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Even after unexpected loss, Cats insist this year “is going to be a great story”


COLUMBIA, S.C. — Despite a frantic comeback that almost worked, there’s no easy way to explain Kentucky’s 72-67 loss to lowly South Carolina here Saturday.

This was a game the Cats desperately needed to win after Thursday’s home loss to overtime — and came out acting like the game meant nothing. The Cats were sluggish — like they have been to start games way too often all season — and unorganized. They lacked the passion of the home team and made mental mistakes, missed shots and got outhustled.

Maybe it was just more than Kentucky coach John Calipari could take because midway of the second half, he got his second technical foul and was ejected. Even assistant coach Orlando Antigua had been slapped with a technical before that.

After the Calipari technical and free throws, UK was down 55-39 with 10 minutes, 25 seconds left to a team that had three SEC wins. But then the unexpected happen. With assistant John Robic calling the shots, UK came to life and sliced the lead to 68-67 and had the ball back down 70-67 with 20 seconds left. However, Alex Poythress — who was 6-for-20 from 3-point range this season — missed an open 3 and that sealed the loss that no UK coach, player or fan could have seen coming.

“I told him to shoot that thing. He was wide open. It was on line,” Robic said. “We had to get off a good shot. It was a good look. I know he is not a prolific 3-point shooter, but I had confidence in him.”

Kentucky was 14-for-52 from the field — 5-for-29 in the first half — and went almost 13 minutes once without a made field goal despite having a team full of projected NBA draft picks.

The Wildcats lost despite a 46-28 edge on the boards — of course, UK gave up a huge offensive rebound to South Carolina late as it has seemed to do in every loss this year — and going 33-for-42 at the foul line.

What did Calipari think?

Well, we don’t know because he sent Robic to the media room.

“Our guys played great. They fought and didn’t give up. We didn’t start the way we wanted to,” Robic said. “They showed some toughness in the end. It is a hurting locker room right now.”

It should be. A team that openly talked of going 40-0 and opened the season No. 1 is now dropping in the NCAA seedings and has eight losses.

So what has happened? According to Aaron Harrison (4-for-16 from the field, no assists) and James Young (4-for-12, five turnovers), nothing.

“It’s frustrating to lose, but we know what we can do. It is going to be a great story,” Aaron Harrison said.

Great story?

“We know what we can do. We talk about it. Even after the game we know what we can do and we can make a run and it will be a great story for everyone to talk about,” Harrison said. “It was a lot about pride (at the end). We couldn’t go out like that. We did all we could do.”

For the last 10 minutes, yes. For the first 30 minutes, no.

Still, Young said UK can “definitely” make a run.

“We didn’t come this far … we are going to keep playing and make a great run,” Young said. “Just let this game go and keep moving forward. Try to make a big run in the end.”

One could argue that the Cats seemed to relax and play harder and better after Calipari, who was on most of his players most of the game, left the court. Robic strongly disagreed.

“I thought we played hard. I didn’t think we made shots,” Robic said when asked why UK’s energy picked up the last 10 minutes. “These kids care. It hurts not to win. I think they saw the ball go in a couple of times and and that brought confidence. They got stops on defense and that also brought confidence. I appreciate them playing hard. The bench was great. We just fell a little bit short.”

Yet Young readily admitted what seemed obvious — UK’s energy went up the final 10 minutes. Maybe it was Calipari’s ejection/fight that inspired them. Or maybe not.

“I think it was energy,” Young said. “We did not come out with a lot of energy. We had more energy in the second half.”

South Carolina coach Frank Martin praised his team — and Kentucky.

“I am tired of people saying our league is bad. Kentucky is a real good basketball team,” Martin said. “Our man-to-man defense was real good in the first half. But Kentucky was just attacking us on the glass and we had to go zone. We were active. We threw the first punch. When they punched us back, we didn’t retreat.”

Which has become a way too familiar thing for this highly touted UK team that is nowhere close to fulfilling the expectations everyone had for this team.

