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ESPN’s Outside the Lines will take look at how Calipari went about reducing UK’s roster


Kentucky fans have been enjoying the love and exposure from ESPN recently, especially during the historic 2,000th victory. However, that feeling might be ready to change.

It’s seems Outside the Lines, ESPN’s award-winning news program that will air Sunday at 9 a.m. EST, is going to examine how John Calipari trimmed his roster after he got the job to make room for his own No. 1 recruting class. The release from ESPN says six of Billy Gillispie’s players were encouraged to leave and indicates that since scholarships are renewed annually, the players had little recourse but to leave Kentucky if they actually wanted to play because Calipari told them they were unlikely to play much for him.

Here is more from the ESPN release:

Several players said the dramatic roster turnover at Kentucky is an example of how coaches have little loyalty to returning student-athletes, especially when a new coach is hired. Kentucky officials say Calipari just wanted players who fit his style of play. Outside the Lines’ Tom Farrey examines Kentucky’s roster turnover under John Calipari.

“I thought I was going to finish my career there, graduate from UK.” – Kevin Galloway, guard, who left Kentucky after meeting with new coach John Calipari

“It hurt because I abided by the rules. I did everything I was supposed to. … Kept up a good GPA, went to class every day, didn’t fail any tests. …. I feel like just for following my part of the contract, they should follow theirs.” – Matt Pilgrim, forward, on feeling pressured to leave UK

“He was very clear and very honest that (some) may not fit this dribble-drive approach. …It’s a decision that they jointly made, that they might find more playing time elsewhere.” – Dr. Lee Todd Jr., president of the University of Kentucky, on what Calipari told players who eventually left

“If you talk to the average scholarship athlete, they believe they’re on a four-year scholarship or maybe a five-year scholarship. …. But the reality is, there’s no such thing as a four or five-year scholarship. There’s only a one-year renewable.” – Ramogi Huma, head of an advocacy group that lobbies the NCAA and government on behalf of athletes.

Kentucky fans have been enjoying the love and exposure from ESPN recently, especially during the historic 2,000th victory. However, that feeling might be ready to change.

There’s no indication that Calipari was interviewed for the segment, but given his friendliness with the national media, hopefully he gets his chance to explain what he did and why.

Again, he broke no rules and other coaches have certainly done the same thing when they have inherited programs. And he did keep Ramon Harris, Perry Stevenson, Josh Harrellson, Darius Miller, Deandre Liggins and Patrick Patterson along with walk-on Mark Krebs. And it’s hard to argue with the results that have UK 14-0 and ranked No. 3.

Still, this may be just what the Calipari-bashers need to get going again.

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  1. Austin Martin

    It is a compliment that we have gotten as much national attention this year. I think you just have to take the good with the bad. It can get my blood boiling as much as the next guy, but ultmimately it is a compliment to the status of our program.

    The many pundits that love to sound off on UK and Calipari are only confirming that we are the best. That kind of critism is part of being on top. It would be nice if some of the other blue chip programs got the same treatment, but it does seem to be a little uneven at times. It is one of those deal where heavy lies the crown… I am sure I will get fired up when I see the OTL piece, but ultimately I will take all of the attention as a testament to how big UK basketball really is.

  2. gmoyers

    That’s probably the best attitude all UK fans could take. Thanks for being the first to post on this Austin and probably providing some sound advice for everyone

  3. KY_Wildcat_AL

    Coach called the shot right… some of you may not play well in my DDO plan, if you want to not sit on my bench, you might want to go elsewhere. I am the coach.

    Austin said it correctly… “you have to take the good with the bad”.

    I very much doubt that UK would be 14 – 0 if Coach had kept our original roster and had not recruited well.

    It is unbelievable the difference the last nine months has been… the same as a nine month pregnancy… in our basketball life here in the Big Blue Nation. Coach has brought new life into UK’s program (old life returned?). It is good to see the stands at Rupp filled to capacity, unlike a couple years ago when the seat may have been sold, but the buyer had other things to do during game time.

    Go Big Blue! Beat Red Cards!

  4. Dave

    It’s good to be hated again! When your at the top somebody is always ready to take you down!

