds that he pulled down to give UK a chance last night?) Unfortunately, Patrick will continue to be bombarded by negativity when so many of us never stopped supporting him or this team.

  37. Dan Gleaves

    Mrs. Patterson-
    I’ve heard about some “fans” sending negative messages to the players after the loss last night. I absolutely cannot fathom the motivation or thinking behind that, but I would just to say thank to Patrick and your family for being a huge part of the Big Blue Nation and also to the rest of the team and coach Cal for the amazing season we’ve had. I can assure you 99% of the fans love all the players and think they are doing an outstanding job. Most of us really hate to hear about this kind of stuff happening. We are behind you guys 100%.

  38. Dave Cassel

    First off, I think the world of Patrick Patterson and the entire team. Patrick Patterson is too much of a man to sit out of a game because of a few ignorant fans running their mouths.

    Second, I am of the opinion that a loss or two during the season is a good thing for ANY TEAM, especially a young team that could use a dose of humility.

    This team will be fine. The sun will come up again and the earth will continue to spin. Life is good, and its good to be a CATS fan.

  39. Sean

    I would just like to say this: I have been following UK basketball since the early 80’s and my all time favorite player was Sam Bowie until Patterson suited up in the blue and white. It took me over 20 years to find somebody that I thought could fill Bowies shoes, but honestly I dont think I will see any player fill Pats in the next 20 years. Just an incredible human being! Glad your a Cat Pat (didnt mean to make a rhyme)!!

  40. Shelley

    Patrick is the heart of this team. He is tough…but more than that, he is a class act. This KID is an outstanding person on and off the court. The fans (or imposters) who are harrassing Pat or any other players are out of line.

    The loss will be a huge learning experience for the team…one that will be beneficial in my opinion. We can all sit and critique these guys and discuss what they could be doing better…but remember they are KIDS and THEY are the ones on the court busting their butts day in and day out. WE are fans, and we LOVE this team, this University…but THEY are the ones who are working their tails off! The idiots who are harrassing these players on social networking sites need to get a grip!

  41. Matt

    To the last (Fake) “Tywanna”. You’re the reason why this fanbase gets a bad rap. Its idiots like you that can’t take it for what it is, a loss. It happens. We didn’t play our best and it happens. Patrick, along with every other guy has given everything for this team and the University. Your negative resonates more strongly than all the positive things these kids have been hearing. I love this team very much, and it makes me sad to think there are actually some people dumb enough to think they have a right to tell any one of the guys on the team they should play tougher.

  42. Tywanna Patterson

    Larry and UKY fans…..I am just logging onto your website and reading this. Someone has logged on to this website pretending to be me and leaving false comments. Larry, I will give you a call tomorrow so we can figure this out. Obviously, some other person is using my name on this website and pretending to be me. I just left Larry an email on Facebook and texted him as well. Thanks to the true-blue fans who support Patrick and the UKY team. To the naysayers, undercover L’ville and our other opponent fans, and haters……please get ahold of yourselves, its not the end of the world!

  43. Come on people ...

    People actually believe that was Mrs. Patterson on the post above? People are so gullible. It’s just a rival posting to try and get everyone stirred up.

  44. Beth

    I have noticed on other websites as well that people are putting up screen names and making negative comments and is pretty obvious they are a fan of another school. Duke, UNC, UT, UofL, they all have fans that get on our message boards and talk stupid stuff. I am sure some UK fans may have said things, and I am sure they said it out of frustration. However, they shouldnt be saying anything to the players. I think we all know UK didnt play their best game last night. Just like we know USC played their best, had help from the refs and still barely won. UK will get another crack at USC at home and I hope they run them off the floor. I also hope if Downey gets like that again that coach will play some zone or smething like he suggested he would in the first place. I know some of the talk may have gotten to some of the players, but I hope they realize to that not all fans think that. And Patrick Patterson out of all of them should know how much this fan base loves him. He could have left two years ago but he stuck around. He always receives the loudest oviation and he will see his jersey in the rafters. Mrs. Patterson, I think you know the REAL fans love your son and your family and what you have brought to this program. Real fans still watched the games and cheered on the Cats even during these past few seasons. I’ve never given up on my Cats and I am ecstatic we are 19-1. Most didnt expect us to be 5-0 let alone 19-0. I know one thing, I feel sorry for Vandy this weekend. Go Cats!