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  1. Keith Peel

    Perfect game to run a double low post with a low post player kicking out to the high post for a high low dump down. Unfortunately our coach doesn’t know how to run that offense… Or any offense except the dribble drive it appears. Two questions; why was Dakar not in the game after Willie fouled out. Dakari was the only offense we had down low and could have helped on the defensive boards. The other is with so many guys on the bench and your starters shooting 17% in the first half why did we see the same guys in the 2nd half. Just maybe Hood, Willis could have hit some outside shots. At that point you have to quit doing the same thing again And again and expecting a different result. This team is close to having the same SEC record and overall record as last years team… And they ended up in the NIT

  2. Larry T Clemons

    They Fight like Kitty Cats, They Claw like Young Cat…..Soon, they’ll Bite like ” Wildcats ” ! Still STAND BY MY CATS, They need Our Support Now more than ever…lot of haters out there…BBN, support this Team….How bout, Robic…” Nice Work ” Smartest move of the night…Getting thrown out early. I’m telling You, Our Coach Is A Genius ! He got out of this mess quick…Now if Our Guards, could think that smart and move that fast…

    1. Anonymous

      If the cats make the NCAA tournamment. They will make a strong run. The SEC offciating is pathetic. That’s why the coach got tossed. WCS gets the pickiest callls called on him. I also don’t blame the bench for the technical as that no call was pathetic too.

      1. Larry Pup


    2. UKFMLY


  3. Mike

    Kentucky continues to lower the bar each game and sink this wonderful tradition into BB oblivion for the last 2 yrs. I can’t imagine the high fiving that is taking place around the country as this over-hyped 2014 edition continues to implode as the season progresses. We shot 26% against the worse team in the SEC and Randle, Young, Harrison, and Poythress went a combined 7-42. Has Cal even called an offensive play this year? If he has, I missed it. I have never seen a UK team start a game in a coma as we have each and every game this year. Cal needed to be run out of the gym, and I am not sure he doesn’t need to be run out of Lexington. Worse coaching job in the country 2 yrs. running. We have been out coached and out played almost every game this year, and we continue to get worse as the season moves on. He has continuously talked about having a strong bench and is too stubborn to turn to them when he and the world can see that some of his players do not want to play period. Randle and Stein only made 1 shot ea. this game which is absurd.

  4. TheProfessor

    What world are they living in if they think this ends as a great story.

    Oh wait. That’s right. How could I forget, the goal is to get to the NBA draft, and that will still be achieved.

    What happens in these games is totally irrelevant to the great story this people are writing.

    What got into me? Shhhhsh

  5. Mike

    Robic said the Cats played great and worked hard as well. John, it is ok to take off the blinders, and we are not impressed with political correctness anyway. This may be the sorriest and dumbest team we have ever put on the floor. We really haven’t won all year but have managed to escape.

    1. cats79

      Mike, if you not going too support the cats regardless just get out of our fan base and support somebody else. WHINY BUTT!!!!

      1. Kokamo Joe

        I am reminded on the Tubby Smith era. Smith’s teams were better than Calipari’s last two teams. During the time when he was hounded out of Lexington there were fans who pointed out his winning percentage and stood by him. Some of those who pushed hardest to move Smith on are beginning to criticize Calipari. If this team continues to muddle up the season that number will grown. That is normal for the BBN. The BBN expects to win every year.

        Honest criticism is good. One would have to be delusional if he thought that this coach and this team deserves NO CRITICISM. Those who look at this team and realize that things are not going well are not WHINEY BUTTS. They are realists. It is also perfectly rational to critic the One and Done System. But let’s not go overboard…that’s my opinion.

    2. Larry T Clemons

      Syracuse, got spanked, by almost 20….” but, you probably think they’re a great Team ???? Look, we’ve lost a few with this Young Team…but all these losses are youthful mishaps. Free Throws, Turn Overs, Missing open shots, not hitting the three, lazy get back on Defense & not communicating…these are all fixable. But we have been in every game and that’s important.