  5. Brian

    I love it. When the Henry brothers went to Kansas they had two players transfer, but you never hear a word of that. They are paying Cal $4 million a year to win…. He has every right to do it his way when he is expected to get results. The funny thing is the story is being run now, 8 months after it all happened. ESPN is becoming more of a joke every day.

  6. jw

    More than 40 years ago John Ray took over from Charlie Bradshaw as UK football coach. Coach Bradshaw recruited me and had offered me a scholarship, which I accepted. After John Ray became coach he had an assistant coach advise me that I was “too small” to play for him and that I would be better off playing somewhere else. Being a Kentuckian, I had always dreamed of playing for UK. It was a devastating blow to me at age 18, and I have never forgotten the sting of the rejection I suffered at the hands of John Ray. All in all, I was probably better off playing somewhere else, but it never made me feel any better that the school where I ended up beat UK 4 years straight. I was big enough at that school to be able to play in 2 of those games. But I still regret that I was unable to play for UK and that John Ray would not honor my scholarship. Let’s not forget that most college athletes are not as talented as Patterson, Wall and Cousins, but they non the less deserve respect. I love what Coach Cal has done for the program, but I understand and feel the deep disappointment of rejection that Galloway, Pilgrim (and the kid from Paintsville) must have felt. But that’s the reality of big-time sports and it always has been, and coach Cal is paid to win and win now. He should not be raked over the coals by ESPN or anyone else for his roster decisions. Go Cats.


    Billy Gillispie did not live up to his end of the UK bargain. The administration at UK would have liked nothing more than to produce a winner under Gillispie. His recruits were not talented enough to compete at the highest division 1 level. You don’t see the kids fleeing for Kansas, Carolina etc. Nobody has a problem when a kid wants to leave due to a coaching change. Competition is tough at the highest level. I am amazed that Cal kept as many as he did. Lets all hope that Sandy Bell got the raise she needed for Christmas and put this behind us. ESPN is only out for the ratings and UK sells.

  8. Duanep

    Hi UK may I remind your royal arrogance that when your fans keep claiming you back on top back on top of what you still have not won anything yet. I do think you should win the SEC but so could some Juco teams in your week conference. So I just wish you could at least wait til Cal wins won championship before you get so arrogant. Then maybe the rest of BB fans might agree with you but till then why not just wait and see before you trash talking

  9. TRUBLU69

    LOL!!! Its OK Duanep…You Can pout if you want too..The true BIG BLUE fans have an open mind on this and other Issues..But I do think You should make a better arguement than,”YEA BUT”..I for one think this team would over achieve to make the FINAL FOUR..But I also know that when you are relavent again Haters such has yourself discover your voice again LOL!!! But thats OK too..The Fact is the BIG BLUE Is back and WE in the BIG BLUE NATION Love it!!!! GO BIG BLUE!!!

  10. TRUBLU69

    GUYS…I can understand why some eyebrows raised when CAL Got here and some kids went elsewhere, With a nudge I might Add…But with that said, The nation has never seen this situation before, This happens at every Coaching change Just not on this magnitude..Hey if nobody wanted to play for CAl then we would have seen one or two Kids leave..But ESPN, I hope should point out that this has happened at every university and this is common..But I have a suspition that they will not…But like I have said before to CAL, expect even more negative crap thrown at you at KENTUCKY…ESPN is the PUKE and ACC network..Even though they have the big money deal with the SEC lol!!! I wonder if they would stop the anti BIG BLUE mantality if UK threatned to play on another network lol….I know we can’t do that but I Bet they would start running some “GOOD LIGHT” at UK IMO…..GO BIG BLUE!!!

  11. KentuckyHouse

    Duanep, I can tell by TRUBLU69’s response to your post that you’re the regular troll here, so I’ll just say this…”you’re not your”, “weak not week”, “one not won”, “before you START trash talking not before you trash talking”. Ok, now that that’s out of the way. There’s a poll over on KSR that asks which is a more accurate statement? ESPN needs UK or UK needs ESPN. Well, I would say UK has done just fine without ESPN’s exposure and they sure don’t need the crap that The Worldwide Leader has thrown their way thus far this season. Be it the stirring of the pot with the Bob Knight thing or this latest slight. As someone stated earlier, this happens at EVERY school when there’s a coaching change. BTW, Kevin Galloway had every opportunity to return to UK and finish out his degree, as Cal said all the seniors-to-be could stay. He chose to leave and that was HIS choice and his alone. Yes, he may not have played much, but it was still his choice to leave. To come back now and act as though he was pushed out is just sour grapes.