  45. gmoyers

    I just got the message Tywanna and got the other posts deleted. I will have our tech guys work on this. Also eliminated some other funny folks using fake names.
    Guess this just shows our site has arrived when we have pranksters trying to be cute hiding behind fake names and causing problems.
    I apologize to everyone, especially Tywanna and Buster. One problem with me not being able to monitor 24/7. I try to take a few hours away from the computer daily — but may have to rethink that.

  46. Beth

    See prime example. If people steal Mrs. Patterson’s screen name and say stuff like that, then that just goes to show what haters will do. I hope Patrick and his teammates are aware of this.

  47. Tywanna Patterson

    Larry, if you need to provide me with some type of a code to login from now on, so you know that it is me, let me know. Call me tomorrow. I will look for your email when I go to work in the morning. Thanks and Go CATS!

  48. President Obama

    UK ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. old coach

    What players need to realize is that win or lose the UK fan base is still always behind them. We may be disappointed in how our Cat’s played, but the next game we will still be there ready to support our Cats.

    We don’t win a national championship every year, but the players that play for the Cats are really part of us and we always want nothing but the best for them. We look forward to seeing them at the games after they graduate and want them to do well in life, whether it be in the NBA or whatever their life’s occupation turns out to be. Go Cats!

  50. gmoyers

    Will be in touch Tywanna.
    And to all the legitimate posters here, thanks for the comments. Have to agree that it is a small minority of fans doing this, or maybe they are not even UK fans but fans of other teams as one parent suggested and some of you have agreed.
    But heck, the last two years nobody else really worried about UK. Another sign the Cats are back

  51. gilbert88

    True Blue85. Your stupid. We cannot replace PP and the fact that you think we can shows you lack of basketball IQ. You should be showing some respect. If it werent for PP we wouldnt be 19-1. He is an amazing player and doesnt need to hear your crap. Your def. not a true fan if you can push a player as good as PP to the side just because of 1 bad game. Get over yourself!!!!!

  52. Kyle G.

    Patrick Patterson is everything that is right with the University of Kentucky, and not just the basketball program.

    For fans to get down on him after everything he has done for this program is downright absurd.

    Even if he never touched a basketball again, it’s quite remarkable that he’s able to devote so much time to an activity and STILL be able to graduate in only 3 years. From everything I’ve ever seen, he’s a wonderful young man and deserves nothing but respect.

  53. UK fan

    In light of what’s come out, I think TrueBlue85’s comments (and mine) should be deleted as well. Crticism regarding play, whether justified or not (as in this case) is one thing, but his comment refers to drama that has been proven to be untrue.

  54. Shelley

    Excellent point Larry! When the haters are out in full force it means one thing…We are back, and they know it!

  55. Jimmy L. Collett

    I would definetely like to see Pat n the offence more and coming in attacking the boards, I think this might go to C. Calipari. I love both u guy’s, coach & student athelete( 3yrs. & a degree, outstanding, with your other duties, 1 hell of a man) u & Coach have been exceptional for U.K.,C-A-T-S!!!!To the Patterson’s family, well done( your son is an shining example & a nugget in uk’s family) thank’s for intrusting ur Son to Kentucky, we do love him so……jc

  56. LindaS

    Heck what the heck is gonig on? I miss a post and it explodes.
    GO CATS! 19-1 #1 in my heart now and forever!

  57. Curt

    If anyone is a true fan, they LOVE Pat Pat!!! No matter what! Signed, sealed, stamped!

  58. Doug

    Always enjoyed your site and your “tell it like it is” style. you are a credit to your profession!

    Mrs. Patterson:
    I am one UK fan who has “loved” your son ever since he put on the Kentucky uniform, not so much for what he does on the court but for how he does it and how he carries himself. You and Mr. Patterson have done a excellent job of raising such a fine young man! I believe that 99% of BBN is very pleased and proud that your son chose the University of Kentucky for his college basketball carrier. The other 1% will never be happy no matter what happens.

    UK was going to lose a game or three anyway, this is just a bump in the road. My father used to say, “You will make mistakes, it what you learn from those mistakes is what matters”

  59. John Lewis

    Mrs. Patterson is my hero of the day.

  60. gmoyers

    Just a reminder for all. Others such as Darius Miller, Eric Bledsoe, Darnell Dodson and even DeAndre Liggins have taken some hits over the South Carolina loss. Want to see all those guys bounce back strong. That No. 1 seed is still there for UK to grab

  61. Philip

    Mrs. Patterson, if you’re reading this, Patrick will always be one of my all-time favorite Cats. I had a chance to meet him and I will never forget that day. He was as nice as could be and it meant a lot.

