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With signing day coming to an end, I thought this might be a perfect way to end it with the ESPN top 25 rankings — that include Kentucky. And don’t forget to look at the tab of the top left of the home page for bios on all 2014 UK signees thanks to the work of Gary Moyers.

ESPN final 2014 Class Rankings:

1.     Alabama

2.     LSU

3.     Florida St

4.     Texas A&M

5.     Tennessee

6.     Florida

7.     Ohio State

8.     Auburn

9.     Georgia

10.   Miami

11.   Notre Dame

12.   Clemson

13.   Oklahoma

14.   USC

15.   Stanford

16.   Texas

17.   Ole Miss

18.   Michigan

19.   South Carolina

20.   Kentucky

21.   Arizona Stte

22.   Baylor

23.   Arizona

24.   Penn State

25.   Virginia


8 Responses to ESPN 2014 class rankings

  • David says:

    Outstanding job this coaching staff have done recruiting this year. A couple more years of this and we should have no excuses on competing with the big boys. Go Blue!

  • Gene says:

    Great, outstanding, unheard of, top 25, etc., etc.
    All adjectives that accurately describe Mark Stoops’ first, real recruiting class. His class last year, for a patched up, quickly assembled group of guys wasn’t bad but this 2014 bunch looks to be a huge improvment.
    The proof still must be shown on the playing field but this coach and his staff must be congratulated for an espn top 20 recruiting class.
    The young men just look better as football players than did some of coach Phillips’ players.
    There will come a day when even the Herald-Leader will be forced to say that UK will field a competitive football team on any saturday, against anyone.
    Interesting sidelight : Louisville’s class wound up rated #53 by espn.

  • Jim says:

    UL and Vandy had mediocre recruiting classes, this year. Those are two teams that had been whipping Kentucky’s butt. It will be interesting to see how those teams do in the future and if Kentucky can squeeze out wins against those opponents this season.

  • AndyP says:

    In addition to UofL and Vandy, Miss State and Mizzou had poor classes and those are schools that we need to beat to climb the ladder of success.

    Also, the MrSEC site ranks the conference schools and they ranked UK 7th and 7th in the SEC is tall cotton.

  • Jim says:

    I didn’t know Missouri was a football power, when the joined the SEC. They have play makers on their team. They are an upper second tier team. UK is still trying to dig out of the cellar.

    • David says:

      Well they may not be a power every year, but they played Auburn for the chance to go to SEC championship this year and they sure looked solid I thought. I can only hope that they graduated most of their starters. Go Big Blue!!


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