  12. Big Mike

    If he does not win quick they will get rid of his quicker! You have to have your own players and staff!

  13. 12KY

    It’s hard to hold a coach to a cut-throat business standard (win fast or leave) and then expect him to treat his team as simply student athletes. This is mis-directed criticizism, the AD, presidents, and fans are the ones who will no tolerate losing for a couple years.

  14. gmoyers

    JW, thanks for sharing that info. Can feel your pain even now — and understand it. Will be interesting to see how the show comes out. I know I already have by DVR set. Good discussion here. Hopefully we can have even more after the show

  15. calfan2

    It’s inevitable, the direction Coach Cal has this program headed will make ESPN get on board or they’ll get run over too.

    BTW…great post KentuckyHouse, thank you.

  16. dave

    This is such a trivial issue. Cal made clear that he would honor the scholarship of any player who wanted to stay. He was honest with the returning players. Gee, Michael Porter, you have no business playing in the SEC so, here’s your choice: graduate early or sit the bench. Hey, Kevin Galloway…you can’t shoot, you turn the the ball over, and you were the second string point guard behind Michael Porter…your choices: sit the bench or transfer to another school for playing time.

    BTW, it is laughable that guys like Matt Pilgrim would complain about a “lack of loyalty.” Didn’t he TRANSFER from Hampton University? Did he honor HIS deal? No, Pilgrim can leave Hampton U. high and dry, but when he’s told he will be a bench warmer, it’s a story on ESPN. This is trivial stuff.

  17. Linda

    At first I did not think it was fair, I did not realize that scholarships were a year to year thing. I understand Cal’s wanting to build his own program. Does this not happen in football and all the other sports in college and pro ball? I’m really sorry the boys did not get to finish their time at UK, but it is Cal’s call, not ours or anyone else. Life’s not fair, I hate that, but you move on and you grow from what has happened. Coach was hired to win and he needed the players and staff that were going to do that. I personally wish that UK would not have such an extensive contract with EPSN. I would rather see them on the local channel with a good old Network logo at the bottom. As many of us have said, everyone and anyone is going to bad mouth UK more and more now that we are in the spotlight. They all loved our years of drought and now we are winning again and they are going to bash us like they did before. Just remember, we are the most googled team, the most loved team in the world…not just Kentucky, but the world. What other school can brag about that? GO CATS! 14-0 Slaughter those red, ugly, gross, over sized yellow beak birds.

  18. Jim Boyers

    It is absolutely ludicrous that this 8 month old non-story is becoming a segment on OTL. Was I dreaming, or did every one of the players get a chance to practice for Cal and prove that they belonged on the team? I hate to say it, but the first person I thought would go was Josh Harrellson. I just did not see him fitting in with the DDMO. But, lo-and-behold, he proves himself worthy and retains a scholarship. Even more damning evidence that any one of those players could have played their way onto the team, is that Mark Krebs, a walk-on, performed well enough to earn the final scholarship. The unfortunate truth is that not a single one of the players who left was going to see the court during a game. Each one of them had performance issues that made it impossible for Cal to see them contributing to this team. If anything, Cal was acting in their best interest by giving them the truth up front. Would these players have been happy over the next few years, as they rode the bench? I don’t think so. This was the best for UK and each of them.

    Let ESPN run their ridiculous “story”. The national media blows anyway, so this is just par for the course. This will not change anyone in Kentucky’s feelings about the team or Cal. If anything, it will further foster the “us against them” mentality that this team and Big Blue Nation will need to make it through the Calipari era. As long as Cal is here, UK will take a never ending barrage of bad press and innuendos. That is the nature of the beast, so to speak. The truth doesn’t matter. What will sell a story matters. Sensationalism, made up or real, matters. We, as fans, better get used to hearing about “gray areas” and “cheating” and “vacated Final Fours”, because those are the things that all the haters and the media have grasped onto and will never let go. I, for one, don’t listen and don’t care. I know that Cal is doing everything the right way and I have no worries. ESPN and the rest of the haters can kiss our Big Blue butts.

    GO BIG BLUE!!!!