      1. larryvaught

        But Larry T., Syracuse got beat by Virginia, not South Carolina. This was a terrible loss

        1. Larry T Clemons

          I know, and I agree, ” terrible loss.” But, were was WCS,(he ain’t no freshman). We know we have good kids and great players….when they don’t show up, it can be aggravating as heck ! I just have to stay positive, because we’ve seen great skill sets from all, including great free throw shooting, So, yes, I Believe we can turn this around, still……..But, South Carolina, geez…I understand why people are upset…But this is not the demise of Kentucky Basketball, please….

      2. Kokamo Joe

        Larry….This is March. Our superstars are not young anymore. We can’t use youth as an excuse. Larrry this is South Carolina, a team with 3 wins in the weak SEC. We got beat by South Carolina in a gym that had at least 1/3 of those attending wearing blue. We got out hustled, out played, out coached and beaten by a team that played as a team…something that we have not learned to do at this late date.

        I share your hope that a bulb will go on in their heads, but the bulb is growing dim. If the last two games indicate the status of this team, it is worse now than it was when it played it’s first game. It is great to support “the boys” and praise the coach, but realism has to sit in sometime. This year is not working. It is not the end of the world. If the bulb does not turn on, we start over next year with some of our present cast and with some new future NBA stars. We will see how that goes. But, for right now, honest criticism is just a much the role of a fan as cheerleading and love.

        1. Larry T Clemons

          Agreed KJ, but they have not embarrassed UK, BBN or themselves, most loses were close and look how many Overtime games we’ve had…..Syracuse, (Ranked #1) most of the Season and undefeated most of the Season, just got Blown Out by almost 20 points……” I ask all You, who are OVERTLY CRITICAL, which Division 1 Team would YOU rather Have ????? Not One Of You Have responded…..That tells me one of two things. 1) You are happy with this Team, but you just want more from them…..OR, 2) You just enjoy bashing Our Coaches and these 18 & 19 year olds. Of the two options, one is understandable, the other is Pathetic…Only YOU KNOW, which You Are !

          1. Larry T Clemons

            KJ, if you measure and read all my Post…I have given much Honest Critic, But, I do not, (EVER) attack personally, Our Players or Our Coaches…I am always looking for Roses beyond the thorns. ” That’s not an excuse, it’s just who I am.” Also, my position is coming from an experience of knowing Players while I was in College and having a relationship with Coach Hall, Coach Hamilton,(now at Fla St), Doc Jackson, Opening the Wildcat Lodge in 1977, riding back from the Airport with James Lee in the squad cars, taking Us Back to the Lodge in 78′, (after Our Championship) where we stayed up with other Fans and Students til 3:00 am…. Maybe, I just am protective of them personally, I’ve seen it first hand. We were all Young once. My only word of advice is, ” Perspective.”

          2. Kokamo Joe

            Did you watch the South Carolina game? That was not an embarrassment? You did not see the lack of effort? You did not see the drive for the basket and hope to get fouled offense?

            Which team would I rather have? Since I am a UK fan, I will take them…lose or win. But If I had a $1,000.00 to bet on to win it all? How about Duke, Florida, Syracuse, Wichita State, Kansas, and about 10 others.

            Am I happy with this team and just want a little more? With this talent I expect more. Tie that with last year and I cannot be happy. I have the patience of Job and I am willing to wait for next year or even the year after next. But if we are still one and doneing it then and losing…I won’t be a happy camper.

            Do I just enjoy bashing our coaches and 18 and 19 year olds. I do not enjoy bashing at all. I am realistic. I am willing to say that up to this point it ain’t working. I am not willing to softsoap and pretend that this team is better that it has shown that it is. It is not pathetic to be honest. As I have posted often. Honest criticism is the right of every UK fan who wishes to have an opinion. It is also the right of every fan to ignore reality and just be a cheerleader. It is not good to be critical of a fan who just happens to approach the team in a different way.

        2. Write 'em Down!

          “the drive for the basket and hope to get fouled offense?”

          THAT’S IT, KJ!

          I’d been trying to find a name to call whatever “offense” that is that the Cat’s have been running on the floor this season. But you nailed it dead. I’d been calling it something like “discombobulated double drivel drive, but your’s is much better. I hope you don’t mind if I plagiarize your description for those after-game times when I’m mumbling to myself. Lacking your gift for brevity, I’ll probably call it the “ignore the post player & then drive for the basket and get called for charging, turn the ball over, or hope to get fouled before missing another off-the-glass flip shot offense.”

