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Even Brandon Knight can’t say who is Calipari’s best point guard


Who has been John Calipari’s best point guard? Since there have been so many, guess how former UK point guard Brandon Knight answered Monday night?

“We’re going to all feel like it’s ourself. I think that’s why we’re at the level that we’re at right now,” Knight said. “We’re all confident. But it’s a lot of great guards that he’s coached. You can go down the line. One of them (Derrick Rose) has been NBA MVP already, so it’s a lot of stiff competition, and not only just through the guards that Caliapri has put out, but throughout the NBA overall.

“I think the point guard position is the deepest position by far. So, I mean, I’m going to be confident in myself and think that I’m the best, but there are a lot of great guards that coach Cal has helped mature their game.”

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  1. Phillip Barker

    Always an intelligent interview…nothing but the best wishes to Brandon and his family.

  2. Larry Pup

    That is a tough question. I vote for Teague. His team won the national championship. He had a great supporting cast too. All were very good, Knight is correct about that.

  3. King Ghidora

    For what they accomplished in college the answer is Marquis. But overall I gotta go with Rose. Winning MVP doesn’t happen every day. A tougher challenge might be picking UK’s best PG all time. A lot of people would go with Rondo but us old timers won’t soon be forgetting “Rapid” Ralph Beard. Joe B. said he would have been a star in any era because of his speed and tenacious defense. Too bad he threw it all away for a few bucks. He hurt the program pretty bad really. There would likely have been at least one more title in that era if not two more if not for the scandal. He was an instant all-star in the NBA during his one season there.

  4. King Ghidora

    Just as a side note does everyone here know why the Cats failed to win 4 titles in a row from 1948 to 1951? People assume the Cats fell off in talent after the Fab 5 graduated. Nope. They won the SEC in 1950. But the NCAA didn’t invite them to the tournament. Imagine being a back to back winner and then winning the conference then not getting invited to play in the NCAA tournament. It wasn’t anything to do with the scandal. It was because the NCAA tournament was all based on invitations at the time. Conference winners didn’t get an automatic bid. Rupp said he would have won easily in 1950. Only the scandal kept UK from becoming what UCLA became a decade later IMO. They could have won 6 in a row IMO. Remember the year after they didn’t get to play they were undefeated and were once again not in the tournament. They might well have won 6 titles in a row. The NCAA put the hammer down on the program making them recruit only Kentucky players after that undefeated season too. They didn’t want UK owning the sport. People wonder why I complain about the NCAA. It’s stuff like this. They deliberately kept UK from winning titles the way I see things. What a swell bunch of guys. It was like playing in the SEC on the road. You just don’t get treated well when you make everyone else look like high school teams.

    UK has an incredible tradition in basketball. Remember at the time Bear was the football coach too and they had a football title. The late 40’s and early 50’s was a great time to attend UK. I can see Cal bringing back a lot of that glory to be honest. He has a shot at a long string of championships.

  5. TrueBlueJohn

    Dirk Minnefield would have to be in the top 5 list of point guards, along with Kyle Macy.

  6. King Ghidora

    I really can’t agree with Dirk being in that list John. I know he’s the all time assist leader, shot over 50% for his career at UK and had a 2 to 1 assist to turnover ratio. I know he scored over 1000 points. I know he was Mr. Basketball in Ky. and had all the credentials (Parade and McD AA).

    I also remember the Dream Game friend. Dirk just couldn’t do it when it mattered most IMO. He blew up in that overtime period against Louisville. He had 6 turnovers in that game. I know UL was good that year but UK really should have been better.

    Dirk gave UL the idea they could compete with UK. It was a mistake for them to think that. It killed their program for a very long time. Take a look at their record against the Cats and you’ll know why I think that.

    In all honesty I don’t think he was the best PG on his team even. I think he failed to come through in the clutch too often. If Beal hadn’t got injured you would have never heard the name of Dirk Minniefield at UK. I’ve rarely seen players as fast as him. He needed to be coached but Joe B. would have taught him well. By his senior year he wasn’t fast anymore but he was well coached and a good player in a different way. If he hadn’t lost his speed he would have been better than Rondo.

    I certainly wanted Dirk to do well. He had the stats but then look at the players he had to pass the ball to. Bowie, Turpin, Walker, Master, Hord, Hurt, etc.. They were loaded. I am much more impressed the assists handed out by Harden in his career. He had Bowie, Turpin and Walker one year but he was a freshman playing behind Dirk and Beal. He had nearly 500 assists with only Walker and Bennett except for Davender who also played PG. Harden played behind him too about half of the time. It’s amazing he managed to get that many assists without really being the established, full time PG at any time in his career. Dirk only had about 150 more assists but he played over 1000 more minutes and he had a lot more talent to pass the ball to. He was the guy for most of his career with only Beal challenging him for PT before the injury.

    I’d put Ford near the top of that PG list BTW. And of course Dampier although he didn’t play a true PG position. He was more of a combo guard. None of the Runts really managed a lot of assists to be such a great passing team. I have never figured that out. They must have counted assists differently in those days.

    Davender was a great PG too. So was Eps. And Sean Woods might very well have topped Dirk’s number of assists had he played his final year at UK. He doesn’t get enough credit from a lot of UK fans. And of course Wayne Turner should be in there somewhere. But again, Turner played over 1000 more minutes than Harden but got less assists. And he had some serious talent to throw the ball to. Go figure.

    Kyle was certainly a great college player. He did come through when it counted many times.

  7. Larry T Clemons

    Dwight Anderson was Rondoesque before there was a Rondo…Dwight was not a type of Player Coach Hall could deal with….IMO, that was Dwight’s fault, he could have been great.

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