    Just one loss folks. I wouldn’t want to play this team in March. Can’t win them all and to be 19-1 considering where we were this time last year is simply remarkable.

    Go Cats, Go Cal, Go Patrick!

  62. Dustin

    Thanks Larry and Tywanna.

    Pat is special to all of us.

    Keep up the good work Larry, I started reading your stuff when I was in school at Centre. You are a great writer and the best at what you do in KY IMO. Thanks again, and Go CATS!!!!

  63. TRUBLU69

    Tywanna Patterson…Thank You for your thick skin and the broad shoulders of the most Impressive UK student/athlete in the HISTORY of BIG BLUE NATION..Trust me “TRUE” Big Blue fans care. PAT PAT lived through the last two years and came out of the smoke with a smile on his Face..TUFF is not the word for P-squared…Again TYWANNA, Thank Pat from the 99.9992% of the BIG BLUE NATION…The other smidging of people are 1/3 UT fan 1/3 UofL fan and1/3 UK fan, and we all know they aint no such thing..AKA: Posers!!!! GO PAT!!! GO KIDS!!! GO BIG BLUE!!!!!

  64. TRUBLU69

    Larry: On some other Blog site I won’t name, Idiots like that can change your Quote and repost It has If you said It…Your Right Larry You Have grown In the 2 months that I have been on Here..Hey I have done My part..I send invitations everyday to my friends on Facebook to check you out…Sorry Larry, I can’t help letting the True BIG BLUE fans know who the best AP writer in the Bussiness Is..AKA: LARRY VAUGHT….GO LARRY!!! GO BIG BLUE!!!!!

  65. TRUBLU69

    BTW: Folks It Is not an Issue of critisizing a players performance or a teams effort…Trust me PAT PAT, ERIC,RAMON,DANIEL,DEMARCUS,JOHN,DARIUS,MARK,PERRY,DEANDRE,JON,JOSH,DARNELL,CALIPARI,ROD<TONY<SCOTT<COACHJ and everyone else on that team know they will get heat If they don't Win..Trust me PAT PAT WILL shake this off and lead BIG BLUE the way he has for 2 and a half seasons..These are Kids and they are growing into Men..But everyone involved know they can do better then last night, They don't need non constructive critics, which we see sometimes..But Fret not BIG BLUE NATION…One lose in January does not make a season…NOW The Coach In Me,"GET A BODY ON SOMEBODY GUYS"….Sorry!! I had to….GO YOUNG MEN!!! GO BIG BLUE!!!!

  66. KK

    How quickly we forget! Remember the fiasco that was last year? We are 19-1 with a great coach and a group of kids we should all be proud of! PPat is the definition of a SUPER student athlete. He is an All-American player and person. We should all appreciate the talent on this team and embrace it! Stop bitchin’ and enjoy this team.

  67. Linda

    I love this team – this is the most excited I have been in a long time. The young men have a winning attitude that we haven’t seen in quite a while. It’s hard to play continually with a target on your back and these guys are so young they haven’t ever experienced this kind of pressure before. A loss was bound to happen – I am just glad that it didn’t happen at home. We may lose again – I hope not before the tournament. Hopefully they can learn and correct the problems but we as fans need to remain behind them. I agree that some of the posters on some these blogs are probably not even CAT fans – they are probably just trying to start trouble in OUR HOUSE! Probably jealous because their team is losing!!! Also, there probably are a few goofballs out there that call themselves cat fans but don’t act like it when they open their mouths (or press send). I promise there aren’t many of those. The team needs to realize that the REAL fans DON’T post STUPID things for the world to read about their team. I assure you the Big Blue Nation Loves their CATS and their Coach as is evident by the fact that we will be PACKING the house on Feb 13 like no other for GAMEDAY!! We will also be showing the team some love on Saturday when VANDY comes to town. GO CATS!!!

  68. Jim Boyers

    There is NO WAY that the “fans” posting the vast majority of those negative comments were really UK fans. I’m sure that a few were misguided, bandwagon, UK fans, but an EXTREMELY small percentage. Pat, Darius, Eric and all the rest, should know how the real fans, 99.9999% of Big Blue Nation, feel about them. For them to think otherwise would mean that they haven’t paid attention the whole time they have been here.
    The people who are posting the comments on these Facebook pages and websites are HORRIBLE human beings and not true fans of ANY team. If you are a REAL UK fan, you don’t do that to your own players, NO MATTER WHAT!! If you are a fan of any other team, you keep up with what YOUR team is doing and don’t worry about what ANY other team has going on. Posting these negative, personal comments means that you are NOT a UK fan and your REAL team SUCKS so bad that you have a TON of free time to vent your frustration by pretending to be one. Personally, I would never watch another game, before I would pretend to be a fan of any other team. I suggest the MENTAL MIDGETS, posting the comments, do the same.