          1. Larry T Clemons

            That’s why I agreed with MillCat, Our Bigs need to be used, for low post scoring, offensive rebounds, but more importantly to me, (come Tourney Time) foul out Our Opponents Bigs…That is what I believe is a Key for a deep run….We have the depth, with our Bigs, most Teams Don’t !

          2. Larry Pup

            Hard to score from the post with three guys hanging all over you and no fouls calls. Been that way all year too. When outside shots are not falling, as was the case againt USC, you gotta drive the ball.

          3. Write 'em Down!

            I certainly agree with you on the fact that our bigs are getting disgracefully mugged inside. As King said a while back, I don’t really know how the game of bb is going to continue without suiting the players up in the pads and helmets. Disgraceful, and I sympathize with Cal for getting tossed. Hard to watch that kind of thing without doing something.

            But “you gotta drive the ball” [and flip up some wild shot off the glass and hope you get fouled?]? Nah–I respectfully disagree with you on that one, Larry. When you say that outside shots weren’t falling last night, that’s true. But you mean for the starters, don’t you? I guess some of us are wondering that, considering how BADLY things were going for starters last night until the last ten minutes or so, how much worse would say, Derrick Willis or John Hood or even Marques Lee have played than the players who stayed on court? Might they possible have shot the ball a lot better than some of the starters and thus impacted the game for the better in UK’s favor?

            We’ll never know, will we? And that’s the rub, as ‘ol Hamlet once said.

            I believe we’ll probably agree on one thing for sure, Larry. Sooner or later, Coach is going to have to find SOMEONE on this current collection of players who can shoot a jumper with some kind of consistency. Either from the starters or the bench. Otherwise, the collapsing zones and inside post triple-muggings will continue, and it will be a too-long season with a short drop at the end for fans like us.

          4. Larry Pup

            I believe if the coaches had pulled our starters and sent in our reserves against USC last night, that some of you keep saying should play more, and would shoot better, UK loses by 25. But we’ll never know is right. UK did use Hawkins, Hood and Lee sparingly, and Polson got a lot of playing time but 0 points. I don’t know why he don’t shoot more? He is open a lot. I hope Cal does pull starters in a tough hard nosed game soon just to let all the arm chair coaches be right or wrong about all these better players we have available sitting on the bench. The guys that know these players best are these coaches. I didn’t see Robic going to the bench much either when Coach got the hook. I guess he don’t know what he is doing either. Hey they stunk against the “Game Cocks” I admit. Especially the first 30 min. But I did not see a lack of effort as some are saying. I saw a lot of sweat and pain on their faces. The shots were not falling, and nothing was working for UK. They just caught USC at the wrong time after a disappointing loss at home against a surging Arkansas team. It ain’t the end of the world. They still had a chance to win both. They still live to fight another day. I believe they will. I will save all the negative comments when the hay is in the barn. It ain’t over yet.

          5. Write 'em Down!

            “some of you keep saying should play more, and would shoot better” [the bench players]

            I didn’t say the players in question should “play more,” Larry. My statement was simply to the effect that I wish they could have gotten the chance to perhaps make a positive difference in the game or try to prove themselves as potential players, considering how things were going for the starters.

            Like you, I don’t know why Polson didn’t take a few more shots. Best guess is that he was simply fixated on trying to run the team, since he’s not in the games as much. I wish he had taken a couple more shots. How much worse could he have done? 17%? 27%?

            If you want to classify me as an “armchair coach,” Larry, whatever that means, for posting my observations / opinions as a UK fan, that’s OK with me. In the end, that’s merely your own perception of my post, and you’re entitled to it, same as I am regarding yours. I don’t think any less of you as a fan because of it. Hope you feel the same.

            We agree on one thing: “It’s not the end of the world.” As I’ve said before in posts, bb is always just a game to me, a rubber ball bouncing through a metal hoop. However, it’s still a BBN BALL :)

  6. cats79

    Even we loss i like the way they fought back, I love these team regardless!!!

