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ESPN analyst Fran Fraschilla says Julius Randle’s intensity will serve him well in man’s league


ESPN draft analyst Fran Fraschilla says he watched Kentucky All-American Julius Randle grow up and doesn’t even want to say “how far back” he can remember watching Randle play.

“One thing about Julius that you will definitely get … well, not one but a package of a few things … and that will be intensity level and his body in terms of being able to be a many from day one,” said Fraschilla, who noted he was not sure Randle would be a star player in the NBA. “I could pick Julius apart in number of ways skills-wise, but those are all things that will be addressed by his NBA team.

“It’s very rare to see Julius take a nigh off and that will serve him well in the league. He’s been knocked down a few pegs on mock drafts. While I thought he was overrated going into college — and only slightly — I feel he is underrated coming into the league.

“He has trouble with length. We saw that against LSU and Baylor (last season). But he had 22 double-doubles. He’s relatively young player and the type intensity he has will serve him well in a man’s league. I like Julius to be a good, solid NBA player.

Randle is one of what Fraschilla anticipates will be 13 players under the age 20 picked in the first round of Thursday night’s draft and one of six freshmen picked among the first 10 picks.

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  1. Larry Pup

    These talking heads will be proven wrong by JR. They have to try and prove how much they think they know. Hide and watch JR when he gets a year or two under his belt in the NBA. He will be a great player I don’t care what Bilas and Fraschilla say.

  2. King Ghidora

    I don’t think these people take into account the way defenses stacked the deck against Randle. I didn’t see anyone else drawing 3 players to defend them. Players like Embid and Wiggins had each other to draw away defenders along with other experienced and talented players. UK had the talent but too many players were young and not really ready to play. So Randle was fixated on by defenses most of the year. They played one man to stop him from getting the ball and another to stop him from spinning to his left. It didn’t leave him much room to operate. And lots of times he had a third player waiting on him once he got past the first 2.

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