    And Jennifer, I just have to point out that Wheatgerm was being SARCASTIC in his post about Cal. He was making fun of the TOTAL LOSERS who inspired this article. It was a joke!

    GO BIG BLUE!!!!

  69. rodoc

    Hey players do not listen to the negativity…the real fans love you and understand the ups and downs of a student and a team.

    All for One, One for all.

    Hold your head high, we are very,very proud of you.

    All the hard work you do is appreciated.

    GO Cats!

  70. BarryRussell

    I grew up in Danville Ky with Larry as one of my best child-hood friends. I some ways, I am so glad we were in a non-internet age; no color TV, no Blackberries, no FaceBook, no Twitter. Just newspapers, B&W TV’s, and land lines. We learned that games are played to win but sometimes our team lost. But we didn’t throw the team or any individual player “under the bus” when losses occurred. Real fans don’t do that. They rally around the team and support them even more, not throw darts and insults.

    I would like to apologize to Mrs. Patterson and her son Patrick for the cowardly remarks left on Patick’s Facebook page. It is easy to write hateful things when you are sitting at a computer but I doubt very much that those persons would face Patrick man-up and say those things. The world has always had idiots galore only now they are more exposed. GO CATS!!

  71. Alicia Guest

    I live in Tn and grew up in Bardstown Ky. and I hear all the time here that Ky. fans are never satisfied. I try tp prove them wrong and now the fans get on facebook and act like a bunch of TN fans and that is pretty bad. The team is doing a great job and I am proud of being a part of the BIG BLUE NATION.
    Cats your all are great , the coach is great and I love all you guys! I am on facebook my self at Ali Guest GO CATS!!!!!

  72. gmoyers

    Great perspective Alicia from a different area than most of us have. Thanks for the reminder.
    And Dustin, glad you are still reading my stuff. REally appreciate that.
    Barry is a long-time friend, so I am glad he is biased in my favor. Have known him for 50 years or more.
    Thanks to all for the responses here

  73. Sarah

    I would encourage UK fans to show support to these guys with positive postings to Facebook and Twitter. I know Patterson, Bledsoe, Miller, Orton, Harris and Stevenson are all on Twitter. The guys played bad on Tuesday. They know it and we know it. We also know they’re capable of much more. Let’s encourage them to show Vandy what they’re made of instead of tearing them down for 1 bad game. Time for the real UK fans to counter the haters and naysayers out there that are trying to discourage our best players. We need them confident and driven on Saturday. Let’s do our part to make that happen.

  74. Marion County

    The Kentucky fans who complain and blame players after a loss are not true Kentucky fans. Everyone can love someone while they are winning, but true fans love a team all the time.
    In the last 2 years, I still loved the team but was frustrated maybe with the outcomes, but I never would blame a college kid.
    My family has lived in Kentucky since 1785 and I will love whoever is at Kentucky. If you want to criticize a kid, go cheer for Tennessee!

  75. Chris Woodall

    Isn’t it absurd that we are having this conversation? These young men represent Kentucky very well on and off the court. I don’t think any of us can appreciate the tremendous pressure that they are under. When is the last time any of us had to perform with 20,000 people watching in person and hundreds of thousands more watching on TV? Put yourself in their place before you criticize these kids. As competitive as they are, I’ll bet no one is more disappointed with a loss than the players. By the way, one loss in 20 games is incredible by any measure. If your happiness depends on the performance of a college basketball team, you should probably take a look at your priorities in life. I’m proud of the young men in the UK uniforms. GO CATS!

  76. Lance

    I think its crazy that people who call themselves uk fans are already bashing our boys. This is the best team we have seen in a long time. yes the game they played was def. not their best but nobody is perfect. If they take the loss and learn from it like they should then it will only make them better in the end anyway. better to lose one now than in the tournament. People just need to lay off the criticism and start supporting the team. GO CATS!!!!

  77. Bogdan

    I was at the game and have never been prouder of a UK team. The vast majority of us love this team and are with you through thick and thin, in the highs and the lows!!! GO BIG BLUE!!!