  7. Barry

    Some obvious points have been made here. It’s time for an honest assessment of what is going on. Players who are self proclaimed one and dones have little motivation to put the team’s goals ahead of their own. For some reason, they think this season’s performance won’t be noticed or won’t matter to NBA scouts and execs. They will find out come Summer. Coach has to take responsibility for his part as well. He has coddled this bunch way too long. The rest of the team deserves a chance to make a difference when the chosen ones aren’t getting the job done. You won’t get a kid’s attention by yelling at him. Sit him on the bench a couple of games and then he will either quit or become coachable. Either way, it improves the team and the team chemistry. Players start listening and start playing. It’s pretty much too late to do anything with this bunch. Let’s learn something from these past two seasons and get this thing turned around next year. What we’re doing now simply isn’t working.

    1. Anonymous

      Pull the starters and run in the ones you think are getting slighted to make a point, and leave them in, UK loses by 25.

      1. Anoneemouse

        Continue to leave the starters you think are getting slighted in, then, to make a point, UK still loses by 25, plus loses one or maybe two talented bench players who leave due to lack of any playing time

        1. Anonymous

          It’s a free country and tranfers happen all the time for a lack of playing time. You earn playing time at practice don’t you? There are factors involved here the average fan knows nothing about, but thinks he does. The guy that is ultimately responsible will be the head Coach for everything that happens. Time will make that very clear. I’m sure not qualified to tell a coach who to play or how to coach his team. I may not like the results, but I’m not responsible. If you want to criticize this team go ahead. I just sit back and enjoy the games and hope like the devil UK wins it all. It is not life or death to me.

      2. Write 'em Down!

        A “L” is an “L,” Anonymous. What does it matter if it’s by 5 or 25? After all, that wasn’t horseshoes our starters were playing last night. It just sounded like it after they shot they ball. I recognized the sound from a lot of our other games this season.

        1. Anonymous

          If a loss is coming I would rather lose by 5 instead of 25. Trailing by 25 you have no chance.

  8. OldFan

    You would think by now our coach would realize that it “DOES” matter if you make a shot. He needs to quit telling the guards to just “throw” it off the backboard and hope one our “bigs” can grab it and put it back in. That’s not working but Cal has stated several times that is what he is telling the guards to do. When you have 26 Offensive Rebounds and still lose the game. . . . Coach, it ain’t working!!! Why have these three guards, that could shoot so well in high school but now couldn’t throw it in the ocean if they were standing in a boat, how is that they have become so unreliable??? Because we have a coach telling them it is not important to make the shot, just hit the backboard. The last time I checked, hitting backboard was worth ZERO points!!!

  9. Little Baron

    Great story… yeh… ten losses to join a list of some of the worst seasons in UK history.

    The Professor nailed it… the great story for some of these INDIVIDUALS is their going to the NBA. The 3 perimeter players have yet to play for the “UK’ on their jersey. The coach is lost in some fantasy land where draft picks are greater than producing TEAMS at UK. Has his vision slipped and he no longer sees the 8 subs who would fight harder and play as a TEAM if they were put in to replace the 3 perimeter ball hogs?

    Win, lose or draw… it’s OK when every player on the floor wearing UK on their jersey gives it their all AND puts the TEAM FIRST. Otherwise, it is a disgrace to the legacy built by the great players of the past who played for the TEAM… for UK!!!

    1. Larry Pup

      If I were these players, I would leave this program. Why put up with all this back stabbing and second guessing them. They stunk the first half, and admitted it, it’s on video. But they fought back from 16 down and closed to within 1. They lost by 5 against a team that was playing way over their heads with a lot of home cooking to help them along. That I believe is why Cal was so upset. Again, UK hits 6 of the 9 FT’s they missed and they win by 1. I know it is a broken record and losing hurts, but to say these players don’t care is pretty sorry.

  10. cats79

    There’s a lot of spread of winning it all the team78-96- and should have won in 97 and did win 98, and the last one was 2012. The fact is the time has change and even so the DUKE, NC, KANSAS and UCLA. hadn’t much sucess since then. Get a grip guys enjoy the team that ‘s playing has that UK in front of there CHEST!!

