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ESPN’s Paul Biancardi: “James Young is a natural scorer”


How good is Kentucky signee James Young?

I’m not sure Kentucky fans got a fair evaluation of him during the recent McDonald’s All-American Game or Jordan Brand Classic. So I asked ESPN recruiting director Paul Biancardi about Young.

“James Young is a natural scorer and has the ability to score whether in transition or the halfcourt or on a broken play,” said Biancardi. “He has one thing on his mind and that is scoring.

“He can contribute in other ways. He rebounds. He keeps the ball moving on offense. He’s not just looking for his shots. He does things within the flow of the offense. He does things to be productive and executes the offense well. He has a good feel for the game and great instincts. He realizes when he’s open and when he’s not. He does not take many bad shots.

“I would not say he is a physical player. He’s more skill and finesse. But he is battle tested and will come ready to play.”

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  1. Anonymous

    I hope Alec comes everyday to play hard at practice, or he’ll get beat out by this talented freshman…vastly underrated!

  2. AndrewB

    James Young is a better version of D. Lamb in my opinion. The guy can stroke very long lefty jumpers, he can slash, he can shoot floaters, he can flush dunks and he can flat out rebound. He handles the ball really well and has great court vision. There is a reason he is everyone’s top 20 (mostly top 10). Don’t overlook him–when you look at how many kids play Bball and most of the experts think he is one of the best…

    If you watched his willingness to pass the ball at the games and actually play defense shows you that he is not only talented but a gel player. His coach always talks about his teamwork. He is a different type of player, but in MHO (H is for humble), he is as good as the Harrisons. I think Randle’s motor and athleticism places him in a different realm. Young can play with anybody and score on anybody. Leave him open–he’ll bury it. Come out on him–he’ll dunk on you.

    There is a reason that at one point he was Izzo’s #1 objective. Glad he’s wearing Blue.

  3. Zo

    I believe he is gonna be a special player.Forsure…..I agree.GO CATS!!!!!!!!

  4. Anonymous

    all i know is thats its on,

  5. Larry Pup

    Andrew..great scouting report on JY. I for one can’t wait to see him play. Wow, there is gonna be some smokin times on the hardwood at Rupp come Nov. Go Cats!!!!

  6. Tony

    in the limited amount of time I got to see him play in the two all star games I was most impressed with his defense.He stayed in front of his man,including top player Andrew Wiggins, had several deflections, and took a couple of charges.

    1. larryvaught

      I agree Tony. Young is lot better than many understand

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