  78. Mark Saylor

    What I think is remarkable was every KY fan before the game was predicting a loss somewhere, if not USC, then Vandy or Miss State. Most fans realize that it is nearly impossible to run the table and go undefeated. Why then should we be suprised by a loss. Teams get beat for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it is a lack of talent and sometimes it is a lack of effort. What ever the reason the goal of any team is to learn from the loss and make adjustments for it won’t happen again. No doubt, Coach Cal, finally has some proof to show the boys what he has been trying to tell them all year. This is a great group of guys that hate to lose. I will be suprised if we see another lackluster effort out of them. Count me in, I love this team win or lose!

  79. lunchbox

    the best thing about this team is there young and they have alot of room to grow and a will to win. even good teams get beat and remember this was a road game no matter the outcome of this season im glad to be a uk fan. go big blue

  80. Juan

    I don’t care if they win the tourny or not, I am a FAN and this team is great fun to watch !! Win or lose I love my team !!!

  81. gmoyers

    It is remarkable that after last year that one loss can cause so many negative comments, but I think this link also shows as predicted that 99.9 percent of UK fans really are true blue. I know some players and their families have seen comments here and really appreciate them

  82. Tywanna Patterson

    Good morning and thanks, Larry for all that you do! I am at work today if you want to email me. Yes, this is the real, “Patrick’s Mom” :-) Thanks also to all the True Blue Kentucky Fans out there. We parents appreciate you all supporting our sons and all the players on the UKY Basketball Team!! Go CATS!!

  83. Jennifer

    Sorry, Wheatgerm…didn’t catch the sarcasm. I guess I’m a little sore and defensive for the CATS. How embarrassing for us TRUE BLUE fans to have this type of negativity attached to our devotion. We are very proud of our team this year. One loss out of 20? Way to go, guys!

  84. Hugh Ward

    I already have told Mrs. Patterson how much I admire and respect Patrick – and Tywanna, please apologize to Patrick and the team on behalf of all of us for those few who view life in a negative manner. As one of the “more elder” posters, I have been a UK fan all my life, and gone throught the roller coaster rides from NCAA Champions to teams on probation. The BB teams always have been excellent representatives of UK, and the players very special. This team is special in a wonderful way. Starting three freshmen, a sophomore and a junior – and achieving a 19-1 record? Unheard of! To the players – as best you can ignore the EXTREMELY small group of negative posters (who may or may not be UK fans). Most of us are supporting you in your efforts to achieve your dream of NCAA champion; however, we will be proud of all you achieve – and the real UK fans will be supporting you, both when you win games, and when you don’t.

  85. Tony Jones

    UK Players and Parents,
    I just want to say thank you for making this season what it has been so far! I know that you have worked very hard to be the best and you are the best and will be the best at the end of the year. I apologize for very small minority of fans who write or say negative things. I hope this post in itself shows that MOST of UK fans support and appreciate you greatly.

    Thanks for being a voice of reason and allowing the majority of fans to show how we support our players and parents.

  86. Karen Sprinkle

    I’m a little late to the conversation here as I couldn’t get the website to load–just the extraordinary traffic, I suppose. I agree with the posters who suggested the negative comments were from fans of other teams (although I don’t know why you would think tearing down another team makes your team seem better…). To the poster who suggested that Patrick has become a role player, yes, you may be right. If by role player you mean a player upon whose granite shoulders the team is built, and whose gigantic heart provides the drive for the motor this team has, then, yep, he’s a role player. He’s been a role model that showed all these talented young guys that talent is simply not enough, that you had to work your tail off as well. And I can’t even begin to address what a fine young man he is off the court, if only a few of the stories I’ve read about spending his time with the less fortunate is true. We’re blessed to have Patrick, and to be 19-1. We need, as fans, to let these guys (the players) know that we have their backs, and not just when they are undefeated. They are still our Cats!

  87. gmoyers

    Come early April when the Cats cut down the nets — and I still think they will — then this will be a time we can look back on and just smile just like in 1978, 1996 and 1998 when the teams lost games

  88. TRUBLU69

    AMEN!!! Karen.

  89. TRUBLU69

    BTW: I spent the night in jail in my early 20’s..Not because I drink and drive(NEVER)…Not because I Stole something from someone (NEVER) not because I got caught with dope(NEVER)…I spent the night in Jail for Beating the crap out of guy in Rutledge Tenneessee for trash talking My KENTUCKY WILDCATS!!..Now, one: that shows how shallow I was in my younger days..Two: It show that my capacity for criticism was small.. But the one thing It shows is “DON”T MESS WITH MY WILDCATS”…BTW: I don’t incourage this behavior for “ANY” Big Blue fan…But that Ole’Boy learned to LOVE the KENTUCKY WILDCATS…lol…GO CATS!!! GO BIG BLUE!!!!!