  11. Write 'em Down!

    “….Harrison said. “It was a lot about pride (at the end).”

    What a SAD statement for us long-time fans to have to hear, Aaron.

    Considering the historic and proud tradition behind the “KENTUCKY” you were wearing across your chest tonight, here’s hoping that you and a couple of other starters will somehow manage to scrape up a little additional pride for the remaining season and try to actually compete during the other 30-odd minutes of games instead of just the last few minutes of their bitter ends :(

    1. Larry T Clemons

      WRITE EM, your points are valid…but, we should give these Young Men some credit, they are young…They did fight back,(to little, to late) but still made a heck of a try….did you see Syracuse, (Seniors,upperclassmen) get BLOWN OUT…” That has not happened to Our YOUNG TEAM ! WE Still can Compete, with anyone….Take a look at our top 7 – 8 Players, (including JP) what has been, their individual best Game of the Season……NOW, if we could duplicate that on the Same Night, game in/game out, We would be in The Final Four…..Professor, do that chart, I know it’s a dream, but we show all the negative possibilities….” Can we all talk about Some Positive Possibilities “…This Young Team, NEEDS BBN, they young’ns…OUR SUPPORT, could be a crucial factor, in this remaining Season….just saying.

      1. Kokamo Joe

        Young, Young, Young! The UK team is young by design. We cannot use youth for an excuse. We cannot blame the refs. This is a bad loss. Having written that, it is time to look to the rest the season. We can win the next home game and we can beat Florida. Our players keep saying that they learned from the latest loss and they are on the verge of becoming a beast. Do it.

        I appareciate your support. You will support these “kids” win or lose and you will look for the positive even when there is little or none. A teacher friend once told me about the difference between some parents. There are those who will storm the teacher and blame him or her for every failing grade that their child gets. Other parents have high expectations and encourage their children to achieve. Both type of parents love their children, but the ones who place the blame for failure on the child are likely to have far more successful students.

        Some of our fans are like the parents who blames every body but his or her child. In their minds it is a disgrace to be critical of anything Blue. They will accept anything or any excuse…such as youth.

      2. Write 'em Down!

        You make some valid points as well, Larry T. And I appreciate the fact that you’re a good and steadfast cheerleader for the Cats.

        It’s just that I feel a lot of other VV posters are as well, Mr. Clemons. They simply don’t do it in quite the same way as you do. If you want to classify that as being non-supportive fans, that’s your right of course. But I feel it doesn’t make someone a bad fan if they simply point out some obvious factual truths about the program in a respectable, non-personal manner. It doesn’t make them “haters,” notwithstanding the fact that there are a few neanderthals and name-callers in every fan base, including here.

        I think we all understand these players are mostly freshmen and victims of AAU coaches, NBA-types, and other well-meaning higher up’s whispering untoward advice in their ears, not to mention unrealistic, overwrought horn-tootings from recruiting gurus and fans, none of which is their faults.

        On the other hand, both we and the players are required to live in the real world, Mr. Clemons. To try to compare Syracuse losing to a pretty highly ranked ACC team like Virginia with Kentucky losing to a pretty mediocre unranked team like South Carolina seems an awfully bad analogy to me, as Mr. Vaught also pointed out as well. That was a really BAD loss, Larry. The game wasn’t as close as the final score. The way UK lost that game was indicative of some very worrisome stuff going on right now in the program. That team flat-out quit until the final ten minutes or so of the game, with the exception of two or three players. They simply weren’t willing to compete, from the word go. And the game last night wasn’t the only game that’s happened this season, either. And UK pays the coaching staff some very nice salaries to make sure that the players are ready to compete each and every game. Not win, mind you. Simply compete and earn that fairly expensive scholarship they have that a lot of other kids have to work minimum wage to pay for. These players have to understand the need to always compete on behalf of the school which funds their scholarships. Whatever it takes. After all, isn’t it about time someone starts putting the needs and the good of the institution of the University of Kentucky and its other 40,000 + students first for a change?