  19. Mike

    This is just stupid, i was very happy when Calipari cut them off the team, those guys werent good enough to play for a big program like UK, this isnt Morehead State basketball, this is Kentucky basketball with a bigger program to it and the great program in the history of our sports…. ESPN has been pickin on this team since Calipari has arrived and they wont stop. I’m just pissed off about these stupid stories that ESPN has to put together, they are jealous because UK has been on ESPN news all the time this year so far, thats all u hear is John Calipari’s name more than any other coach, u hear about John Wall’s name more on ESPN than any other college player, its just jealousy…

  20. Karen Sprinkle

    By all accounts, Cal was honest with all the players in letting them know whether or not they could play in the DDMO. It’s pretty apparent the DDMO is not an offense that every basketball player, not matter how talented, can run successfully. Cal was clear that he didn’t want any player pouting in January or February because he wasn’t getting enough (or any) playing time, and wanted guys to be happy. I see little reason for criticism but I’ll watch the show, if only to point out later where they got it wrong!

  21. JimBarr

    I agree with Dave about it’s nice to be hated again. However, I told somebody at work: Kentucky fans need to re-learn how to handle the hate. We were pretty good at it in the 90’s. I suspect we will get much thicker skin in the coming years.

  22. Jim Boyers

    Dear Big Blue Nation,

    Have you guys been following this Mike Leach/Texas Tech stuff? I can’t believe this happened. What kind of coach would put his player in a tiny little bathroom stall, Uh, errrrr, I mean electrical closet, just because he screwed up? That is just intolerable!

    And have you heard the comments by his players? They were miserable playing for him. He must have been a real tyrant. How can you treat young men like that? What an A-hole!

    And don’t even get me started on the comments about how he treated the school administration, when they confronted him. The fact that Mike was unapologetic and inflexible is just inexcusable. As a coach, you need to be able to adapt to a situation and handle the pressure better. Suing your employer? Who does that kind of thing? Stooooopid!

    Well, I gotta go now. Me and Bobby Knight are gonna pick Mike up and take him out for a drink. We are gonna try to get to the bottom of why he is so arrogant and mean. Hopefully we can help him change, to be a better person. I guess I’ll end up driving again. Boy, can that Bobby K drink!

    All my best,

    Billy G.

  23. Dan Simon

    Do we know that if the espn correspondent who did this STORY also consulted with southern cal(Galloway) or Hampton(Pilgrim) regarding these kids backing out on their committments there? Concerning Slone- what do walk ons have to do with this situation and why single out this kid- he was not the only walk on not still on the team.

  24. Larry Vaught

    Can’t argue with anything posted here. Just going to have to see what the story is all about. I do wonder why it would take eight months to do this, too

  25. Papablu

    If I remember correctly,(and I do) When Mr. Calipari first arrived there were several articles talking about a “try-out” with the players. He wanted to see “the hand he was dealt” (ala Gene Hackman in Hoosiers)

    Mr. Calipari was very clear that if you couldn’t play in the DDO he couldn’t “hide” you. He also said there would be no walk ons. We had a bench full of walkons at the time of his hiring.

    Fans have known for years that we have not been getting the caliber of talented players that Kentucky has had in the past. Recruiting and coaching playing/style were the bigger reasons. These were no secrets and have been debated as the reasons why we have not been back to the final four for years.

    Player turnover isa process that new coaches deal with in every sport at every college.

    It is only a significant story because it happens to be KENTUCKY “The all time winningest program in basketball”. In years past (even the Pitino years) we have had players leave or transfer. The bottom line was they didn’t fit in for whatever reason. Some left in the middle of the season. Mr. Calipari made sure they knew what they were in for UP FRONT.
    The difference is these guys that were interviewed, WANTED TO STAY. But, they couldn’t play in the Dribble Drive.

    ESPN says that they do not have anything against Kentucky but their employees that write for their website and their editors that edit tape, their sportscasters that have shows, and their magazine writers consistantly show otherwise.
    I’ll wait until I see the show before I judge, but I have to admit that I am ALREADY suspicious…….ESPN says we are paranoid…..I say they would be better off to feed the monster!

  26. Jim Boyers

    Papablu, you are 100% correct.




    ESPN would love to portray the Big Blue Nation as a bunch of paranoids. That would allow them to push their real agenda: DITCHING ALL OTHER SPORTS AND BECOMING THE COACH K/PUKE CHANNEL, with other ACC games thrown in, as long as it features UNC.