  90. Ref Mike

    Kentucky loses a game= National & STATEWIDE Headlines. Amazing! Cal asks the player to consider their effort and be honest about it. Sounds like a plan. Looks like some “fans” need to admit they are ‘losers’ too and assess their own ‘performances” honestly also.

    Go Cats! We are disappointed for you and with you. NOT AT YOU!

  91. TRUBLU69

    Well Said..Ref Mike

  92. gmoyers

    Thanks for the warning TruBlue. Or if I ever need a bodyguard, I will call you.
    And well put RefMike as always

  93. Ann Allen

    I am a lifetime member of the BBN and am having the best time this year following these CATS! This is a VERY special season, one of those that we will talk about forever! Tues. was just for learning, and we will….we’ll just continue to get better and better. I’m having a wonderful time following these VERY special CATS, and particularly love PP & how HE represents the BIG BLUE. GO CATS!!

  94. Charles S.

    Coach Cal & Team,

    Please don’t listen to the 200 or so negative fans(out of approximately 4 million)that will NEVER be satisified. This team and its coach has represented the university, the fans and this great state with unsurpassed class and dignity!!! Too many times the “LOUD” minority of UK fans stigmatizes the entire fan base. Well, I for one, am tired of it! It is time that all of the “sane” fans take over the message boards,just as we have this one!!! No University of Kentucky Wildcat deserves to be chastized for losing ONE STINKING GAME!! All of you that are posting negative things should be ashamed, but if you are classless enough to do that then you have no shame. Patrick, keep up the great job! You are “THE” example of what a Wildcat should be!!! I pray that my children have your work ethic and most of all, your patience and dignity!!

  95. Juan

    As far as role players go, I hope we have 13 roll players on the team, I think thats the definition……….

  96. Kirby

    Patrick Patterson shows more maturity than anyone who posted on his facebook as well as more maturity than 95% of Cats Pause, etc posters. However keep in mind many people who posted on his facebook could be kids or rival fans.
    The only advice I would have is why does PP grant freindship on his FB page to the general public. That is very dangerous and opens him up. If I were him I would immediatly de-freind everyone that he does not know.
    Just coaching AAU and select basketball I get much more advice from parents, freinds, etc than I ever ask for. Most of the time they only know what they see and don’t understand what we are tyring to do or what may have happened in practices. They may not know I am not playing a kid who scored at will int he first half because I caught him cursing in a time out. I can’t imagine playing at UK and all the advice.
    I would sure keep my circle of freinds tight and not open myself up for that.

  97. Tim

    I hope the players understand that 99.9% of THE WILDCATS faithful appreciate all of their hard work. So out of every 1 million UK fans there are 1000 who are over the top and think they know it all, but there are 999,000 who love and support you in everything you do. PP, you are THE MAN and a great ambassador for UK.GO CATS!!!!!!!!!!

  98. Wayne Wynn

    Anyone who is going to get down on the cats for one loss is just showing their lack of basketball knowledge. In todays game ther is so much parity that it will be difficult if not impossible for a team to go undefeated. Every team is going to have a let down game once in a while. To start the season 19 and 0 is a fantastic feat. The loss will probably be a learning experience for the team. They will see now that they have to bring it every night and some nights bring it just a little more. As for the fans getting on the players they are apparently not true members of the BIG BLUE NATION. If you can’t get behind the team when they lose a game, switch teams. After a loss is when they need us the most. In my opinion I love this team just as much as ever and can’t wait to see them kick Vandy’s butt on Saturday. All I got to say is GO BIG BLUE and ignore the haters.

  99. Greg

    It’s hard to fathom that “anyone” would question anything concerning Patrick Patterson……”sheesh”! He’s “only” been the face of our program for 3 incredibly solid years!….Patrick, I wish you could play at UK for the next 10 yrs. Your composure, hard work, talent and academics are a credit to you, and your family!!….I’d like to apologize for some of our so-called fans, whose expectations and grasp of reality are reprehensible….to put it mildly! Thank you, for all you’ve done for our basketball program and university!….I’ve loved many of our players thru the decades, but none more than Patrick Patterson!……..GO CATS!!!!!