        I was simply responding to a factual statement that Aaron H. said, Larry, same as I have with what coach Cal has said, etc. As I said, we have no choice but live in the real world, where ear plugs and horse blinders don’t work for most of us. You once told me that maybe someone was trying to “just warm my back” if they were peeing down it and telling me it was just raining. I don’t think so, Larry. In the end, that’s not rain or koolaid running down my back.

        It’s still piss.

        1. Larry T Clemons

          Well stated….and I appreciate your post…but if you want to be a realist, then accept what we have and hope Our Players, (present & future) along with Our Coaches, learn from these,” Uncharted Waters “….’ remember, they have to be Sailed ” and until last year, it looked promising. Also, as any Sailor will tell You, sometimes there will be rough Seas and sometimes there will be calm waters…. I still see, and Elite 8, in Our Future…I will cheer them on, and at least know they’ll be better Seasoned for next Year, if need be…And, that ain’t so bad…And, I do offer my apology about the piss remark, your post, along with others had me fighting for these Boys, a little to protective here, I know, but, I have my reasons…

          1. Write 'em Down!

            “but if you want to be a realist, then accept what we have…”

            Uh, well, that’s kind of what I thought I’d done in my postings, Larry. It might be true that one of us needs a dose of realism. I’ve never been a big proponent of blind dogmatism, myself, regardless of whether it’s blue in color or not. Saw too much of it in the company-store mentality as a kid in the coal company camps.

            “I will cheer them on, and at least know they’ll be better Seasoned for next Year.”

            Exactly, Larry. Just like you and I did this time last year, too.

            And don’t worry about the “piss,” Larry. I wasn’t offended. And if preceeded by a “horse,” such might be a good description of the way the Cats played last night :)

  12. J Cole

    I think the guys are thinking too much and not relying on their own good instincts and talents. They played much better early in the season than they’re playing right now and that’s hard to figure out. It has to be the game plan that’s not allowing them to be their best. Cal, just let the players play loose so that they are not unencumbered by sideline coaching. It has to be terribly distracting at times. They should be able to run the basic plays and know their roles by now. I will not give up on our young Wildcats either. I was screaming about some of the bad calls too, but that did not lose the game for us as we made most of our free throws. There seemed to be no real concentration until the end of the game.



  14. Larry T Clemons

    Great Post, J Cole….Millcat, I agree we have enough Bigs to be dominant and and bring foul trouble to our opponents…” Come tourney Time, that could be a very important strategy…

  15. Kokamo Joe

    Come tournament time we are going to have to play much tougher teams. I don’t believe that we have beaten a ranked team except Louisville. UL is a straw team with on center…that is the type of team that we can use our size to dominate. We are going to face some big men in tournament play. Our seeding has taken a hit, which means better teams sooner.

    1. Larry T Clemons

      That’s why I agreed with MillCat, Our Bigs need to be used, for low post scoring, offensive rebounds, but more importantly to me, (come Tourney Time) foul out Our Opponents Bigs…That is what I believe is a Key for a deep run….We have the depth, with our Bigs, most Teams Don’t !

  16. Fred

    It’s time for the basketball fans to run Cal off , like we football fans did Joker , by hitting Barnyard in the wallet!

    1. Larry T Clemons

      FRED, losing brings You OUT ! loser….

    2. Write 'em Down!

      “It’s time for the basketball fans to run Cal off….”


      Fred, are you really for real? If you are, then I’m sure you won’t mind if our coach reaches up into the Rupp Arena rafters and jerks down our latest NCAA Championship banner from only a couple of years ago on his way out of Lexington.


    thats ridiculous! no body wants Cal run off but IMO he needs to refocus his strenghs. He has size and depth quit reling on the guards so much. Stop all the screaming and yelling and coach this team. they play tight

  18. Fred

    The Witchta St. coach and Travis Ford are at the top of the list. Cal is gone.

    1. Write 'em Down!

      “Cal is gone.”


      Please try to get a grip on it, son. It’s getting embarassing. We all know it was a bad game and all.

  19. Cardinal/Red

    You can have Pitino.

    1. Write 'em Down!

      Pitino or Petrino?

      You aren’t trying to pull the ‘ol switcharoo on us, are you?

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