    I’m with Linda about local TV. I enjoy the games more when they are on BBSN and Fox Sports, with broadcasters like Kyle Macy, who know the team and don’t have hidden agendas. I turn the sound down and listen to the radio play-by-play when the games are on ESPN or CBS. UK should just start its’ own network. You can’t tell me there wouldn’t be a ton of subscribers for that.

    GO BIG BLUE!!!

  27. Chris

    Where is the Outside The Lines story about “student-athletes” who decide to transfer when the coach that recruited them gets fired or leaves? Jordan Crawford left Indiana for Xavier after Sampson was fired. Both Galloway and Pilgrim transfered in to UK from other programs. How about a hard-hitting expose on Alex Legion and his journey through Michigan, Kentucky, Illinois and a school to be determined. Derrick Jasper anyone? How about the players who left UK after probation? I know coaches make a lot of money and the players don’t, but loyalty is a two-way street. Calipari doesn’t need to be defended because the story won’t change what UK does this year or the years to come. And UK has allows been over analyzed by the media, but that comes with the territory. I would just love to see a balanced story from what at times, is a “gotcha” media. We will see what we will see on Sunday.

  28. Larry Vaught

    I am with you. Let’s see how the show goes, but I am afraid it won’t be very good from the UK point of view. Wonder if Porter will even be on the show because my guess is that he would not blast Cal and that is not what the show will want

  29. Wheatgerm

    My wife turns the volume off whenever Vitale is doing a game she wants to watch. It’s got nothing to do with hidden agendas (his are not exactly hidden). It’s just a matter of principle. The guy is a self-important … annoyance. There. I was kind.

    Now, if we could get the BBSN to broadcast the few games they do every year in HD, and also listen to the likes of Kyle Macy, we’d be onto something. Every UK game should be in HD. Why the BBSN doesn’t present the UK brand in the best possible light, I don’t understand. It can’t be the cost.

  30. VoiceofReason

    I’ll be interested to see the reaction of UK fans when Calipari takes them to their rightful place….a Final Four that gets vacated later because of recruiting violations.

    Memphis fans sure enjoyed their 38 win season that doesn’t exist any more, so you all should get the most out of this while you can. The guy has a track record, and it ain’t good.

  31. Neal Stinson

    Larry…Don’t you think this is all about ratings for ESPN’s show? That’s why they made prior notice of what the show is going to be about….Now they will have all the UK fans watching, along with the haters of both UK and Cal… How come no one has the nerve to go back and do a story on BILLY D., or Coach K., about how they have continued to annually recruit over blue chip players, that didn’t work out. pulling their scholarships…Billy D. is recruiting at least four to five Blue chip players, with no other scholarsips available, with current commitments, for 2010. Now that’s something that should be stopped!

  32. Jim Boyers

    Hey VoiceofReason,

    It will be unbelievably sweet to win that 8th National Championship under Cal’s leadership.

    What will be just as sweet is watching all the haters, who wish their programs were a fraction as relevant as UK, sitting around fretting over it. Watching them pull their hair out, chew on their fingernails and kick their dogs in frustration as time goes on and the banner still flies high at Rupp. Watching them prematurely age and become bitter and old, worrying about what is being done to UK, rather than enjoying their own teams. And then eventually slipping into senility with their last coherent thought being: “WHY DIDN’T THEY TAKE THAT CHAMPIONSHIP AWAY FROM KENTUCKY. I KNOW THAT CALIPARI CHEA….OOOH, I’M A BIRD…I CAN FLY. LOOK AT ALL THE PRETTY COLORS”.

    What will top it all though is when Cal hangs numbers 9, 10, 11 and 12 and we can watch UCLA fans jump off a Malibu cliff, into the Pacific.

    GO BIG BLUE!!!!