  100. King Ghidora

    The passion that drives UK fans is the best in the world. But as we all know it can be the worst thing about the BBN at the same time. I am very proud of these Cats. People forget that a big part of the core of this team is made up of freshmen. They have managed to win every game up until the USC game. That was an amazing feat. Freshmen aren’t supposed to react to the high pressure world of UK basketball like that. No other freshman dominated team has ever played this well at UK. I know that for a fact because I’ve been watching since they first allowed freshment to play. I hope the players don’t take the comments of a few overzealous fans to heart. Remember they just like to win and they get hurt by losses. It’s a blessing to have fans that involved but it can be a curse. Patterson is one of the classiest players to ever wear the blue and white. He’s never uttered a critical comment, he’s on course to graduate in 3 years, and he has been a major contributor over 3 years despite being the lone inside presence with real talent for two of those years. How anyone can criticize him is beyond me. Every player has an off night. The fact the president called the team had to affect them. Personally I feel like the president was hogging in on their accomplishments but that’s another story. Young players can only take so much in the way of accolades before it affects the way they play. It’s just human nature.

    I’ve thought for a while that there were some things that needed to be changed for this team to be championship quality. And it’s hard to convince players of that when they are winning every game. Now is the time to take a hard look at where the team can improve and grow from that. The SEC is a tough league this year and USC was no easy out. I told my wife it would be a tough game and that the Cats might just lose there. But I see some of the young players learning from their mistakes in that game. Remember that they blew several wide open layups. That’s a team that doesn’t have it’s head on straight. And guards have to be seasoned to really dominate. The freshmen duo of Bledsoe and Wall are fantastically talented. But it was too much to expect them to be perfect. They will learn that some of the things that have been getting by with will not work against tough competition. And all the competition in the SEC is tough especially on the road. They will boucne back because they are winners. They have shown that already. I just hope pushy fans don’t discourage these great players because it would be a shame to turn the enchanted carriage into a pumpkin. I hope people lay off and support these kids instead because they could blow up over this. I don’t think they will but it’s possible. I know I’m proud of them for this season already. And I wouldn’t be surprised if they lost another game or two. Their schedule is looking tough. But they are great players and the cream rises to the top.

  101. Andy


    Great topic. It is sad that people would do or say things like that about out KY players. None of them deserve that even if we were 0 – 20. They make many sacrifies to play here.
    Mrs. Patterson I wouldn’t worry about what some boneheads say. Your son will be a success in lifw no matter what he does. I’m sure you and Mr. Patterson couldn’t be prouder of him.
    GO CATS !!!!!!!!

  102. Jim Boyers

    Larry, I might be wrong, but I think this is the most commented on story that I have ever seen on your site. The sheer volume of outrage over the situation shows that your readers are true fans and not losers who fall off the bandwagon when it hits the first bump in the trail.


    GO BIG BLUE!!!!

  103. BarryRussell

    I agree Jim – Larry has stirred the good in all UK Cat Fans with his story. GO CATS!!

  104. gmoyers

    Think you are right Jim. I just made it No. 100, and I expect more. And players and parents have noticed your support here

  105. Rebel88

    Nice aricle Larry, this is only 1 game we still have 20 more to go. We will probably hit another bump or 2 in the road. I am just enjoying this group while we have them. I really hope we come out Saturday and answer the bell. This is a huge game for both UK and Vandy.

  106. Baker81


    I have recently started reading your articles, and I really enjoy them. Thanks and keep up the good work.


  107. Harold Miller

    You pricks that are blaming Louisville fans should really get hold of yourselves. Your obsession borders on craziness. UofL fans generally don’t like UK but for the most part we just don’t give a poop what happens to UK or it’s fans. Wallow in your own misery and save your anger for the day that your greasy coach gets you in the same bowl of crap that he has left everywhere else he’s been.

  108. john wethington

    Patrick Patterson is the meaning of kentucky. All the true blue will always remeber and love you. Thank you so much for choosing KY.

  109. gmoyers

    Thanks BAker and agree with you John
    And Rebel, I look for a huge game out of the Cats SAturday

  110. Peggy

    I honestly do not think these people are really UK fans. I haven’t heard anyone criticize these guys’ performance. I think my friends are pretty representative. I just wish that the majority of fans, ie the ones who completely support the program and the players, and their sentiments warranted news stories so that these kids would hear what the BBN was really saying, not these imposters that give us a bad name.