  33. J Anderson

    I have to say that there is an issue here, just not a Kentucky issue. The issue revolves around the NCAA rules and regs…
    I believe that the student athlete should be given more flexibility in changing schools,especially if the Scholarship is really a one year renewable… There are no gaurantees of playing time, or that coaches and systems are going to be the same for the athletes time there…So if the School can pull the plug after each season, then so should the Athlete with out any penalty… If a College reclaims a scholarship by non renewal, and that scholarship would not be able to be offered to another athlete for an entire school year, do you think it would happen as often… Kentucky played by the rules, but I do think the rules need to be rewritten regarding this…

  34. TRUBLU69

    LOL!!! Jim Boyers..You So Crazy lol……I agree Jim, And by the way Your post on this subject have been GREAT,Keep It up!! I have been making a point this year when the haters come off with,”BUT IT WILL GET VACATED”..I have to ask them if they are nelt beside the bet in a prayer position? I mean that is all they have is hope and frowns lol….Hey, I would have some reservations about CAL, If he had anything to do with either case..But he did’nt,and I have to remind anyone that will listen, that coach K at PUKE has had a FINAL FOUR vacated for the same reason that UMASS had..Only thing left is for the NCAA to hand down the Punishment LOL!!!!!! I so Crazy!!!…I mean, What Investigation, MAGGETTE has sworn under oath that he wasn’t eligable..Oh well, Wrong color of BLUE……Haters go home, Or better yet go Play in the street..I introduce you to NICHOLASVILLE RD..LOL!!!!GO BIG BLUE!!!!

  35. Jim Boyers

    Watch out now TruBlu. You are letting FACTS influence the way you feel about the haters’ views. You should be a little more like THEM and just let go and make REALITY whatever YOU want it to be. Hey…Maybe the haters are all just HIPPIES on a bad trip…THAT would actually explain their opinions.

    And J Anderson, your idea makes total and complete SENSE…Which is EXACTLY why it isn’t now, nor will it ever be, implemented. Just another jewel in the crown of the NC-Do as I tell you, until I tell you I was wrong and punish you-CA.

    There is a reason I call it the NCnoUK!!!

    GO BIG BLUE!!!!

  36. Larry Vaught

    Neal, I agree with you on the ratings and thought it was strange that ESPN released so much promo info on this. Sure they will get huge ratings for this
    And J Anderson, completely agree with you. I think any player who loses his scholarship should automatically be eligible at any other school. NCAA needs to update a lot of rules

  37. John Monteleone

    coach cal was open and honest with the players…this happens in all programs. why is ky singled out as being the only program to do it……just makes me laugh….espn you need to re examine what you do and why you do it….go cats….

  38. Larry Vaught

    probably the best attitude for us all to take John

  39. Catscratch

    Not so much a hatchet job as a dagger to the ribs. “Everyone does this, but not like Calipari did.” Hard to believe Andy Katz was the voice of reason in this, the one who pointed out that 1)players are free to chose whether or not they honor their commitments to schools, 2) the players who *chose* to leave after meeting with Calipari were “Gillespie’s bad players” (none of them seemed to be able to manage significant playing time on a team last year that was desparate for someone to get them over the hump), and 3) unlike the way the piece portrayed it, Pilgrim didn’t come to UK hyped for an ag degree and then was given a basketball scholarship, he got the scholarship and then chose to major in agriculture. If getting that degree was so important, why not check out that end of things before transfering to OSU? And Fran Frascilla (sp?) “I’m sure Kentucky has some good academic programs.” No, everyone here is either on academic scholarship or wants basketball tickets. NOBODY comes to UK for the academics. I wish those guys the best and the success they deserve, but all in all this is a non-story.

  40. Larry Vaught

    It was not the blow to UK I expected either. Do think Cal was wise to decline comment and stay off the show. Also noticed Michael Porter was not on there, which didn’t surprise me. He had nothing bad to say I am sure

  41. Vince Sampietro

    Sounds like an excellent program and a subject which defintely needs addressing. Somewhere along the line we have forgotten that the main purpose of attending a college is an education. Calipari could not care less about these individuals unless they can score 20 a game and grab 15 rebounds. It is obvious from the way he treated the former players. He would sell his soul to win a championship and will probably win one at Kentucky. You might want to quickly take a picture of the banner before it comes screaming down. With his connections to World Wide Wes and the gang, he will surely finally get nailed. Kentucky fans keep in mind the majority of your new talent was stolen from Memphis when coach sleeze advised his new recruits to place an out clause if he were to leave Memphis. Of course, the NCAA has no disallowed such addtional to Letters of Intent. Anyway keep drinking the kool-aid. It taste great but is extremely deadly.

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