    1. gmoyers

      Teresa and Peggy, thanks for adding your perspective and I think this outpouring of Big Blue love will really show on Saturday

  111. teresa mcalpin

    goooooo catsssssss. those negative comments arent from true uk fans. we would have loved a perfect season. but hey lets get real. ive been behind our team all the way. even through the very lean years i still held my head high and bosted of being a kentucky fan. your doing a great job kids and keep your heads up high.

  112. Shoop

    Thank you Pat for all you have done for our University, and sticking through the tough times you have endured the past 3 years. Thank you Mrs. Patterson for allowing us to enjoy your son for 3 years. Unfortunately, the only time I am embarrassed and disappointed to be a cat fan has nothing to do with the team and young men who put it all on the line for us. It is with the small percentage of our fans, that make us look like fools. I apologize on behalf of the BBN! GO CATS!

  113. Jim Boyers

    I don’t know how many UK fans can speak “Loserville”. So I thought that I would help you guys and translate the comments made by HAROLD MILLER, in his above post:

    Line 1: You pricks that are blaming Louisville fans should really get hold of yourselves.

    Line 2: Your obsession borders on craziness.

    Line 3: UofL fans generally don’t like UK, but for the most part we just don’t give a poop what happens to UK or its’ fans.

    Line 4: Wallow in your own misery and save your anger for the day that your greasy coach gets you in the same bowl of crap that he has left everywhere else he’s been.

    I hope that this helps everyone. Not that anyone really gives a POOP what the Loserville fans think.

    GO BIG BLUE!!!!

  114. Karen Sprinkle


    LOL. Thanks for the translation.

  115. Jackie

    Every program has “bad fans” who reflect badly on the program. Unfortunately, because our University has such a strong following, the number of those fans is higher than with most other programs. Because of this, we get a bad reputation and are stereotyped as a veracious, over-aggressive, rabid fan base. Well, there are plenty of TRUE die-hard fans who understand basketball and support the team no matter what- including myself and most of the fans who frequent this site. I was mad that we lost but would never berate our team or insult them. Who does that? That is so tacky and low class. These are young men who are still growing up and need support, not degradation. I wish people who can’t control their emotions would stay away from the computer or wait until the sting goes away. I was sad too, I’m a true fan- I wanted to cry but you have to get over it and realize we are still a formidable team. On the positive side, we have the monkey off our back of all the undefeated talk. I hope the program knows better than this and understand there is a fleet of fans standing strong in full support of them. Also, these venomous lunatics need to understand that this hurts recruiting. Why would other future superstars want to come to an environment where every small mistake will be blown out of proportion and over-scrutinized? I understand the tradition and greatness come with a price tag, but will anyone be willing to pay that?

  116. gmoyers

    Jim, love your humor.
    Terrific comments Jackie. Thanks for taking time to share them

  117. JForrest

    I am 51 years old and have been a UK fan since I first heard Cawood Ledford on the radio during the 1968-69 season. I, like many other fans, am disappointed each time UK loses a game but will always be proud of the players. I was disappointed with the loss to SC but I continue to be proud of this team. The so called UK fans who bashed the players are not legitimate fans – they are either rival fans posing to support UK or bitter bandwagon wannabe fans. They do not support the program.

    There are so many jealous and envious fans of other programs, such as harold miller; they find it necessary to disparage this program and fabricate stories to make it appear that UK fans are fanatical. I believe that the majority (not all) of the negativity regarding the “facebook” episode were manufactured by opposing fans in an attempt to alienate the players and discourage recruits from considering UK. That’s my opinon…FWIW.

    For those who participated in the facebook negativity, they should be queried regarding the history and personnel of the UK program. If their answers are inaccurate or they refuse to participate, then that evinces their true fandom.

  118. gmoyers

    JForrest, I would love to see you give some of those folks the Kentucky basketball exam and see how they hold up. Thanks for such a passionate, logical post

  119. Aaron

    UK fans becoming ones own enemy. Allowing passion to erode at first signs of anything less than perfection. Never taking into account words affecting the very thing they claim to live for.

    Living in a different era. No longer words spoken in the heat of the moment remain in ones own living room in front of a tv or a kitchen by the radio. The ways of old are replaced by a keyboard broadcasting sorrow into cyber world easily finding company whom seek like mysery. Together, analyzing and finally petty name calling. One minute a star, the next a DUD?

    Fast growing popularity of message board chatter becoming sabotage to the once beloved Big Blue Nation. Non private messages read from rivals to players to recruits and their parents. Magnified are the disparaging remarks of our own to those whom we seek to bring, to deliver us a championship.

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